The Pledge of Allegiance

Many say that we need to have God mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance and all the oaths in the United States.  I wish saying the word, “God” would actually put God into the hearts of individuals.  But, it doesn’t.

The main issue is never what we “say” in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The main issue will always be, if we “live” the Pledge of Allegiance.

We can speak the name of “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and anything else we want, and yet live a life of very little kindness, very little mercy, little forgiveness, loving only those that support us, never reaching further to understand another human being, willing to point fingers of guilt, and impatient with those “that get in the way”.  Where is God in this life of this person who speaks the name of “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance,  and is willing to slander anyone who has a different opinion?


It is a real challenge sometimes when, as a psychic, I see patterns and occurrences psychically, that deal with our everyday life.  They aren’t connected to spiritual issues, but rather to aspects of living in this world.  I’ve mentioned some of these in the past.

For example, 1. seeing pharmaceutical companies strengthening their control over the A.M.A. more so even than now.  By the middle of the next decade, they will have 60-70% control of the AMA as a whole with only a small percentage of doctors on the AMA board even trying to be objective.  What the pharmaceutical industry wants to happen will happen.  By the end of the next decade some will oppose this in principal, but it will be this way for several decades to come.  The American Medical Association will become an arm of the pharmaceutical industry – bought, paid for, and fully in control.

But, while I see this psychically, how do I present this without being looked at as having a political agenda of my own.  Perhaps I won’t escape this label.

Another example: The political war going on in Washington is going to actually get even worse than it is now.  There is a power battle going on within each sides political ideals.  And the “collateral damage” will be the lack of any real change happening on the policy level.  It doesn’t matter which party is in office or which party appears to be in control – the spiritual ideal of cooperation is seen few and far between.  And the unfortunate part is that the banners of this internal war is taken up by the citizens because what is held to is the idea that “if our side wins, we’ll get what we want and everything will get better.”

When I see this psychically, I “see” that many people actually want war, in whatever form it can be attained.  Those who seek to war as their way of living will actually get what they want.  There is no shortage of ways a person can war against another person or group.  If we see anyone as an “enemy” from any perspective, then we choose war as our next step.

While I get discouraged, it helps me to go back to the Bible’s first revelation – that God created souls for companionship.  It helps me to remember that our Infinite God has infinite patience with us to try to evolve into being better human beings.  Our Infinite God has infinite understanding of why we seek what we do – coming many times from our limited beliefs about our self and our world.  Our Infinite God has infinite support for us learning better ways of living in this Earth – whether we choose to learn willingly from the opportunities given to open minds or choose to learn the hard way from the end results of closed minds.

It helps me to remember that all that happens in the world, in our community, in our nation, in our own individual life, are events in which God is willing to walk with us, from the inside out, to help us learn more about our relationship with Him, and in its turn, each other and ourselves.  It helps me to remember that when I practice patience with others, God becomes alive inside me.  When I practice understanding or mercy or forgiveness, God is the one inside me, that is manifesting in the moment in the Earth.  When I practice kindness, compassion, and cooperation in the face of opposition to all these qualities, God is helping change me and in turn, change the situation that is happening in front of me.  In the moments that I apply what I’ve learned to bring forth the fruits of the spirit, God is demonstrating His Love in a practical, useful and change-facilitating way.

Finally, during the times I am most discouraged, I try to remember two more things.  First, our Infinite God is completely and infinitely consciously aware of all levels of the suffering we experience and see happening.  He will not leave us nor forsake us, but is with us even to the end of “the world”.  I try to remember to be patient with God, because it reminds me that God does have something better in mind for humanity and the Earth, and is more active in this “something better” for humanity than I can fathom.

If we’re going to be companions to our Infinite Loving God, we’d better start acting like companions to our Infinite Loving God.  I think applying what we learn could be how we can do that.

“Imagine a world where everyone went around forgiving everyone else.  What do you imagine this world would be like?”
(From the Rainbow Cards, by Jodie Senkyrik)