Atlantis, Atlantean Technology, and the Middle East

Question #1:

But you said that this next one could not be changed since the affected area was the place where Atlantis was. Things must have been really bad in Atlantis to affect events so far into the future!

I take it that the severity can be changed through prayer, meditation. Is there a specific kind that works best?

Atlantis existed for around 180,000 years in various forms and levels of development.  I kid you not.  But, the population level on Earth was not as high as it is today.  In addition, the life forms during this time period, for the most part, were not exactly like the life forms on Earth today. There were  souls existing in physical form and souls existing in non-physical forms.  [Case in point – there was a great deal of mixing of different species to create blended creatures.]  Evolution as we know today was occurring, but much more was happening on this planet than has been discovered or understood.

In addition, at many points during this time, the Atlanteans were an imperialistic nation – with military conquests a regular happening.  With all this, Atlanteans  impact on the rest of the world was more as a conqueror, not a friend, creating destructive experiences, suffering and pain in many forms for peoples around the world – to whomever would try to oppose the Atlantean government.

During this time, also, there were factions of souls that sought to bring light to the world – through spiritual development and healing.  Their efforts were also effective, but not to the extent of transforming the Atlantean nation.  Their efforts eventually culminated in the emigrating into other continents, including Africa, North and South America, Europe and Asia.  It is this group that created the Records of the Atlantean History in the form of what is known as “The Hall of Records”.  Two of the three locations of the Hall of Records will be unearthed in this century.  (Learning and deciphering the records will take centuries.)

The amount of prayer and meditation for avoiding the August, 2015 event altogether would have to number in the multi-billions of people to counteract the amount of energy in the energy patterns that are set to manifest as this event.  The prayers and meditation energy that we participate in, will help in the personal and local settings.  Make no mistake about this – prayers and meditation will change the environment of those praying and meditating.  It would take 7 billion people praying to change the entire Earth environment, which is the event level that this event is at (even though it’s only a part of the Earth affected during this one event.)

As to what kind of prayer is best – sincere and unselfish prayer.


Question #2

When you say ‘technologically advanced’ in regard to Atlantis what do you mean? Can you elaborate about their technologies and what those technologies did?

The technologies of Atlantis were both similar to ours, today, as well as beyond ours, today.  For example, they had plenty of kitchen utensils, both similar and different ways of preparing foods, more advanced agricultural methods, more advanced medical healing methods and the like.

They did use petroleum, but the major source of energy was the sun’s rays.  Crystaline/solar energy (different than what we have today,) was in great use.  They had flying machines, submarine machines, healing tools, etc.  They had war machines, weapons of many kinds, and some weapons worse than our own.

A small example of the machines were stored in hidden places and will be found one day.  Some of the Atlantian technology has been found, but not recognized as such.  Items are found that were used in Atlantis, but because Atlantis is not considered a real place from history, the items are hypothesized to be other things from other times.  In addition, very few items are found, because wood rots and iron rusts away.  No one has ever done a sustained archeological dig at the deepest areas of the Atlantic Ocean – on the Ocean bottom’s surface with cameras, yes, but not hundreds of feet below the Ocean bottom’s surface with shovels and brushes.  There are still real stone columns several miles down from the surface of the Atlantic.  There are evidential remains of the Atlantean nation under the silt of ages at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  It is there.  Maybe it will be found in another 5000 years.

Finally, if we had all the Atlantean technologies today, we would be in big trouble.  The technologies of war could potentially awaken the same consciousness of abuse, control and power-hunger that existed in Atlantis.  As we are today, we have enough of that around the globe and don’t need more awakened via memories of the Atlantean weapons.

Eventually much will be found, but only after it becomes safe for humanity to have them again, without awakening long dormant destructive behaviors and consciousness.

Question #3

Why is so much happening in Gaza. Three major invasions and air raids within a seven year period. Is it karma? You have said that about some events that the wheels are in motion and nothing can stop it. Will Palestinians get their own state (I believe they will but…)? Will Israel ever drop its bias against all non-Jews and be one equal society?

You’re not actually asking the right questions to get the real answer that you seek.

Try these questions – Why is so much happening in different parts around the entire globe?  Will humans ever drop their bias against one another and be one equal world?  Why do we as individuals have conflict within our own selves with our own selves?

7 years? look what happened in Europe in a 7 year time period: 1938 to 1945.  There have been wars that have lasted generations.  There is nothing unique or special about Gaza, Israel or the Palestinians and all the struggles they have.  The exact same struggles, beliefs, emotions and prejudices have been inside all humans for many millenniums.

The real question is “When will conflicts end?”

The real answer is “When the conflicts end inside you and I, and all the other humans – and not one minute before.”  We cannot tell others to stop their conflict, if we still have our conflict within ourselves as individuals whether it is with ourselves or with others – and make no mistakes, if we have conflict with others, it’s because we have conflict within ourselves – with ourselves.

