Transitioning from the 2nd to the 3rd of 3 Events – 2017/2018 – #1

Thank you for sharing with us, spreading the word of God and helping us to realize the power of prayer. It is almost October now. Please discuss what you see for 2017.  M.A.

The future is flexible. What I learned (again and again) from the process of the last year, and my predictions was that God and mankind can change the future and destiny of the Earth. Although I knew it, I learned it again in even greater ways in my heart that a group of people who have in their hearts to help others, can truly, change things for those others and even more others. I learned (again) that the future depends on us and what we do – today. I learned that we can influence the future in a very big way.

So, what do I see for the future? If we do nothing at all, I see serious problems for billions of people. If we take steps for prayer, meditation and our spiritual awakening, now and continue with these steps, I see that much of these serious problems can be transmuted.

There is a great lesson to learn here first and foremost, and it’s not that Jodie or any psychic can be wrong. It’s that we – mankind – with God’s help can change our future.

In 2001, Edgar Cayce’s predictions for New York, that he predicted in the 1920’s and 1930’s, came true. His predictions didn’t manifest the way he said, but the energy destined to manifest did manifest. Still, the amount of energy related to New York City, which he saw, in his time period, was enough to cause a major earthquake in the fault line underneath New York.

This energy was destined to manifest as he predicted, except for what people did to change it – the massive numbers of prayers, meditations and spiritual awakenings that happened between when Edgar foresaw the events and when the events happened. The efforts of tens of millions of people through the decades healed/balanced/dissolved so much of the energy, that instead of the whole city of New York being devastated, only 1 block was destroyed.

The 9-11 attack was a horrendous event, but had the millions of people around the world not worked to awaken spiritually, and then bring that higher spiritual energy into the Earth, what we would have seen on TV would have been the entire city all but destroyed – not by terrorists, but by a massive earthquake.  The millions of people could not heal/balance/dissolve all the energy and so we all saw the result of what was left to manifest – and this time through humans rather than physically through the Earth.

Likewise, this year, I and many others witnessed a similar occurrence happen. I learned much more about the power of prayer and meditation, even though I thought I already knew much.

The most important thing I believe I learned has been just how much we can change the future with prayers, meditations, and awakening to God’s presence and active involvement in life, and then the ability to change the future when we align with His/Her presence for bringing greater Love, Compassion, Oneness, Cooperation etc, into the world. Then with that Love, Compassion, etc, help the lives of all who suffer, are lost in despair, in pain, feel alone, and don’t know what love is.

I’ve seen this healing process happen already a number of times, and I’m still changing how I think to accept the utter truth of it all. I still struggle with letting go of my small paradigm and way of thinking/believing – those old tapes in my way of thinking – that wonder ‘Is it really true?’ Did we really change things? I want to have a larger consciousness to easily accept all that causes wonder in my mind, but for me to get there, I can only start with where I am – a smaller consciousness that hasn’t always been cleaned up of all the pockets of mental smallness which I’ve carried around for so very long.

Being psychic isn’t being omniscient nor is it being perfect or complete. While it has helped me to see further than I have before, it has also helped me to look inward and deeper than before. Personal growth doesn’t *stop* with developing psychic ability. I’ve found that learning and growth *start* another phase with developing psychic ability.

Hence why patience is so important- We have so much to Learn! Of course one of the things to learn is patience. One of the Edgar Cayce readings stated that each soul in the Earth must develop and practice patience before they leave their cycle of lives. That is going to upset a lot of impatient people. And another Edgar Cayce reading states, “Only with patience, can we know our own soul.” For me that happens as we develop psychic ability, patiently.  And with patience, all of us can open our minds more and more to what God can accomplish through us when we cooperate through prayer and meditation, and in spite of us when we have small understandings of what is possible with God.


“Let God decide what is possible.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995 – 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)


I’ll be giving a presentation at an Association for Research and Enlightenment retreat/conference on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015.  I will be recording it as I always do, to make available on this website on the “Download” page.  The title will be “Prayer, Meditation and the Future”

Food and Eating

Here are 10 psychically viewed tips on eating and food.

