Edgar Cayce Predictions

If All Things Stay the Same……..

Edgar Cayce’s predictions for this time period, the turn of the century, were prefaced with the principle and statement, that “if all things stayed the same”, these predictions would come to pass. Through the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and afterwards, the spiritual effort, the spiritual energy, the prayers, healing meditations and inner work we as people participating in the spiritual growth process, did internally, and spiritually, changed the predictions of Edgar Cayce. I say this because I see it psychically. I see the predictions he made, and the influx of spiritual effort and energy, as well as the impact this effort and energy has made upon the manifesting of the energy that would have created these predictions.

Still More Yet

However, as much as many us have been able to change the predicted outcomes, not all of the causative forces that would have brought the predicted events, have been changed or healed. Our efforts and the energy we brought into the Earth, have not completely healed the energy leading up to or bringing forth the predicted events. (By “heal”, I also mean “diminish”, “absorb” or “rebalance”, and any other word or phrase that would work to explain a lessening of the impact of the destructive karmic energy that would manifest in the Earth.) This means that some form, variation or some various levels of the events can, and most likely, will still occur.

Some of it cannot be avoided. As an example, when I gave a reading after the Tsunami of Dec. 24, 2004, I saw that 80% of what I was seeing during that reading- events yet to happen- could not be changed based on the amount and level of prayers, meditation, and inner spiritual work and effort which had happened and was currently happening in the Earth.

With another example, Edgar Cayce’s New York prophecy was to be a physical earthquake for the city with the source being the fault lines lying underneath the city of New York. However, with the spiritual efforts, the spiritual healing, the spiritual energy and presence that was brought forth through people through the decades since Edgar Cayce gave the reading, the amount of karmic and other manifesting energy which was left unhealed, unabsorbed and yet to be dissipated had lessened considerably. The karmic energy that Edgar Cayce saw bringing about an earthquake for New York City – the remaining karmic energy that was not healed or diminished – instead manifested through the WTC attack – which was indeed a devastating earthquake in a metaphorical way, for the people of New York, the U.S. and the world.

In a psychic reading of 9/24/2001, I saw the energy connection between Edgar Cayce’s psychic reading about New York City, the information which came through his reading and this New York event. I saw a direct line of connecting energy (“seen” as a pure “thick white light rope of energy”) showing Edgar Cayce making his prediction and “seeing” the culmination of the energy manifesting, and culminating in the form that became the WTC attack of 9-11-01, as well as the reasons . While he saw it as an earthquake, his “seeing” on that timeline, saw the event as if there were to be no spiritual awakening in the United States. There was no predicting the choices that people would make, only that there was karmic energy coming to manifest in a form and the earthquake form was the most fulfilling way that this much energy could manifest.

When I gave the reading, I saw that with the changes brought about by the spiritual growth, there was a transformation and a shift in the way the karmic energy would manifest. With things “not being the same”, the WTC attack then became the fulfillment of Edgar Cayce’s prophecy for New York. In the reading, the truth that this was his prophecy was straight and clear. There was no mistaking this point. It was only the magnitude and the form that changed, because of the work we did.  (My 9/24/01 psychic reading on the WTC attack in it’s entirety- Karma and the Karmic Connection to the Attack of the World Trade Center.)

In looking at the attack and it’s change from the earthquake prophecy, I saw how the result – the physical manifestation of the incoming causal karmic energy – was changed. I also saw how, although it was partially healed, it was not completely healed. Psychically, I saw that it would have taken twice the amount of people praying, meditating and bringing forth spiritual effort and energy through these decades to have one building still stay up. It would have taken 5 times the people and spiritual energy to keep both buildings from collapsing.  But, these results were available to mankind.

Cayce’s predictions are based on what he saw at that time and day with the proviso of “with all things staying the same…” – meaning mankind continuing along the path it was going with little or no change in thinking or behavior. His predictions were the psychically read path of that timeline’s rate of progress with the resulting predestined karmic energy manifesting in today’s world. For that timeline, he saw the most likely manifestation of the karmic energy from his “vantage point”. Since then a great effort has been made to heal this world. Tremendous effort to grow spiritually has changed the level of manifesting of karmic energy to the point of this energy coming forth less into the Earth plane. This has been a process of bringing consciousness healing into the Earth, and hence Mr. Cayce’s predictions are now transformed. Had we not made this effort – “all things staying the same”, Edgar’s predictions would have happened as he saw them.

Examples of this are also in the Bible, whereby the people would be warned. As a result of the warnings, they would change their ways and destruction would not come upon them.  This principle is written about in the Book of Jonah.  The same principle is mentioned when the Angels visit Abraham before destroying Sodem and Gamorah – if 10 righteous people can save an entire city, imagine what many more can save.

An alternative timeline path that I saw during the 9-11 reading was that if the earthquake Edgar Cayce predicted would have happened, the WTC would not have been attacked. Circumstances in the world would have been different in such a way that the WTC event would not have happened. However, other worse events would have happened – namely the earthquake devastating most or all of New York.

