Humans, HAARP, the Weather and Soul Journeys

From a reader:
“Hi Jodie,

What do you think about this?
 ‘BREAKING: Oklahoma – Targeted Weaponized Weather Event . . . Scott Stevens Exposes the Geo-engineering of the Oklahoma Twisters [HAARP] .
This Storm was Engineered . . . there is NO such thing as natural weather anymore, that has been gone for 30 years or so . . .
Includes compelling satellite imagery….’ ”


This a popular interpretation of factors that affect some weather.  It isn’t physically factual as a whole event in totality, but there are factors here that do come into play that help to contribute to the whole thing, and in turn, that are the basis of what brings about the effort for people to come up with a cohesive, albeit, not wholly accurate interpretation.

First, human consciousness is the source of weather.  Regardless if this is understood as to how, it is true.  The total human consciousness on the planet – wracked with all the emotions, feelings, thoughts, intentions, beliefs, conflicts, harmony, etc, etc, consciously, super-consciously and subconsciously – is the source of weather patterns in the Earth.  This is not from the day-to-day level of human consciousness that moves us to wake up, get out of bed, run a comb across our heads, eat breakfast, etc, etc, but rather from the level of including the subconscious and super-conscious aspect of our self, then combined with all others’ same levels of consciousness.   We, all together combined – all 7 billion people on the planet (and way more) – form the weather on the planet.

Do you remember the cartoons where somebody in a funk would have a cloud around their head?  This is accurate in a small way.  Do you remember the fad of cloud busting that used to be popular?  Another example of human consciousness that can affect weather.

It gets even more interesting than this.

Now, with this factor working on things, now, we must take into account that there are individual entity consciousnesses that come into the earth seeking earth/physical plane experiences that are inserting themselves into – atoms, molecules and …. gases, and clouds, and collections of different molecules.  They do this as their introduction to the physical plane.  They do this to begin an experience of physicality at its most basic level.  It has been done for eons and eons and eons and eons and will continue for eons more.

These consciousnesses are not necessarily developed to the point of individual self-will as we, humans, know and express self-will.  This is important to realize.  While they move around trying to experience atomic/molecular physicality,  they are influenced by forces that are stronger.  This is virtually the same as how animals are subjected to human will. And so, they get moved, shunted around, changed, affected in many ways.  Since human consciousness en masse, is a formidable force in the earth plane, the consciousnesses at the atomic, molecular, gaseous levels in the earth related to weather and it’s parts, become influenced by humans.  Human consciousness even influences the solar flares and it’s patterns.

Don’t misunderstand, it’s not happening on a microcosmic scale on the day-to-day consciousness level.  It’s happening on a multi-trillion consciousness scale – and not just people who are alive today (over 7 billion) but also the souls who have come into the Earth in the past hundreds, and thousands and hundreds of thousands of years.  All of these souls have been and are contributing to the process we call weather.  In turn, all are contributing in some way directly or indirectly to weather that leads up to the weather we have today.

So, if you’re wondering if there are humans affecting the weather, the answer is ‘yes’.  All of us are affecting the weather, just not as is supposed.

Those trying to figure out the “people-involvement in weather” scenario are working with the subconscious gut feelings that “humans are involved in some way.” But, they don’t have this previously stated information about human and non-human consciousness.  However, the drive within still is to come up with some understandable answer to how it can be possible, and so HAARP and other “answers” are put together in order to make sense of it all.  Yet, like a puzzle that doesn’t have all the pieces, when trying to put that puzzle together, without all the pieces, it comes out looking different than it really is.

Do you see where I’m going with this?  It’s far out there, isn’t it.

Are there machines that can manipulate weather?  Even fans and air conditioners affect the weather in small microcosms, don’t they.  So, in a small minute way, yes, but this is not on the scale which is suggested by the popular idea that the government is involved via HAARP.  The HAARP influence is extremely minute compared to the overwhelming power of human consciousness.  It’s like comparing a Q-tip to a bowling ball.

The Moore, OK tornado is and was a weather manifestation with a core source being hatred held within souls  and focused on this area of Oklahoma – not on the people living there today, but related to people who used to live there, deeds done there, long, long years ago, (much before the U.S. existed) and this particular tornado just now manifesting.  However, the souls living there today, are not there by accident.  They, too, are there receiving back that manifested destruction which they (in other lives and other locations) helped create for even other souls.

In examining this microcosmically, these souls, through their sojourns in the earth, contributed to the destruction of others through manifestation of their own hatred (combined with others) in order to gain for themselves that which they chose to take from others.   We are very familiar with this process in our recent known histories.

What we create for others, in that same moment, we have created for all, including ourselves, and sometimes what we create for all, manifests for ourselves in the same way or same area (sometimes not.)  FYI: This is the true meaning of Karma – that which we create for others, we create for all, including ourselves – but not always the same formation manifesting.

Here in Texas, we are very, very, very, very much going through the drought for this very same reason.  We are deprived of “that which gives life” – water, because souls living in this area (before “Texas” even existed) deprived others of “that which would have given others life.”  When others needed help, the people of this area did not give it.

The way to heal the drought or any weather pattern is through prayer and meditation – once again – “giving LIFE to those that need LIFE” – another word for LIFE here would be – “The Living Water” – God.  Remember, the prayers of a few will save many.   Souls together, can also heal and dissolve destructive events yet to manifest, as I state in other blog articles.

You should see what goes into making hurricanes.  So much hatred through the eons.  So much hatred.  And so many, many souls willing to have hatred manifest – even their share of hatred.

I’m ready for questions.

Predictions for the Winter of 2014: #4

With regards to the weather of next winter, I’m pretty much not seeing anything but what I’ve been telling you.  The signs along the way have been milder or colder spring for 2013, leading into a milder summer of 2013, leading into a colder autumn of 2013, leading into a cold December, a colder January, and then in February 2014 temperatures taking January’s temperatures and dropping another 20° F from there throughout the entire month of February.  I don’t see temperatures coming up to the usual temperatures (averages) until May of 2014, when it will get hot again.  March will still be a “colder than the averages” March affected by the cold February.  April will still have some residual low temperatures and then May.  I currently don’t see March and April of 2014 temperatures fluctuating up and down as much as this year’s March and April, but rather being a steady cooler than normal few months.

This is more the predictions for the states hit hardest, including Texas, during the winter of 2014.  The states in the southeast, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, will have  a milder spring compared to previous years, but nothing to write home about.

Keep your coats and jackets out until May of 2014.

In December of 2013, in your regions, keep your ears open for the meteorologists to start giving warning about what kind of winter we’re going to have.  That’s when they’ll have the weather models to back this up.  I’m mentioning it now, because I’m getting ready for it now.

Many people make predictions about coming events.  Many of these events never happen.  If I’m wrong, there is always a viable reason and that information is also available psychically.  I study this factor regularly to be able to be as accurate as possible.

Currently, in much of Texas, I see  2 1/2 to 3 weeks of continued frozen temperatures – not going above freezing during the day – in the single digits to 20’s.  Texas and states of the south aren’t designed for Minnesota weather and hence why it is so difficult.  All the homes, all the infrastructure is designed to handle heat, not cold.

The North and New England states will “weather” (pardon the pun) the winter better simply because they are “built” for this type of hard cold.  Their homes and infrastructures are built to help them endure the cold.

Expect airports to close and airline flights to be severely affected by the cold of the winter of 2014.

A national emergency will be declared in some areas.

People will remember this.