Hall of Records – Yucatan 1

The Atlantean Hall of Records in the Yucatan (Guatemala) will be blocked from being revealed until after 2017.  It could be found, by some, if they were to willingly let it remain hidden to all until after 2017 and not reveal any information or it’s whereabouts to ANYONE.  But, the forces keeping it hidden will continue to block its being revealed until 2017 has passed.  2017 is the earliest it can be revealed.  Its being revealed before then would not be helpful to the collective consciousness of mankind, at all!

2 thoughts on “Hall of Records – Yucatan 1

  1. 217 is a number in my name (numerology). If you have any more info on the hall of records let me know because I am going down soon. Thank you.



  2. There is a tremendous amount of information on the Atlantean Hall of Records in the audio presentation I gave. Click on the Download Page tab at the top of this blog and you’ll see the link to the audio file of the Atlantean Hall of Records presentation given at the A.R.E. Southwest Region’s Palestine, TX retreat/conference of March, 2009 featuring Greg and Laura Little.


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