16 thoughts on “Edgar Cayce Predictions

  1. So what have you seen concerning the west coast? I moved out here a few years ago and am a little freaked out about some of the predictions about 2009 and forward…
    Thank you.


  2. Both of your questions deserve a full answer through an exploration into California and it’s potential path, and so I will do just that. Over the next few weeks, I will lay out what I see concerning California in the various areas that affect the general lives of the people interested in California. I will explore different aspects and factors over the next few weeks, adding more in the different areas as time goes on. If you read anything I comment on which you’d like a little more detail, let me know. I will write this up under the article series “California”.

    Jodie Senkyrik


    • I will look forward to this as well. I keep feeling washington, where I am, Will be under water to the cascade, mountains. I feel positive of it happening but cannot pinpoint time to it.


  3. if you want abilities like Edgar Cayce, just practice hesychasm and connect to the universal flow of knowledge. I, too, was told about 9/11, in fact, I have been told about that event as early as 1970 when I was only 8 yrs old. I had never heard of Cayce until about 5 yrs ago. But I had been practicing something very similar to his meditative sessions. Now I realize it is actually very close to hesychasm. Except in my visions and experience, there is no alternate path possible.


    • I am unfamiliar with worldly readings, as I’ve dealt more with individuals. However I want to grow more in an expanded way and have felt earthquakes or other strong feelings but am not sure how to focus into this arena. I do have some anxiety or fears of what is coming yet it’s so hard when you only get a part of the future like an earthquake coming but from where? October a nice place to be. Suggestions.?


  4. Regardless of the label we can place on it – regardless of whether we choose to name it “hesychasm”, “meditation”, “contemplative prayer”, “sitting in the silence”, “resting in the oneness”, “one hand clapping”, “in the silence”, “being still and knowing that I Am God”, “approaching the divine”, “going within”, “entering the inner chambre”, “going into your closet to pray”, “the inner journey”, “zazen”, “waiting on the Lord”, or any other label we use to name this, I agree. It is a worthwhile act.
    I suggest rather than someone seek abilities like Edgar Cayce, instead to seek to develop one’s own abilities. We don’t need to seek Edgar’s path. Our own path will fit our feet a lot better.
    The Edgar Cayce Readings provide quite a lot of information on meditation/hesychasm. Contact the A.R.E. to learn more about meditation or check out a book called “A Search For God”.


  5. I remember long ago reading Edgard Caice from a little known book written by a forensic investigator .

    there he mentioned That japan was goin to sink under the waves in a series of earthquakes , that Tokio was goin to be left unhabitated due to a nuclear dissaster , that after a series of stronger quakes a super seismic event was goin to happen in baja california along with the eruption of yellowstone and the collapse of Menphis under the sea , (gulf of mexico ) the destruction of the carribean islands by
    a 9.2 megaquake.

    The western attack on libia (Kadafy wining the war) and the formation of a pan arabic army with the consecuential destruction of nato fleet in the persian gulf with the loss of near a million men …. Invasion of europe by Russian & pan arabic army ……


    • And as I’ve said, the destructive level of which you speak is diminished greatly. This effort of the last many decades has been effective across the board, not just for specific events. In addition, the interpretation of what the Edgar Cayce readings mean is always going to be an individual interpretation, where one person will say the readings mean one thing, and another person will say the readings mean another. While these interpretations, many in books, are out there, the ultimate final manifestation form (of the energy driving these events) will be determined by what energy is left unhealed and what circumstances are available for this energy to manifest through.

      It may be hard to believe all that is said here, especially with being so aware of the Tsunami of Indonesia and the Earthquake of Japan. Both events move us to feel that the destruction is greater than anything ever seen and is happening in a “now-small” world, with each event being in our own back yard.

      There are two more events of this magnitude yet to happen during this decade. There is also time for our efforts through prayer and meditation to help prepare.


  6. Personal dreams , In 1998 I was taken aboard an advance ship , i was shown WTC events from the start to end , a fact i want to point is that the people aboard the airplane were not able to control it”

    People were taken away and mind erased & teleported to other places , (FBI knows this ) NSA Knows this , inside the WTC towers more than 50,000 people were taken also away using the same technology , I was taken as observer … gave such predictions public at a local radion show before the events occured ”

    I was also taken to another future date , 50 feet from Empire state building , I was shown as in X ray vision screen a nuclear device hidden as an air conditioner
    compressor unit ” the device was detonated as i watched
    i was taken half a mile away in the street were i watched
    a woman and her daugter with her trying to take refuge within a building crevise i watched as her daugter and her hands started to desintegrate in the heat and i watched
    as she leaned fordward in a final acceptance of her fate , no one was taken this time , i was not permited to save anyone , from there was taken slowly toward the coast in direction of the statue of liverty , watched as milliard of people ran away toward the coast running away from the conflagation , aproaching the statue of liverty i was shown a second device (Hydrogen bomb hidden in an electrical panel within the statue of liverty structure , it detonated 10 minutes after the first one incinerating everryone exposed within its coastal range .

