Gas Prices through 2010’s part 3

With the shift in what has happened with our future, i.e. the election of Barack Obama, the gas prices are also affected by this.  I’m currently not seeing the high gas prices I had seen before.  I see gas prices going up slowly in 2009, to around $2.60 by the end of the year.  In 2010, up to around $3.25/gal to $3.50, and, by 2011, I still see incidences of $4/gallon.  I no longer see any spiking like I had before.

And I will say that this can change again, so if this future changes again, I’ll keep posting.  I apologize, but for me, trying to read the future of gas prices is like trying to read where a water hose that is out of control is going to spray next.  There are many possibilities.  I think the above paragraph is close to being generally accurate.

Hall of Records – Yucatan 1

The Atlantean Hall of Records in the Yucatan (Guatemala) will be blocked from being revealed until after 2017.  It could be found, by some, if they were to willingly let it remain hidden to all until after 2017 and not reveal any information or it’s whereabouts to ANYONE.  But, the forces keeping it hidden will continue to block its being revealed until 2017 has passed.  2017 is the earliest it can be revealed.  Its being revealed before then would not be helpful to the collective consciousness of mankind, at all!