Fear and Manifesting (#1)

(Referring to “Commenter’s Information about 2017” post.  I would like to use this as an opportunity to add 2 articles about fear.)

I totally don’t understand this post. I know that we MANIFEST everything so why are you putting out such negative posts. I dont get it . I believe that there are only two things love and fear. FEAR is clearly what this post is about . Did you get together with psychics ? I dont care for that type of gathering that is focused on the fear not the love . YOUR posts about the coming events ..seem to come from a space of fear..I do not at all feel this way. I am quite inttiuve and psychic and truly that is not anything I am feeling . I follow astrology and see that most of the extreme transists that we have been under for the last years are slowing down..yes there are changes that are necessary yet these changes are about our evoluation. Why would you particpate in a group like this …and what benefit is this to you others ? I focus on reality and i am awake and aware yet i am involved in numerous healing groups we are working on healing aspects of Mother Earth and others , we do this together as a collective . A summit of the 300 of the best psychics that focused on this ..and who were the 300 ? I am so amazed as this is just like anoymous ..i follow numerous very highly evolved capable and authentic ppl sharing their thoughts or feelings about what is next ,what is going on , NO ONE human knows for sure yet the focus of negative and fear based thoughts and feelings will manfiest that for you..I DO NOT live like this and focus on the good the positive and what is happening on Mother Earth is clearly immense yet it does not present as the world falling apart quite the opposite . I know that manifestation is about each of us manifesting the good within to expand it out …you even said that..so why pressent a post in this manner ..its drama like and holds a very low vibrational energy.  D.

First, I ask that you “hear me out” with what I’ve written.  You make several good points, but what I offer is that you’re not including some information about the relationship of fear to the act of manifesting.  What you mention, about creating that which you fear, is sort of correct from one point of view, but what happens can be easily misunderstood, also.

Fear, like all inner issues, must be faced, resolved, cleaned up, healed or let go in it’s entirety – in time – even if it currently resides in the unconscious.  This process does take willingness, determination, persistence and time.  Healing, cleaning up, and resolving our fears and issues is also an evolutionary process.

All of this hinges on willingness, because willingness to face our issues and our fears means we’re on the spiritual path and working at it – even if we don’t call it a spiritual path.  God has all patience with us when we’re working on our issues and our fears.  As humans, we are full of issues and fears and hence why it takes time, persistence, and determination to stay the course. (We can add patience, too.)

It is when we are not willing to clean up our issues and our fears that we run into trouble. When we are not willing to deal with our inner issues/fears, in essence then we have decided we are unwilling to learn the lessons we are in need of learning.  This creates imbalances, even more issues, and begins the process of higher evolutionary forces starting to add pressure in our lives, because we are bucking against our own spiritual evolution while here on Earth.

Put another way, because we are saying ‘no’ to our spiritual evolution by refusing to deal with inner issues and fears, the flow of evolution starts to become stronger.  It’s as if we try to stop going with the flow of a river.  By staying in one place – refusing to face our fears and issues – the energy that moves and directs our spiritual evolution grows stronger relative to the place we’re at or rather relative to our effort to keep the fears and issues unresolved, repressed and unconscious through not facing our fears and issues.

Basically, the fears and issues get bigger and bigger until they either manifest in the physical world, the psychological world within us, or in some other way which means that we can no longer avoid them.  So, your statement that fear will bring forth that which we fear is partly true, but only if there is no intention of dealing with the fears to begin with.

God allows for a natural flow of healing, a natural evolutionary flow to growing and learning, and is the guiding force for cleaning up our issues when we’re willing.  Again, willingness is the key to all of these acts of movement to a higher understanding of spiritual identity and relationships.  Unwillingness, in effect, blocks the flow of the river of evolution and therefore works against the force of God.  This is why holding onto our fears and issues eventually, after God’s many attempts to help us change our minds, manifests in all the different kinds of troubles that humans experience.

Simply having a fear or talking/sharing about our fears and issues does not cause that which is feared to manifest.  It is the unwillingness to heal and face our fears – unwillingness to clean them up – that eventually sets in motion the forces “of the river”, building up, in time, in such a way as to cause situations and circumstances where facing our issues and fears can no longer be avoided.

So, I share the information on this blog, as a way of bringing fears, issues, and steps to help in facing troubles to the forefront.  This is not an act of manifesting that which we fear, but rather facing that which we fear.  Our intention in these information presentations is to show that facing a fear can come with wisdom and understanding, and the help of God.  Two of the many ways of His help manifesting in practical and pragmatic steps to take are to lessen the trouble physical events can bring and to help people know that He is at work in our lives.

