2018 – Looking Ahead and Going Within Retreat

“2018 – Looking Ahead and Going Within” Audio Recordings:

The Audio portions of the 1-day retreat, 2018 – Looking Ahead and Going Within, are available for purchase.  These audio recordings are not part of the free workshops that I sometimes offer, therefore there is a fee to obtain them.

The audio files have myself as the main speaker, but with group contribution and dialogue throughout the entire time.  This group discussion format is my design, since I know that everyone brings something to the event which can benefit others.  It was my intention for others’ sharing in the group discussions to add to the information which I presented.

There are 4 files in the complete set, and they are only available as the complete set.  The cost is $18 for the complete set of 4.  The total length of time is 6 hours and 18 minutes.

1: (FYI – the recording did not record the opening remarks and starts with a discussion in progress.) Begins with Q&A on karmic topics, group discussions, perspectives on God, how experiences impact all of consciousness, impacting the Infinite Consciousness of God, Infinite creation infinitely occurring, all things existing inside the Consciousness/Mind of God, expanding our paradigms, the existing 12 chakras, spirituality and politics, discussion of Infinite possibilities inside the Mind of God, and discussion of “Here and Now”.

2: (Only the speaker is miked.) Begins with a 19 minute “Connection to others in the Earth” meditation, group discussions, then covers struggles with meditating, how we feel about meditation, attitudes, personal sharing of difficulties, fears of meditation, the energy in meditation, and experiences within meditation.

Then moving into how meditation can help our lives, what we get from meditation, connecting with guidance within from Spirit whether in meditation or not, and guidance from our Spirit Guides/Helpers.

Then topics related but expanding out from this, developing intuition, discussion of divination tools, sharing of personal experiences, Q&A covering psychic topics and processes, the aspect of “imagination”, finding our own path through understanding all this, the role of beliefs and what we do with our beliefs, and different types of meditation.

3: Q&A covering psychic experiences, meditation, prayer of protection, personal experiences related to darker experiences. We cover the interactions with discarnate entities, and which are attracted to spiritual efforts.

Then more open group discussion and sharing of personal experiences and practical steps which can help. Including a little bit of joking (not to be taken seriously). Then, new ideas about praying, how to hold our mind, chakras and praying, aspects of human life to consider praying for.

4: (This section covers a lot of topics but not any one topic in a deep way.) Continuation of “dark energy” souls discussion, some personal discussion about carrying over injuries from past lives, foreseeing the transformation continuation, processes involved with past changes of potential futures, the spiritual efforts changing the energy set to manifest destructively in the physical realm, changing the remaining energy to manifest socially rather than physically, some political manifestation – the anger of voters in the US, this lower, discordant energy to be manifested coming forth in individual lives’ ways and some things to learn, predictions of some healing of the lower vibration energy, an event happening in May-2018 difficult for the President, Puerto Rico, the economy, stock investments, the Papalcy, the price of medicines, the medical field, health insurance, the government’s gridlock, the next president, and opposition Congress. Then discussion of being able to change what is slated to manifest. Then mentioning the next age of man, DACA, Millenials, foreign conflict potential in Asia, the banking industry, a few of the lessons we’re here to learn, energy development, a short guided closing silent meditation and prayer, and ending with the 23rd Psalm.

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Thank you to all the attendees and to all of you who have been interested.

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