War and Politics

People keep thinking that if one party or the other is in office, then it’s doom or victory for America.  If their own party is in, then everything will work out great, and if it’s not their party, then all bad things will happen.  If one person is the president or the other, then it’s the rise or the fall of the U.S.

This is the lie we want to be true.  We want a villain, and to rally around a cause.  Very little difference happens because of political parties in power.  We say it does, and we perceive as we choose to believe.  But, we think politics is real, because we want war to be useful and good – war in every form, whether with guns or words.  It’s a strange notion – that we want war to be useful and good.

We have divisiveness, we have fighting, we have warring, in many forms and in many areas of society and around the world, because many want divisiveness, fighting and war in all their forms and we want them to be good.  Sometimes we slightly grasp that this notion is insane, but we can easily set that thought aside, if we have a good war in which we can be a part.  We create divisiveness, fighting and war when we don’t have them.  We create them simply because we want them.

This is the real “Real World”.

Our own world is as we, our individual self, creates – not as ‘the other guy’ creates.  Collectively, the world is as we collectively have made it.  Each of us participates and contributes in our own little way – whether we contribute to more war in our own little way, or whether we seek to create something other than war – whether in politics or life.