War and Terrorists?

Will there be any more terrorist attacks on US soil?

With Americans attacking Americans every single day in countless ways, who needs terrorists? How many internal “American on American” attacks happen every single day – whether physical, emotional, or even verbal attacks?  Compare that to an organized officially named “terrorist” attack.  “We have met the enemy and it is us.” (I don’t know who first said this.)  There are statistics online showing mass shootings monumentally outnumber terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Will we have WW3 in our lifetime?

Only if we’re willing to and want to, and plenty of people are willing to and want to, especially in the U.S.  More of us have war, conflict, and are attack-ready in our hearts than have peace, brotherhood, acceptance, understanding, cooperation, kindness, patience, oneness, mercy and forgiveness in our hearts.

All we need to do is come face to face with the truth of war – what war really is.  To almost all of us, war is only a TV show, a news item or an electronic game.  We turn it off in one push of a button, go outside and get the mail.

But, look at the effect war has on the soldiers coming home.  Look at the wars of the past and the wars of the present.  Look at the costs inside people’s hearts and minds.  Look at the suffering and pain that war guarantees.   All wars offer and guarantee the same things.  This is war and its rewards.

War is death.  War is destruction.  100% guaranteed.  War is injuries.  War is suffering.  War is family members and loved ones coming home in boxes.  War is when people die, and these people are never again able to hold their loved ones in their arms, or be held, ever again. This is war and its rewards.

War guarantees 100% that many fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters will never be at another Christmas or Birthday or graduation or wedding.  War guarantees 100% that those killed will never offer anything more to their families or their communities ever again.  Those family members killed won’t support or love or interact or relate or teach or contribute or cooperate or offer kindness or anything of any kind ever again.  100% guaranteed.  This is war and its rewards.

Every person’s contribution based on their caring and love, kindness and belonging, they could have made to the Earth, to their communities, to their friends and their families will never happen ever again.  Every person’s moment of help they could have offered, every ounce of love which they could have given out, every act of support will never happen ever again.  This is what war really is.   100% guaranteed to be never again.  This is war and its rewards.

It is painted as being worthwhile by some of us, but there is nothing at all that is worthwhile about war.  Yet, it is justified and rationalized as being a worthwhile option for getting what we want.  We come up with so many “wonderful” reasons to carry out what is in our hearts – war.

Those of us that want war in our hearts, will wage war and support war.  God gave us all freewill.

Those of us that seek peace and ask God for help in gaining it, will receive from God that bread for which we ask.


“Those that sincerely want war, never sincerely pray for peace.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2002-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“War doesn’t start in the halls of governments.  War starts in the hearts of human beings.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997-2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

16 thoughts on “War and Terrorists?

    • Remember, also, what Christ told Peter about others. In essence, He said, “You don’t worry about others. I’ll worry about others. You follow Me.” When we focus our efforts on what others are doing instead of focusing on and working on bringing forth the best from within ourselves, we have become distracted from the path of loving kindness, understanding, patience, and wisdom.
      When we work to find peace in our own hearts, though it is a challenge, then peace will grow in our own world that we see. When we look within our own heart and don’t find peace, then we are involved in and contributing to conflict – starting with the conflict inside our own hearts.
      The path of peace is difficult, because giving up what we think we gain from conflict is difficult, and yes, we many times still think we gain from conflict.
      That which we gain from conflict, even inside our own hearts, is just more conflict, even inside our own hearts.


  1. Di Wallace,

    Rocksy0118 is spot on. Whether war or peace, we manifest it all.

    Jodie did not give you a yes or no answer because there is none, even if he did, it would just be a possibility. He instead taught you how to create the future for yourself.

    In Lao Tzu’s Treatise on Response and Retribution, the famous opening lines goes: “Woe and Weal have no doors (i.e. are not predestined) ; man himself invites their arrival.

    We alone decide if we wish to fight and fall off the abyss or exercise reconciliation, peace and virtue.

