Guilt and Shame, Shame and Guilt

We can struggle with guilt and shame – shame and guilt, and struggle with these, and struggle with these, but until we understand how and why the chains of guilt and shame work, we will not be rid of them.

Yet, the resolution of these is so simple – so simple that we don’t always take the solution seriously.  After all, something this complex, something this ingrained must be difficult to resolve.  Right?


Guilt and Shame are chains to be sure.  But these are chains that are of our own making.  And the simple truth is, these chains that we have forged to make others wear – guilt and shame, are the very same chains to which we are bound and have bound ourselves.

The chain of guilt is one chain for all, and the chain of shame is one chain for all.  The chain we bind others with and bind ourselves with is the same chain.  For us to bind others, for us to blame others, lay guilt upon others, lay shame upon others, we must hold onto that chain with our own mind and heart – our own two hands hold tight to the chains of both, when we wrap others in the chains of guilt and shame.

When we place guilt and shame on someone else, we are placing it upon ourselves.  With our own attitudes – our own judgements, criticisms and condemning within our own minds and hearts, we are condemning ourselves to be wrapped by the very same chain that we have wrapped someone else in.

As we do unto others, so are we doing to ourselves.  This is the simple truth, so I’ll be redundant and repeat it again another time once more –

As we do unto others, we do to ourselves.

Only when we take steps to release the chain-hold we have placed on others do we also release the very chain that we are holding onto.  Only when we forgive all, do we forgive our self, too, and vice versa.  Only when we no longer place guilt and shame on others, do we no longer place guilt and shame upon ourselves.

As Joseph told his brothers, “Can [we] take God’s place in being judge over others?”  In the most horrendous of deed’s to each other, we may still think that we, in our minds and hearts, must blame and place guilt and shame on others.  If any of us decides to hold to that chain of guilt and shame which we’ve wrapped around others, then as long as we hold to the belief that we must continue to place guilt and shame on someone else – know that we’re the one’s holding onto the same chain and it has bound us as well.  And we can choose to hold onto those chains if that is what we want for ourselves and others.  However, in doing so, are we saying that God can’t do the job correctly?

Letting go of the chain of guilt and the chain of shame has the result of acknowledging that we cannot take God’s place in being judge over someone.  Releasing the chain of guilt and the chain of shame that we have wrapped others in means we’re no longer holding onto the chain at all.  And when we release others from the chains of guilt and shame- no longer placing guilt or shame on someone, we have the result of releasing ourselves, also.

As we do unto one, we’re doing unto everyone.  The experience we create for others will always be the experience we are creating for ourselves as well.

The Summer of 2012

Before the summer is out, we will hear of someone high up in politics who is ending his career for personal reasons.  Not the presidential candidates.  It will be a surprise to the public.

Over the summer and into September, we will see more deaths happen of people that are close to us.  We will also see some circumstances in our lives that we’ve been “holding our breaths on” hoping to keep going longer, that will begin the ending process.  Things that have been moving towards an ending, will end.

At the same time, we will see circumstances – that have delayed beginnings – flip and the free flow of energy of support will open up.  In other words, things that are waiting to  begin, will begin.

While this may seem very general, and therefore covering everyone, nonetheless, I see the energies of this year – the flip/flop year, greatly influencing and facilitating these particular events.

Remember, this year’s energy is like what happens to a person that travels many, many miles, taking great amounts of time to reach a certain place, and when arriving at that place, goes inside and turns the lights on in a room.

The lightswitch isn’t gradually moved and the lights don’t gradually turn on during the drive there or during the time it takes to arrive.  The lights in the room are off and the room is dark during the entire journey.  But the lights also cannot be turned on without traveling that distance in that great amount of time.  It is the flipping of the light switch that turns on the lights in the room, and that changes things from dark to light in an instant.

This is the energy of the year 2012.  It is a long journey, and now we’ve reached the destination and are turning on the light switch.  Many will see instantly, many will see nothing.