God is a practical God as well, and the common sense we all have inside us, is a quality that comes from spiritual wisdom applied in our everyday physical human lives.  An unwillingness to share what I see because of fear that it would manifest, is, in fact, another way of avoiding facing fear.  The preparation for disasters is a way to acknowledge that we have issues to deal with – some of the issues being physical in nature.

Think about it.  As an example, if we found a dark spot on our skin, and it grew and grew, would not mentioning it to anyone out of fear of it manifesting into cancer be the way to go?  No, when any medical problem comes up, it’s always worthwhile to bring it to the forefront to research, discuss, explore options and work to heal it, so that it doesn’t instead grow into something harmful or that can no longer be avoided.

Thank you for your comment.


Commenter’s Information about 2017

There was a summit of 300 plus world´s best psychics ….a gathering ….Something very bad will occur in a year and a half time. A danger to the world in 2017. Evil forces of this world are preparing very bad things to happen. So, best world´s psychics came together to see what could be done about this. Don´t know what will happen ….a very big event in a bad way for this world. Could be this evil forces the IS atempt to throw an atomic bomb? They are capable to do such even if this way destroy themself too. Wish to know more about this Psy [Psi] summit, sadly have no further information on a subject.  M.

Please add a link to information about the Summit if you have or find one.  Meanwhile, you can add my name to the voices mentioning this 2017 Event.  I’ve been seeing it for about 10 years, also.  I will begin writing about it after the event in the Caribbean happens.   I see it having warning signs in 2017, but I see the beginning of it at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018.  There are steps we can take to prepare for the 2017-2018 event, but I’m not getting into it until after August, 2015.  We have time to prepare for 2017-2018.  It is not a natural disaster like the 1st and 2nd of the 3 disastrous World Events.  It is economic in nature.  I will NOT write about it until the event in the Caribbean is responded to and people are being helped through our prayers and other methods.  This is more important right now.

Don’t guess at what it can be.  Go within, sit in silence and stillness, and ask the question in the stillness of meditation.  Pray for information.  In the quiet moments are when you’ll sense information or be open to a visual image coming to help you understand.

All of us can get information in the quiet of meditation, but it comes as a “whisper” (metaphorical word) in the silence.  Use your intuition to try to tune into the “tapestry” of the whole.  If you “pull on a thread of the tapestry” you can begin to understand and get clear on the  information.

Also, all of us can get helpful information in dreams – about the past, present and future.  But, remember 99% of dreams ARE NOT literal.  They will come in picture messages, like hieroglyphics, and “action” messages, like movies that have a message – not in English speaking sentences.  They must be studied and examined to gain help and guidance.    We do a disservice to and mislead ourselves if we only look at dreams as literal.  I recommend joining dream study groups or reading any of the good books on studying dreams.

Those that sincerely seek guidance from spiritual help – God, Holy Spirit, Christ, our angels, our guides and guardians on the other side, saints – will get guidance from spiritual help – but we have to do our part to learn the language and method in which they convey their help.

This method is more often holistically – meaning multi-level, all together, multi-faceted  – like a very orderly orchestra playing – all coming together.  We have to unravel the tapestry to gain the whole thing.  We have to listen for specific parts which leads to the whole.  Their method of conveyance is through consciousness and not linear language like we speak and write here on Earth.

This is why listening, studying, being open and even writing down what we get is so important.  In the same way that Dumbledore said, “Help will always be available at Hogwarts to those that ask for it,” in the 2nd book/movie, spiritual help will always be available to each and everyone of us who sincerely ask for it in prayer and meditation.


“Do not trust the doubt you have in yourself.  Do not trust the doubt you have in God.  These doubts are not the truth.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Too often we trust self-doubt simply because we know it so well, and it has been with us for so long.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

Two Views from Every Window

Have you ever noticed that there are many times two sides to every story? Sometimes, there are even more sides. No matter what a person experiences or what relationship difficulties exist, the people involved all have their own side of the story.

Like a boxing match, there are two sides that have opposing views. Which side or view represents the truth? The winning side? Really? Are you sure? Does the truth always win?

In many sports events, there can be two teams and they have opposing intentions. Which team represents the truth? In an argument, which side represents the truth? In an altercation, which side represents the truth? In a court of law, which side represents the truth? The loudest? The angriest? The most insulting and condemning? The sliest? The trickiest?

When Jesus walked, carrying the cross to Golgotha to be killed, the crowds yelled loudly. They angrily shouted insults at Him, condemning Him. They threw things at Him. They used whatever they could – loudness, anger, insults, criticisms, rocks, trash – to make sure they got their views, their anger, their rage, and all their thoughts out. Were they demonstrating the truth because they were loud, angry and condemning? They were united in their condemning Him. Does their being united mean they represented the truth?

