My hope with this blog is to have a dynamic “predictions” site, that will allow me to add psychic information as it comes, update information that I see changing, answer related questions or clarify information for a more detailed presentation. I present this for anyone interested in what another psychic may be “seeing” with regard to the topics list.

There are many in the world who present their views on where we are headed as a race. The opinions and views range from amazing future visions of utopias, to near-total destruction. I don’t psychically see amazing future utopias in the near future, nor do I see near-total destruction for the human race. I psychically see what I think of as events related to the gradual evolution of humankind – some very dramatic events, some developmental, some social, and some evolutionary – all of them as varied and diverse as the human race.

This site is for myself and those who seek this type of information. In addition, I espouse the belief that these visions and predictions are not set in stone. Rather, they come so we may respond to them appropriately. For this reason, I encourage those that wish to, to act, pray or meditate to help either solidify or change the future we are traveling towards.

I will post what I “see” psychically. If I give my own opinions on anything, I will identify it as “only my opinion” otherwise, I will seek to have everything I post be what I see psychically.

Finally, in writing and reading this material, I’m struck with the fact that some of this information will come across as disturbing. Some of this information is of events which describe injuries or the killing of people. Events which harm people are traumatic for anyone who goes through it, yet also for anyone who hears about this or witnesses it, even on television, because we know in our hearts and minds that life is fragile – not just for those on the other side of the world, but ourselves and those we have in our lives every day, as well.

The events described in this document are meant to bring information that could happen if we remain on this road that we’re on. Because God gave us freewill, I believe very much that we can change our future – if not all, then at least some. I believe that visions come so that we WILL make changes to avoid harmful events set to happen in the future – whether through prayer, meditation, or taking action that would resolve that which is foreseen.

That which I “see”, I believe comes forth to be seen by God’s will and as such comes without malice, or a message of doom. The message of God is always one of Life and Love and to promote life and love. Life itself is never a message of despair or doom. It is a message of hope. It is a message of perseverance. It is a message that the Spirit within Life will find a way to keep on keeping on. It is a message saying that although it is sometimes hard fought, Life wins even beyond death.

I will be posting as often as I can, but this may be only a few times a week. At the very least, it will be several times a month. I set up the blog, so that I can return to it more often, add to it more often, and make the process more painless for both writer and reader.