    Karma and human volition are always changing, it changes as people’s intentions change. If we indulge in thoughts or actions of greed, killing, hatred, belligerent suspicion, delusion and so forth, we will be inviting war and disaster.

    So it is up to you bring peace. You may wonder how one individual can stand against collective warmongering. However, it is actually very straightforward.

    The Buddha has said that sincerity and great compassion trumps delusion. Even Mara’s entire army of well armed demons meant nothing against the Buddha’s samadhi, great compassion and mindfulness.

    Greed and hatred, the roots of war, are delusion. They are paper tigers. As horrible as they are, they melt in the face of true virtue–virtue free from ego or ulterior motives. The hateful divide and make themselves ever ever smaller. The compassionate embrace the entire Dharma-realm. Thus, how can evil be stronger than good?

    Therefore, if you can sincerely and selflessly do good deeds,cherish both human and animal life, pray, meditate (e.g. Amitabha mindfulness), make offerings to the Triple Jewel, promote harmony, peace and reconciliation between different faiths, parties and nationalities, in any capacity, for the full benefit of the world (i.e. sincerely dedicating your merit to the sentient beings of this world), then you can reverse any trend towards war or at least lessen the scale.

    Namo Amitabha.

    P.S. I recently attended (as audience) the 2015 A World of Women for World Peace conference and one of the speakers was from the Karuna center, I was quite impressed with the work they do to promote reconciliation and peace in conflict zones. I recommend those interested to check it out:



  2. We create what we are focused on (long enough). Just with Your question above You are started to be focused on war. Don´t do that. Focus on love, nature, harmony and such …permanently. Don´t give mental food to things You don´t want to see in your future. Build in Your mind the future You would like to see. In your mind You have the tool to create Your future. You create what Your material world will look like in the future. Things happens in material world are only mirrors of what we create in our minds. Remember: God is creator. We are God. We are creators. Love.


    • “In your mind You have the tool to create Your future. You create what Your material world will look like in the future. Things happens in material world are only mirrors of what we create in our minds.”

      Matt, you speak profound words!

      You remind me of some important verses from the Shurangama Sutra:

      “Endowed solely with thought, they will fly and can certainly be reborn in the heavens. If fly into the heart, with blessings and wisdom, as well as pure vows, then their hearts will spontaneously open and they will see the Buddhas of the ten directions and all their pure lands and they will be reborn in whichever one they wish.”

      “When their thought and emotion are of equal proportions, they neither fly nor fall, but are born in the human realm, where the brightness of thought leads to intelligence and the darkness of emotion leads to dullness.”

      “When they have ninety percent emotion and ten percent thought, they fall through the wheel of fire until their bodies enter a region where wind and fire interact. With lighter emotion they are born in the intermittent hell….”

      What this means is that your heart determines your future. The first excerpt describes the Sagely, who are endowed solely with thought (i.e. samadhi and right mindfulness), thus they are not weighed down by emotion (i.e. hatred, greed, delusion, pride….). Therefore, at the end of their lives, they become heavenly beings or are reborn in the Pure Lands of Buddhas. For instance, those who aspire for Bodhi in Pure Land and are single-mindedly mindful of Amitabha are reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss (the Pure Land of Amitabha). Their purity of heart brings such rewards and such blissful ambiance is the direct reflection of their purity.

      On the other hand, the last excerpt describes those who continuously indulge in emotion (i.e. hatred, envy, greed, delusion and pride), such persons will accumulate mountains of unwholesome karmic seeds that is stored in their consciousness. When the time comes, the evil karma will naturally manifests as war, suffering, hellish rebirth and so forth. As Matt states, the outside is just a mirror that reflects the inside of our heart.

      The middle excerpt describes the condition of human rebirth. All of us humans have a combination of thought (i.e. charity, virtue, kind thoughts and spirituality) and emotion (i.e. past sins, envy, anger, hatred, greed, pride…). Thus, that is why human life is a mix of goodness and suffering. We are kind of like people at a crossroad. If we become resolute in virtue, we eliminate our emotion and can ascend to higher planes of existence or attain enlightenment. If we allow our base emotions and past unwholesome karmic habits to tow us along, allowing ourselves to be entrapped by every provocation or temptation, we will squander our merits and fall into the abyss.

