“At different times, I’ve had visions of destructive events.  What are these about?”  K.F.

Many people have visions of events of a potentially destructive or harmful nature.  It is important to know that these events are never set in stone.  There is no future that cannot be changed.  When we receive these visions, we are being called to act.  If we can physically act to help a potential event, then it is good to do so.  If we can’t physically do anything about the event, then we can pray or meditate for the healing of these events to whatever degree we can accomplish.  We can change the future – these visions- through pray and meditation for healing asking that the Light of God come more into these circumstances.  We are being called to do just this.

When God’s help is sought for any event, presently happening, or potentially set to happen, great healing and better results become possible.  As Christ said, “With God all things are possible.”  Through our prayers, our meditations, our efforts towards the highest and best in any way, the outcome of these visions can change.  This is because when we pray, when we meditate, and when we put forth effort to help, God’s power and healing becomes real in the world and can affect changes in ways we may not understand or recognize – but are real and effective nonetheless.  The level of effectiveness then is based on the level of our effort in our prayers and meditations that all then put forth.

When these visions happen, take time to pray, and to meditate, sending prayers, whatever light and healing energy one can to help with healing the situation and circumstances described in the vision.  But remember, knowing whether our efforts are successful or not, is not necessarily going to happen.  Even with these events and our efforts, we are called to have faith that bringing God into a situation will have a greater impact on the situation than if we did nothing at all.

“The more prayer and meditation, the more God.  The more God, the less war.”  [The Rainbow Cards by Jodie Senkyrik]

“Imagine your life if you put no effort of any kind into it. Imagine your life if you put as much effort as possible into it. 

Imagine your life if you put no effort towards prayer of any kind into it. Imagine your life if you put as much effort towards prayer as possible into it.”  [The Rainbow Cards]

“Which helps more – Praying or not praying?”  [The Rainbow Cards]

“Would you rather have someone praying for you, or would you rather have no one praying for you?” [The Rainbow Cards]

“God’s presence is strengthened in the lives of those prayed for.” [The Rainbow Cards]