The Role of Prayer

There’s something I’ve not mentioned except in passing.  This is the changes to the future that prayer brings about.   These changes are present in the Akashic records as alternative timelines.  This information is also available.  This means that the effect of prayer can also be seen. This is true of whether it’s 100 people praying or 100,000 praying.

Because people have freewill, what is then seen are timelines related to how many people choose to pray.  In 2006, up to the summer hurricane season, I kept seeing a hurricane happening in August.  But, it never happened.  In looking over that information and learning about what changed and how I saw something that didn’t happen, I learned a lot.  I  learned that I had fixated on one timeline and did not spread my “looking” wider.  I did not look at the changes made from the prayers that came about motivated by the previous year’s (2005) hurricane destruction in Louisiana and the prayers that came from millions of people all over the United States.  Millions of people prayed for the Gulf Coast and this brought in what I saw as the Christ Spirit, protecting the entire Gulf Coast until the middle of the 2007 season.  The call went forth in the form of prayers, for protection and the sheer numbers of people praying brought about protection through the entire 2006 season and half of the 2007.  The meteorologists were surprised at the quiet 2006 season.

Why only half of 2007?  Because more people praying would have been needed to bring forth that much more energy that dissolved the hurricane energies that were set to manifest.

Weather is very much related to human consciousness.   This is why prayer and meditation can dissolve energy patterns that are set to manifest as destructive weather.  This is why praying and meditating have an effect on weather patterns, as well as the other things for which we pray and meditate.

On a side note, so many people think at times God is saying “No.” to prayers, but this isn’t the case.  Prayer and meditation are the sending of Spirit energy into a certain direction or purpose.  If there are few prayers and meditations, there is little Spirit energy going with that direction and purpose.  If there are a great many prayers and meditations, there is a great amount of Spirit energy being sent out with that direction and purpose.

As mentioned before, praying is like rowing a boat towards a target.  With many rowing that boat, it arrives quicker, but with few rowing, it takes longer and if we give up altogether, then that boat will stop moving in that direction.

Sure there are times that the outcomes of our prayers are different than what we desired.  There is still that factor of God wanting something better than what we think we want.  But, the factor that helps our prayers is remembering that the more unselfish our praying, the more that God can work through our prayers.

Edgar Cayce talked about seeing unanswered prayers when he went unconscious to give his psychic readings.  He reported that many times the people would give up on praying and meditating, when all they needed was to be patient and persevere.   There is a bumper sticker out now, that says, “P.U.S.H.”, which means Pray Until Something Happens.

That’s the way to pray.

BTW, with the prayers being said for the drought areas in Texas, this is having the effect of building up some cloud cover in August, 2011 to cool the places off.  It will take more yet, to add more rain, but the boat is moving in that direction, albeit slowly.   Don’t give up, keep on keeping on.  Keep on with prayer and meditation.