I think many people believe that all humans alive on the planet don’t want war.  But, that’s not really true.  We have wars because many people want to war.  As the human race, we rationalize what we consider legitimate reasons to have a war, if what we want within ourselves is to war with others and/or if we believe we get benefits from going to war or warring with others.  While there are many causes people are willing to die for, there are also some causes/reasons that people are willing to fight and kill for.  The key phrase to look at within ourselves as individuals is “if we believe we get benefits from going to war”, and I’ll add “if we believe we get benefits from killing others”.

Specifically Gaza?  Because it is fertile land – not just for agriculture, but for a great many things.  It is even fertile for humans to have conflict over.  Believe me, if two conflicting sides were removed from one area and placed in another, totally different, the two conflicting sides, would still have conflict.  War exists within the human heart and mind, and from there, spills into the manifested world.

When we have no more conflict within ourselves, we will have a greater peace beyond current understanding.

Another reason why we have conflict in Gaza and around the globe:

because we have not prayed enough for conflicts and wars to end.


“Those who sincerely pray for peace, don’t want war.  Those who want war, don’t sincerely pray for peace.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997, Jodie Senkyrik)

Prayer, Meditation, Edgar Cayce and Hurricanes

While Edgar Cayce himself participated in drilling for oil in the 1920′s, and the readings tried to help him, he didn’t succeed at that particular time.  The readings considered the venture worth pursuing, though. However, what he did succeed in at that time, and during his life, was help people to learn the power and influence of meditation and prayer.

We can see this now as being a powerful force to help in facing disasters here on Earth.  In my own work, I was able to psychically see that after Hurricane Katrina, the outpouring of prayers for the entire Gulf Region – the outpouring of prayers coming from across the country – brought forth the Christ Spirit to protect the Gulf during the entire 2006 hurricane season and 1/2 of the 2007 hurricane season.  While meteorologists were baffled, expecting a great many hurricanes, it was a quiet season and they didn’t know why.  I did.

Skeptics could have a field day with this vision I describe.  But, it brings us face to face with the challenge.  Do we believe in prayer and meditation or not?  Do we believe prayer can change things in this world?  Do we believe the power of thousands and even millions praying and meditating can change the future, change the Earth, and change situations for the better?

What about the questions, “What are we thinking that will happen that will let us know that our prayers have been answered? How will it appear?  Will there be signs in the sky telling us, ‘Your prayer has been answered from XYZ happening to ABC happening’?”

I don’t think so.  Who else saw or even considered that it was the prayers of the many that resolved the 2006 hurricane season?  But, if we believe that prayer and meditation can change things, then we are going to have to expect things to not happen as they may be expected.  And we may not fully be aware that we did in fact change the future with our prayers and meditations.

Edgar Cayce and the readings spoke often of the power of God.  The readings speak of Christ and His current and continuous involvement in our lives.  Books abound about personal contact with Jesus Christ and other spiritual beings.  All of these describe a very active involvement by the Divine with our personal and collective lives.  And so, we have to decide if we believe in prayer and meditation or not, because prayer and meditation are practices that can make direct contact with the Divine.   Edgar Cayce’s readings are clear about this over and over again.

Many believe it is important to pray and meditate but yet expect nothing to come from it.   That’s like playing the lottery, but throwing  the ticket away in the trash, the same moment we buy it.  Putting effort forth, but expecting nothing from that effort.

I think I remember E.C.’s readings saying, (someone may have to help me with the reading number)  “Expect much, you’ll gain much.  Expect little and you won’t be disappointed.”

I think this is telling us that God is eager to be an active participant in creating this world that we live in, and affecting our lives in a healing and supportive way.  But, God won’t take away our freewill to choose to bolt and lock the door before He enters, when we’ve just finished inviting Him in.

What I tell people is something that I’ve come to realized for myself from reading and studying the Edgar Cayce readings.  I don’t know if it’s specifically in the  readings, but the readings have helped me to be aware of this.

Don’t trust the doubt we have in God.  Don’t trust the doubt we have in ourselves, our prayers, or our meditations.  Doubt is not truth.  We may have it but it’s not true and need not be trusted.  God’s readiness to be active in our lives is the truth.

In praying for any disaster anywhere, right now, let’s not tell God what He is capable of or not capable of.   Let’s ask Him to show us.  Studying the readings have helped me to believe that God rejoices in the opportunities to show us what He can do.  A new paradigm is being created on this planet – by God – through us and with us.  Through our prayers and meditations, we can participate in this new paradigm in ways we could never have come up with by ourselves.  But, God won’t do it without us if we decide to not participate.


“Don’t trust the doubt you have in God or in yourself.  Doubt is not the truth.” (Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Let God decide what is possible.” (Rainbow Cards, 1995, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

[Written in 2011]

World Disaster Event 2 of 3: #2

July 10, 2014

It is a time to be alert to potential problems even though the beginning signs are 11 months away – June, 2015.  With regards to the Islands of the NE coast of South America, specifically off the coast of Venezuela – what I see right now, I’m calling it “potential”.  I’m not going to scream out warnings unless the time approaches, and I still then see what I have been.  I want to take into account the possibility that I could be off, in what I see.

