Topics for a Personal Psychic Reading

To determine whether a psychic reading is right for you, it can be very helpful to know what information is available for examination from a psychic reading.  From the readings I’ve been able to give, the following information can be accessed:

  • A person’s life path, including the soul’s prime purpose for this particular incarnation
  • Health related information – I’m not an M.D. and cannot diagnose or treat, but I can offer what vitamin deficiencies I can see.  I can also see which foods are best and which foods are worst for you.
  • Psychological and emotional issues and struggles
  • Past Lives and their relevance to your current life
  • Future Lives and their relevance to your current life
  • In between physical lives and its relevance to your current life
  • Relationship interests, issues, challenges and potential help
  • Career choices and directions
  • The Spiritual Realm
  • Information from guides, guardians, and helpers
  • The relevance of certain life experiences
  • Money and financial issues questions
  • Business related questions
  • Questions about God, a Higher Power, and Jesus Christ
  • The challenge, relevance or role of Sex
  • Political questions
  • Questions related to the planet Earth
  • Entities from other realms, dimensions and planets
  • Technologies
  • Akashic record information
  • Information concerning pets
  • Specific troubling issues in your life
  • Spiritual or philosophical issues that need greater exploration than my blog can offer,
  • Issues in which you need more information which my blog wouldn’t provide,
  • Difficult aspects of your life and their karmic/causal source,
  • Anything else you can think up to ask about.

I have not come across any topic that has no additional information.

+When asking questions about people other than yourself (the client,) i.e. family members, friends, or others, there is limited information, because I’m accessing the client’s records/energy/vibrations only.  Through the client’s records, I access only information from the client’s relationship perspective going through the client themselves.

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One thought on “Topics for a Personal Psychic Reading

  1. Many people seek the help of a psychic reader only for their own reassurance. They have already made a particular decision and now they want to support it with another opinion. Another possibility is that people simply doubt their own decision making


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