There really are two sides to every story, like there are two sides to every coin, two sides to every window, and two very different views from that window’s two sides. Unfortunately, we more often listen to only one side – look through the window at only one view – look at the coin and see only one side without acknowledging the truth of the whole thing. When we do this, and we do it often, we don’t have the whole truth. It’s impossible to have the whole truth. We can go so far to say that we refuse the whole truth.

With only one side of the story, the truth isn’t known. The view then becomes incomplete. The whole truth becomes denied.

Imagine if someone said something about you to others, and that statement hurt you. What if the others hearing it, reacted as if that were the only truth needing to be heard. You knew you had your side of the story, but no one wanted to hear it. They believed what the other person said was the whole truth without your side of the story ever being listened to. What would happen then? Crucifixion. It happens all the time, doesn’t it. How many times are we the ones carrying the hammer and nails?

We can only get the whole truth if we work hard at getting both sides.  We will work hard at getting both sides only if we truly want the whole truth.


“All that we learn about God and the Truth, we will learn from within.  There are no exceptions to this.  Regardless of if or what we hear come from another person or not.  That spirit which is within our own self, gives witness to Truth, and it is this act that is the true act of learning.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we listen.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

Commenters’ Questions

Hey good night i am from the island of Barbados and yesterday July 23 around 1-30-3 am there was increased seismic activity with Kick em Jenny volcano that is located north of Grenada and as a result Grenada, Barbados and Trinidad were placed on an Orange Level of warning of seismic activity and the possibility of tsunami but the media are saying the volcano is too deep under the ocean and therefore tsunamis are unlikely. But i am a bit concerned as we have been getting quite alot of earthquakes of the northeastern coast of Barbados. I was just wondering the 2nd world event you have been mentioning is it kick em jenny or do you see a bigger volcano eruption some where near Barbados and in terms of the volcano, tsunami etc. how will Barbados be affected in relation to the entire 2nd world event? and do you think this will happen very soon do you have a specific date that keeps coming to mind?
Thank you. God Bless!  J.G.

Rather than answer all the questions you have on this blog, again, you’ll get more detailed answers if I refer you to select the category “2015” or “South America” (and a few articles from “2014”) where I already have about 3 dozen articles which go into detail about what I’ve been seeing.  I don’t want to give a short version here now, when details are really what are needed.  You’ll get those details from the articles in the Categories in the right hand column of this page.

FYI, as far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as “too deep.”

*****As of July 27, 2015:  I’ve added 3 categories referring to the articles on the 1st of 3 world events, 2nd of 3 world events and 3rd of 3 World Events which I’ve been writing about.  Select any of these categories and all the articles tagged will come forward.

Any word on Barbados at this time – they are under orange alert for the next 24 hours
from kick em Jenny  J.M.B.

If what I’ve been seeing is accurate, and these are the signs I’ve been expecting, then the entire area, not just Barbados, but the entire area needs to be on alert.  I strongly suggest you take precautions as you would a major hurricane – store extra food and water, medical supplies, batteries, radio, etc.

Unfortunately, I see it being so much worse than a hurricane.

As for the volcano, I see a volcanic opening on an old volcano but also new area.  Not two separate unconnected areas, but both being connected to each other.

I see many, many people being destructively affected, so prepare.  The dates again as I’ve written in other articles – I see mid-August being the start of many parts of the whole event and mid-September being the last of all the parts that are the whole event.  By October 1st all of it will be completed.  But, the response to help will have already begun and some of the debris will travel the winds across the Atlantic.

Folks, every time I look, I see it happening.  I wish I could say “maybe it won’t” but every time I look, I see it happening.  But, I’m not God, so being human, I can still be wrong.  However, prepare.  Don’t wait and see if I’m wrong.  If you do nothing else, you should start preparing.  Water, food, medical supplies, living supplies, “loss of electricity and water utilities” supplies, and more.  Not just for yourselves, but to share with those who need.  People will die without help.  I see every area around there being affected in some way.  Some more so, some less so.  It’s time to prepare.  It’s already been time to pray and send light.

I am curious to know what do you foresee what will happen to my country Guyana i humbly look forward to your reply. P.J.

Guyana is also in the area and I see it being affected.  Although long ago, I thought the center of the whole event might have been Guyana, I have for a while now seen it happening off the coast of Venezuela.  People of Guyana would do well to prepare, also.  You’re too close to not be affected.