Never-the-less, I’m currently seeing these islands being in the direct path of that collection of events which all together will be considered a major destructive event.  I see a potential of it being worse than the Japanese Tsunami/Nuclear plant disaster in its totality, albeit not in it’s initial impact.  It’s the cumulative effect that makes it a major destructive event.

I will add information as I continue to gain it.  Again, if all things stay the same, signs will begin to come forward in June, 2015, increasing in July, 2015. If it were up to me, I’d send as many research vessels into that area as possible to gain whatever information can be measured during the months of June and July of 2015, and into August of 2015.  However, if it were up to me, I would also tell all vessels to be clear of that area or at least be at a safe distance pending the potential for what could be coming.

FYI, I’m looking for ways in which I could be “off” in my accuracy, because of the difficulties of seeing this.  But, I’m not seeing information related to me being off in accuracy.

“God is the author of all good sense including all common sense, caution, and open mindedness.  We commonly call this ‘wisdom’ .”  (Rainbow Cards, 2014, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)

And on the higher side….

Sometimes, what I add via the blogs can be so heavy.  It’s certainly a time of some serious s*#t.  But, at the same time, I want to remind everyone of the true and real progress that we continue with.  We may not always see it, but as my friend, Nancy K. regularly reminds me, the efforts we put forth join with the efforts of others and on and on, and move the entire planet forward to ever increasing greater and higher vibrations and spiritual awareness.

Oh, sure, we also see “low vibration” activities – destruction, hatred, prejudice, greed, violence – so many ways to create non-love based experiences for people and the Earth.  And these we will see more of, but there is no failure for those who are determined to succeed – and use patience and persistence to succeed – keep on keeping on – take it one day at a time, keep putting one foot forward, take one more step, and every other cliche I can remember along these same lines.

The entire Galaxy is supporting our efforts to raise the vibrations of this planet.  And other Galaxies besides ours are sending us their support and high vibrations.  What we can do is to put into action, the type of action that we want a high-vibration planet to be about.  The Earth is as we create it – collectively.  Put another way, the Earth is as we heal it.

“When judgement stops, healing begins.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1998, Jodie Senkyrik)

“All healing of every kind known to exist in this world and others… comes from God.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1998, Jodie Senkyrik)

“God does too have a sense of humor.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2002, Jodie Senkyrik)


We’re All in This Together.

We are in this together.

There are times ahead – it will take several decades, and gradually grow – when there will be suffering around the world on such a scale that equals the 1930’s – centered on poverty, the economy, and food.  We have faced problems of all sorts in the passing times and half times (decades).  Everyone alive today has seen difficulties.  I’ve mentioned in past blogs, that the 2030’s will remind many of the 1930’s in the sense of there being hardships on many, many people.

We will be a planet of 8 billion people and growing.  This is not that far away.  Those in 1st grade today will be in their 20’s.  Those in high school today will be in their 30’s.  Those graduating from college today will have their children nearly grown up.

I’m seeing this as the road we’re going down.  However, as is mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings, “If all things stay the same, this will happen.”  In the past, we’ve made sure things have not stayed the same – we prayed, we learned to meditate, we acted with kindness, compassion, tolerance and more.  We sought to help those that need help.  We acted to bring out the best from within our hearts.

If we continue to choose prayer, meditation, forgiveness, understanding, mercy, kindness, patience with the other person, we will diminish the suffering according to the numbers of those who do seek the higher road of Love, forgiveness, mercy, and patience.  As we walk a path of effort, one day at a time, one hair at a time – of study, of listening within, of praying for guidance, of trying our best, and of picking ourselves up when we fail miserably, – one day at a time – we heal, we move forward and we create a better Earth.

Past successes when we’ve changed the future:
1. Our efforts towards spiritual growth through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s has changed Edgar Cayce’s predictions of potential 1998 horrors (which otherwise would have happen as predicted) and lessened the destructive energy which would have otherwise fulfilled his predictions.

2. Shrunk Edgar Cayce’s prediction for New York from complete New York City city-wide destruction to what we experienced on 9-11-2001.

3. Spread out Edgar Cayce’s earth wide destructive predictions to make it possible for greater numbers to survive the physical devastations by spreading the energy out over longer time periods.

4. Changed the 2006 hurricane season for the Gulf of Mexico because of the prayers of millions – from many hurricanes to one of the quietest seasons on record baffling the meteorologists studying hurricanes.

Remember three things:
We’re all in this together.
With God, all things are possible.
“Faith unused, does nothing.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000, Jodie Senkyrik)

And finally, the Bible tells us the prayers of a few will save many.  I add to that, the efforts we put forth today will save many tomorrow… and the next day.  The efforts today are the foundations for the accomplishments tomorrow.  We truly are all in this together.