Recession of 2008

This recession, which is real, will continue on thru 2010, when the public will have aclimated (slowly) to high gas prices, and will begin to venture out spending more on things that are not necessities.  But, the housing market, which generally will be slow thru the end of 2010, will wake up due to having to rebuild from natural disasters and flooding which will occure in the next 2 years.  In effect, having to rebuild so many destroyed homes is going to pull us out of the recession.

Mad Cow Disease in the US

Mad Cow Disease has already taken hold in the US.  It will start surfacing in 2009 with a few cases.  Each year after this, the number of cases will increase.  In 2010, there will be a higher number, then 2011, there will be more than in 2010, and so on.  The peak time will be 2015-2016.  Thousands of cases will be happening.  It will continue to be a problem through the end of the -teen’s decade (2011-2020).  The number of cases will level off in 2016, and slowly start to decline through the end of the decade.  In 2024, a significant event will happen related to Mad Cow Disease.  I interpret what I see as a discovery to help prevent and reduce its occuring.  Something significant.