      Therefore, this is why we must be diligent in virtue. Our mind is the tool that determines our future. Thus, we should not waste time indulging on negative thoughts, fears or base desires. They are nothing but the burning embers, the remains of past fires (i.e. our past karmic offenses). If we ignore them and soldier forth with patience, kindness and virtue, they will extinguish by themselves and our future will be bright and perfect. However, if we become entrapped by those burning embers, it will be like pouring gasoline back onto them, nothing but a raging inferno can arise.


      Shurangama Sutra:


      Shurangama Sutra with commentary:



  3. And also prayer is very much part of the manifesting ! Yet praying about the loving caring joyful outcomes we want for ourselves our family and humanity and Mother Earth and the animal and nature realm! When prayer pray for the outcome- see a d focus on that I. Your prayers- go beyond the limit the outline see the visions and pray for That and use powerful words- I am …,,,


  4. And Brian and Matt both if you are spot on!! I loved what you both said!! We are the creators no one at all can predict this we can create the bliss and utopia we desire yet we MuSt be that bliss Breathe that bliss and desire it at all times-there are many who are not serving us for our highest divine good And that us where we want to create the faith – namaste


  5. September 23, a catalyst event is supposed to take place, do you see anything of concern about this date? Also, what do you see as far as Jade Helm and Martial Law?


    • It is a charged energy day and what I see are people being extra anxious about this day. The extra anxiousness about this day contributes to the charged energy.

      1000 people praying and meditating overwhelms 1000 selecting violence. If this world had equal numbers on both sides of the coin – praying and meditating vs violence, the world would change in a blink if an eye. At this moment, the numbers of people choosing the second are more, but the numbers choosing the first grow each time another person decides to pray and meditate instead of react aggressively or with anger.

      No to Martial Law. Jade Helm will come and go with some press.


        • So , it will be like an average day? I believe in prayer , but I am also afraid. I haven’t done what is right or pleasing in my life.


        • “Not done what is right or pleasing in my life?” Welcome to the human race. The issue is not what we’ve done, but are we willing to forgive even ourselves. This is the mercy that God asks us to offer – even to ourselves. You know what suffering and pain is. You know what suffering and pain others go through.

          God’s patience is infinite. God’s forgiveness is infinite, and He asks us to let Him forgive and show mercy through our own hearts and minds. Would that I could show you the truth of prayer and how much it can help, I would. Afraid? Who isn’t? Ashamed? Who isn’t? Feeling guilty? Who doesn’t? This is the human condition for every single human being on this planet.

          But, take one step – just one – one – 1 …. towards showing mercy and forgiving. If you can feel it, and you consider it a worthwhile thing to have done, then take another step.

          Remember, you’re already good enough to be loved. Already.


      • Would you please go into more detail on the event that you do see concerning that date? Everyone is posting about it on Facebook and are very worried.


        • If you’re worried about that day, then pray. That’s how we transmute worry. Remember, people worry and fear – not because there is a real danger – but because we worry and fear. Worry never guarantees that something bad is going to happen. Worry only guarantees that we can worry any time we want. Fear never guarantees that something bad is going to happen, either. Fear only guarantees that we can be afraid any time we want, also.

          It is a day of people being worried and being afraid. Those that want to worry will worry because they don’t want to work to NOT worry. Those that want to be afraid will be afraid because they don’t want to work at not being afraid. What is the work to not worry or not be afraid? Prayer. Nothing more, nothing less.

          There will be normal events on that day for a planet of over 7 billion people. Everything under the sun will happen and not happen. Many people will worry and be afraid because that’s what they know how to do. All those people who worry – if they all prayed, there would be nothing to worry about. But, they don’t, because they believe more in worrying than in prayer. They believe more in fear, than in prayer. Sad, indeed.
          What do you believe in more?


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