    They gave me the ICBM24 nomenclature of were 23 devices are already within continental US”

    I have seen also alternate futures , were all this can be avoided but up to date none had being avoided , , Fukisshima will poison the world and the goverment lies
    the people are not prepared ” I saw a solution worst for japan lesser for the world ” and its getting late to implement ” will continue at later date ….

    All this is due to the supression of eutopic technology (Free energy ) of witch i received all that can be implemented in a verry short time along the exposure of over 120,000 us patents on ZPE along with over 5,600 medical panaceas that cover from teeth regeneration to cancer cure and age prevention ….

    suppressed due to bankers and wall street greed ….

    (Karma ) is destruction. its simple wake up or die …
    aquiesent to society animal state .




    • I’m going to go in a different direction than you’re going in this comment.

      Your dreams can be interpreted in many, many, many ways. This is true of every one of us. You’ve decided to interpret them as literal. If you are someone who studies dreams interpretation regularly, then you recognize that dream symbolism can be dramatic and frightening and seem literal, but it’s still so possible that it’s symbolism. If you don’t study dream symbolism from your dreams, then to assume they’re automatically literal is to ignore this fact of dreams.

      You can interpret your dreams any way you want, and believe your dreams are the future. But, you disregard potentially very useful information if you only look at them as if they’re only literal and in no way symbolic. And therefore miss out on a useful and potentially healing message from each dream.

      One of the most dramatic series of symbols – the Book of Revelations in the Bible, is described in the Edgar Cayce readings as the transformation process within the individual consciousness. But, this understanding doesn’t offer the drama or opportunity for judging which many desire. So, the reading’s information is rejected for a seeking of more of the same drama and judgement of others. Dreams can be treated the same way.

      In the end, it will still be true of whether to heal or not. We can choose to leave our consciousness unhealed for eternity. Or we can seek healing ways that Christ is always willing to guide us to. We all face this decision for our self…every day.


  7. Unlucky is that all things do not stay the same , advance spirits cannot be taken hostage to preserve the current
    hell spawn system of society we live in , The impresion that someone needs to pay for our sins in inbedded deep in the genetic memory , from the Jesus on the cross scapegoat to human sacrifice is all a perpetual cycle of institutionalized missery ”

    “That will be put to an end” People simply cant worship god wile feasting on the devils orgy ”

    The system is goin to go , the time ran out , as radiation spreads and food become unconsumable , mystics as well as uninitiate will realize the mistake ” you cant separate day from night , equilibrium is the key word not scapism to nana dreamland & mystic fantasy nor living a materialistic oriented life , paradise is were you are and assension is Thy kindom come to us , make earth a paradise or die trying else you are not worth of higer realms .



  8. Your perspective and beliefs do not seem to take into account the infinite patience and infinite mercy within the infinite Love and infinite kindness of our Infinite Creator, who sees infinite value and infinite worth within each and every soul that has ever and will ever exist.

    God has willed that no soul shall perish, and will always have a channel through which healing may be chosen – whether alive or dead. No soul will be given more than we can handle if we choose to face what is here for us. This is the nature of an infinitely patient and infinitely understanding Creator. If we apply the fruit of the spirit and spiritual principles that we have learned of, God will guide and bring forth all healing that each of us as individuals need.


  9. Hello,
    I came across your bog this afternoon, you bring up something that I have been contemplating on for awhile now, the nature of Karma. I find it interesting how, you talk about the karmic energy of the earth. One of my biggest questions about karma is if humans are agents of karma, and if so how do we know? The best way I can describe this is by using an episode of “My Name is Earl”, Earl has a nasty boss that does bad things, Earl doesn’t do anything believing karma will take care of it. In the end Earl loses it and hits the guy, he then thinks karma will get him, but instead the boss gets his karmic justice. Earl can’t figure out why karma got the boss instead of him until his brother says something like, karma doesn’t have fist and needed you to be its fist.

    I’ve had two very difficult people I work with and have debated turning them into human resources. I haven’t because it has never felt right, I’ve felt like it would come back on me. I’ve come to realize that part of that is my motive for turning them in, it’s not for the better of the company. Even though what they are doing is against company policies and could get them fired, I can’t do it because I know I’m not doing it for the good of the company, I just want them gone, and I could move up in the company with one of them gone. But my conundrum comes with this question, what if like Earl, I am suppose to be an agent or fist for karma? I use to have a very bad working relationship with the one, until I learned to let the things she says and does go and just wait, karma would usually get her by the end of the day.

    How do we know if we are an agent of karma, if we are meant to bring about someone else’s karmic justice? Which takes me to what you have said about 9/11. An earthquake is a natural disaster, what happen there wasn’t. With what you’ve said above the men who flew that airplane into the WTC were acting as a fist for karma. That’s not sitting right with me and I think the main reason why is their motive for that action. How can such a hateful motive be used to even the karmic energy of Earth?


    • Obviously, the ideas of Karma in the TV show were somewhat simple, in order to make a fun and funny premise for the TV show. In actuality, Karma is not really understood by many people. The ideas and thoughts about Karma are diverse and encompass a large range of different beliefs. I will be writing more about Karma in the future with the hope of bringing forth insight and understanding on the mysterious thing called “Karma”.


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