Predictions for the Winter of 2014: #4

With regards to the weather of next winter, I’m pretty much not seeing anything but what I’ve been telling you.  The signs along the way have been milder or colder spring for 2013, leading into a milder summer of 2013, leading into a colder autumn of 2013, leading into a cold December, a colder January, and then in February 2014 temperatures taking January’s temperatures and dropping another 20° F from there throughout the entire month of February.  I don’t see temperatures coming up to the usual temperatures (averages) until May of 2014, when it will get hot again.  March will still be a “colder than the averages” March affected by the cold February.  April will still have some residual low temperatures and then May.  I currently don’t see March and April of 2014 temperatures fluctuating up and down as much as this year’s March and April, but rather being a steady cooler than normal few months.

This is more the predictions for the states hit hardest, including Texas, during the winter of 2014.  The states in the southeast, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, will have  a milder spring compared to previous years, but nothing to write home about.

Keep your coats and jackets out until May of 2014.

In December of 2013, in your regions, keep your ears open for the meteorologists to start giving warning about what kind of winter we’re going to have.  That’s when they’ll have the weather models to back this up.  I’m mentioning it now, because I’m getting ready for it now.

Many people make predictions about coming events.  Many of these events never happen.  If I’m wrong, there is always a viable reason and that information is also available psychically.  I study this factor regularly to be able to be as accurate as possible.

Currently, in much of Texas, I see  2 1/2 to 3 weeks of continued frozen temperatures – not going above freezing during the day – in the single digits to 20’s.  Texas and states of the south aren’t designed for Minnesota weather and hence why it is so difficult.  All the homes, all the infrastructure is designed to handle heat, not cold.

The North and New England states will “weather” (pardon the pun) the winter better simply because they are “built” for this type of hard cold.  Their homes and infrastructures are built to help them endure the cold.

Expect airports to close and airline flights to be severely affected by the cold of the winter of 2014.

A national emergency will be declared in some areas.

People will remember this.

7 thoughts on “Predictions for the Winter of 2014: #4

  1. Jodie, do you get any suggestions as to how we could prepare for this cold weather? Should we buy a gas generator or buy a cord of wood if we have an all electric house?


  2. Yes, remember Texas is not built for cold. It’s built for heat.
    Melba, you and George are elderly, so there could be extra steps for you to take. For preparations, first get the local Red Cross contact information. If there is a severe loss of electricity – days or weeks, this could put lives in danger and they may set up local shelters.

    +In general,
    +loss of electricity, or even rolling brown-outs are very likely. When the time comes, if your water is from a well, then get jugs of water. With no electricity, you’ll have no heat or water. Wireless phones won’t work but the old style land line corded phones should. Also – extra blankets, and thermal underwear are helpful.
    +Never let a propane stove run over long periods to get heat. Burning propane or natural gas creates Carbon Monoxide. In large amounts, this is deadly. Using natural gas or propane for cooking only doesn’t create large amounts.
    +Fires are only for fireplaces.
    +Fill the car with gas early on and keep it up. With no electricity, no gas pumps will work.
    +Ice on roads means only emergency driving should happen.
    +keep all animals inside or in an enclosed, protected area. They also can die from exposure.
    +Make sure you have all medications and won’t need to go out to get more during this time.
    There’s lots more for preparation, also. Check out “cold preparation ” websites, including

    If this were Minnesota, I wouldn’t be mentioning this. They are built for cold.


  3. Again, thank you so much, Jodie for helping us! I’ll follow your suggestions. I’ll also pray that our weather patterns will straighten out.


  4. Hello,

    I was wondering how this was going to affect crops and the economy. I believe that there will be an economic crash in the not too distant future – perhaps happening in 2014/2015. What are your thoughts?


  5. Hello Jodie,

    I was wondering how far into Texas do you see the severe cold temperatures dipping. We live just North of Houston and it hasn’t been really bitter in quite a long time.


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