Dear Jodie , signs are already here . Seismic activity in the Caribbean has increased significantly. This has already started , is going like you said. Keep us informed and please pray for us. C.75

I see the “signs” diminishing during the 1st week of August, and being quiet the 2nd week of August.   If they start back up on the 14th or 15th, then the whole thing is starting.  And if that, then the night of the 16th and/or morning of the 17th will be the worst of it, but not all.  The whole of it is now stretched out, so that all of it doesn’t hit at once.  This is good and is part of the help already coming from peoples’ prayers and higher Spirit’s working.

Believe me, I’m praying along with everyone else.  Regardless of our location, we’re in this together.


God is committed to helping us.  We need to be committed to helping each other, as well.

Puerto Rico, Preparations and the Signs

How bad will the damage be to Puerto Rico due to the tsunami/earthquakes? Its a very small island and I live near the coast. I’m not afraid of dying, but I’d like to know. You said the event might be scattered in a certain time-frame. When would Puerto Rico see damage? Thank you for your time.  D.H.

I’m seeing some damage, but most of the directional force will be Eastward and Southward.   My suggestion – prepare as you would a major hurricane. Expect high water levels along the coasts.  Collect extra water, medical supplies, an emergency route inland, extra food, a radio and batteries.  Expect loss of water systems along the coastline including septic systems.  Possibly loss of electricity for some areas.  If there is air debris, consider breathing masks, flashlights, more water and be alert to early warnings.  There is more to do to prepare, but this is a start.  Go to the emergency preparedness websites for more information on preparing.

Quake reports over 5 come into my mailbox. Today (July 16) the first quake of that magnitude came into my mailbox from the North Atlantic region, north (slightly east) of the coast of Venezuela: 5.3 – Barbados region, Windward Islands. 11:01:47 UTC.


Just in case you hadn’t heard about it. There are earthquakes occurring near Barbados, off the northeast coast of Venezuela.  (Link to the report.)
Just now a stronger quake in the same area, right on schedule, Jodie, as you predicted there might be some earlier signs of the August events. This area had been very quiet until recently. All the quakes were happening on the western side of South America. Today: 6.4 magnitude – 16 Jul 2015 15:16:31 UTC, Windward Islands. (There is also a cluster of smaller quakes in the same general area.)  T.H.
Thank you for the updates.   If this 2nd of 3 events is going to happen in any form whatsoever, the time is literally knocking at the door, now.
The following older articles hold information related to either the signs I mentioned or preparations.
Questions from Commenters– April 27, 2015
The Nepal Earthquake-April 27, 2015
“It isn’t God that brings pain and turmoil into our lives, it’s God that helps us through them to heal them.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1982-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

For Religious Reasons

In our nation’s past and present, the phrase “for religious reasons” has been used by people for many reasons.  Some of these reasons are obvious, some dubious and some confusing.  In essence, what is being stated is:  “I use my beliefs in God to do this/that, or not do this/that.”

The issues I offer here in acting or not acting “for religious reasons” are (1.) Do we want to use our religious beliefs to decide our actions?  and (2.)  Do our actions really reflect our religious beliefs?  These are legitimate questions to examine within ourselves.  And they absolutely must be examined deeply, earnestly, honestly and in full light for ourselves.

Why must they be examined this way?

Because the statement “for religious reasons” has been used for many harmful and destructive acts.  “For religious reasons” has been used to justify slavery.  “For religious reasons” has been used by people to justify segregation.  “For religious reasons” has been used by people to justify judging, condemning, lynching, the Spanish Inquisition, burning people at the stake, stoning people, drowning people, and been used by people to demonstrate prejudice and hatred against so many minorities.

Throughout the world’s history, “for religious reasons” has been used to bring about horrendous atrocities, killing and wars.  And today in our world, “for religious reasons” is used to justify murder and killing still.

“For religious reasons” does get used by people to justify whatever prejudice or hatred anyone has within their hearts towards any group.  Of course, we can take this further and say that if “for religious reasons” weren’t available, “some other reasons” would be used to justify an agenda of prejudice and hatred.

There are many that are willing to hide behind and abuse religion to justify their inner desire to continue the pain and suffering of others.  As time passes, more and more, we will see those that espouse “for religious reasons”, and that they are not espousing the love that religions were, and still are, meant to foster.  They espouse instead the separation and prejudice that has been in their hearts all along.

So, examine deeply, honestly and earnestly how best to use the statement, “for religious reasons”.  It is very easy for us to use our religions beliefs in God to justify not helping those that need help, but whom we’ve judged, and therefore, decide not to help.  It’s very easy to act in some way, siting “for religious reasons”, when there is a deeper agenda hiding within us.  It takes self-honesty to act from our beliefs in a way that can truly serve and help our world.

Yet, how do we then tell if we, ourselves, are acting righteously with regards to our own beliefs?

Follow what Christ said, when asked how will you know the ones that are followers of Christ, “by demonstration of the fruits of the spirit”.  Forgiveness, loving kindness, mercy, patience, understanding, humility, cooperation, faith, charity, unselfishness, joy, etc. – these are the fruits of the spirit.  These are the actions of followers of religious beliefs based on God’s love.

Christ’s two commandments were Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself.  When asked who is our neighbor, He told of the Good Samaritan.

When we use “For religious reasons”, we cannot avoid demonstrating the truth of where we are at.  While we may tell ourselves one thing about our statement, others may see what we choose not to see about ourselves.


“Everyone has their own different ideas about how to proceed with spiritual growth… even God.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

The Summer Months of 2015

As time continues through 2015, I’m seeing energy being worked on in the same way that currents work inside the flow of a river or in the sea.  I see this being from help from higher consciousnesses, so I consider this to be good.

With the earthquake in Alaska several weeks ago (May 29, 2015) and even energy manifesting as flooding in Texas (May 30, 2015), I see this helping to move and change forces which are acting upon the Venezuelan coast.  There is a potential that the event can be stretched out over a longer time, but I’m still seeing the timespan of the event ending by October, 2015.  This means that different aspects of this event could be spread out over more than a month’s time frame.  If this is accurate, the people could face the challenges better with time to recover.

While the potential is there, the probability is higher yet for the parts of the event to still all happen during the middle to end of August time frame.  I use the term ‘probability’ to convey the potential for change yet to occur.

I see a connection between the recent volcanic activity in Mexico and the 2nd Event.  When I looked at the signs, the signs were connected to the 2nd Event.  I interpret the Mexico volcanic connection to mean that Mexico’s volcanic activity is one of the signs.

Let’s keep up the prayers for this region.  They are worthy of our prayers.


“Pray for all those that are judged to be unworthy of prayers.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

War and Terrorists?

Will there be any more terrorist attacks on US soil?

With Americans attacking Americans every single day in countless ways, who needs terrorists? How many internal “American on American” attacks happen every single day – whether physical, emotional, or even verbal attacks?  Compare that to an organized officially named “terrorist” attack.  “We have met the enemy and it is us.” (I don’t know who first said this.)  There are statistics online showing mass shootings monumentally outnumber terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Will we have WW3 in our lifetime?

Only if we’re willing to and want to, and plenty of people are willing to and want to, especially in the U.S.  More of us have war, conflict, and are attack-ready in our hearts than have peace, brotherhood, acceptance, understanding, cooperation, kindness, patience, oneness, mercy and forgiveness in our hearts.

All we need to do is come face to face with the truth of war – what war really is.  To almost all of us, war is only a TV show, a news item or an electronic game.  We turn it off in one push of a button, go outside and get the mail.

But, look at the effect war has on the soldiers coming home.  Look at the wars of the past and the wars of the present.  Look at the costs inside people’s hearts and minds.  Look at the suffering and pain that war guarantees.   All wars offer and guarantee the same things.  This is war and its rewards.

War is death.  War is destruction.  100% guaranteed.  War is injuries.  War is suffering.  War is family members and loved ones coming home in boxes.  War is when people die, and these people are never again able to hold their loved ones in their arms, or be held, ever again. This is war and its rewards.

War guarantees 100% that many fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters will never be at another Christmas or Birthday or graduation or wedding.  War guarantees 100% that those killed will never offer anything more to their families or their communities ever again.  Those family members killed won’t support or love or interact or relate or teach or contribute or cooperate or offer kindness or anything of any kind ever again.  100% guaranteed.  This is war and its rewards.

Every person’s contribution based on their caring and love, kindness and belonging, they could have made to the Earth, to their communities, to their friends and their families will never happen ever again.  Every person’s moment of help they could have offered, every ounce of love which they could have given out, every act of support will never happen ever again.  This is what war really is.   100% guaranteed to be never again.  This is war and its rewards.

It is painted as being worthwhile by some of us, but there is nothing at all that is worthwhile about war.  Yet, it is justified and rationalized as being a worthwhile option for getting what we want.  We come up with so many “wonderful” reasons to carry out what is in our hearts – war.

Those of us that want war in our hearts, will wage war and support war.  God gave us all freewill.

Those of us that seek peace and ask God for help in gaining it, will receive from God that bread for which we ask.


“Those that sincerely want war, never sincerely pray for peace.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2002-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“War doesn’t start in the halls of governments.  War starts in the hearts of human beings.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)