1. Don’t eat onions and lettuce in the same meal. The stomach enzymes for digesting each counteract each other. It can cause slight indigestion. Although most people do such a small amount that they never notice the indigestion or that the onions haven’t digested fully… until gas forms.
2. Soda is no one’s friend. Science tells us it’s the corn syrup, but what I see is that the Carbon Dioxide weakens kidneys and kidney function. It takes time for the kidneys to recover from the slight damage. Drinking it every day over long periods of time can also lead to difficulties with kidneys over time. In general, the body needs to expel Carbon Dioxide, not take in more. The cells and tissues need oxygen and less Carbon Dioxide.
3. Garlic really is a fantastic food – antibiotic, plus offers many healing factors. Chopped up, and raw. I suggest 1 clove a day, in general, chopped, raw and added to a meal will help a lot of people to feel a lot better over time. You’ll hear this from so many sources. You’d be surprised how many people have infections in their body without even knowing it or getting treated. Garlic is effective with these ‘under the radar’ infections.
4. Intestinal gas also comes from undigested food. Investigate what foods you’ve eaten that are the culprit. Your body is not digesting those foods.
5. Some cravings come from a lack of enough vitamins in the food. Craving more food after a meal can point to not getting any vitamins and minerals to satisfy the body’s needs, so the body still craves.
6. Foods grown locally have the energy vibration of the area, and therefore match up with the vibration of the physical body. This means that locally produced food works better with our bodies. Food that has traveled great distances has a vibration which is more in discord with our bodies. We can eat it, but the energy is off.
7. Science may mention this also. If you feel druggy or drowsy and sluggish 30-60 minutes after a meal, it could be a food allergy. The food can cause inflamation, because the body is trying to protect itself. This inflamation can include inflamation around the brain, which puts slight pressure on the brain causing drowsiness and sluggishness.
8. Psychically, I’m seeing that the precursers to what we now call “GMO’s” began being in the food system in the US since the 1960’s – in small trace amounts. As the technology developed, even more “GMO’s” entered into the food system. The 1970’s and 1980’s saw the amount of GMO’s and that kind of “food” have a steady increase into the food system in the US. Most people think it’s only a few products today, but if labels were put on containers, people would find GMO’s in 80% of all of the packaged food on the shelves in some form or fashion – hence why there’s such a great effort against labeling by those that do it. Today’s versions of “GMO’s” are not like the last few decades versions, but it’s only because they are just different parts and factors modified. The phrase “Better eating through chemistry.” has been successful for chemical companies in the last 4 1/2 decades.
9. About 70% of all women in the US, do need to monitor their iron-rich food intake and increase it as they get older. About 40% of men do, too. 30% of women already have an iron-rich food intake, and about 60% of men do, too. These women watch what they eat, and these men tend to eat lots of red meat.
10. Drinking grape juice can help to curb cravings for pastries. Science also tells us it’s also an antioxidant.

Yepp. This is all visible to the psychic and some of it will come forth through scientific means one day, also.

I will always, always, always encourage people to have home gardens in any way they can.  I see the food being way healthier.


“The way to be closer to another person is to invest yourself in the other person – not invest yourself in what they do, but invest yourself in them.  There is a difference.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

Additional Weather Information

Thank you Jodie for your post, I feel that we will also feel these effects here in Australia, with the El Niño tapping on our door. We have had a cold dry winter and I suspect a long , hot and dry summer to come . C

Yes, there is bad news and good news for Australia.  I see two more years of difficult drought, with the worst year being in two years.  The good news is that in two years, the drought will start diminishing more and more each year after that.  Starting in 2 years, you will see more rain each year compared to the previous year.

What about the mid-atlantic states? what will happen in Virginia, Maryland, etc?  E.G.D.

You can expect to see lower average temperatures in the Atlantic States – lower by 7-12 degrees compared to last year.  This is “in general”.


“Being patient with another person is an act of kindness.  Being impatient with others is the opposite of kindness.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

Moving on

From the spiritual perspective of life, our prayers changed an event on this planet. How many will know this? I, being one, do, but only because I looked for why the planet didn’t experience what I had been seeing. In hindsight. In the Akashic Records, one can see where the prayers began right at the turn of the new year – 2014 to 2015. People prayed and changed life for many, many people. I see this. It is my desire that everyone who wants to see it written in the Akasha, and is willing to do what is needed to see it, can see it in the records.  This experience can serve to demonstrate that prayer can change things.  This experience does also serve me to remind me that I’m still learning about this path I’ve chosen to be on.


Meanwhile, the weather prognosticators are saying that El Niño is going affect the weather for this winter.  I see the same thing.  This winter, the 2016 winter, is going to be harder than last year’s winter for North America.

The Southern US states are going to be harder hit, as many meteorologists are saying.  But, I’m also seeing the central US states being hit hard.

The northern most US states are going to see extremes – they are predicted to have higher average temperatures than normal and while that may yet happen, I’m seeing the road to getting there being a challenge.  For the northern US states, I see some days being much warmer than normal, but during those days when the cold comes in, I see it coming in much lower than normal.  The overall average may be higher, but the highs are going to be higher and lows are going to be lower – extremes.

Meanwhile the New England states are just going to have bad winters from now until around 2063 or so.

Yet, even with all this, in general across the US, it will not be as bad as 2011 or 2014 was.  That’s coming in 2017 – where it reaches almost to the level of cold that those two mentioned years were.

So, prepare (I say that regularly) if you’re in one of the areas that is expecting warmer weather.  Even with the “sometime” warmth, you’ll also see “sometime” cold.

Canada: In the South western areas of Canada, you’re going to be having some of the warmer temperatures, also – not warmer like summer, but warmer than the usual winter temperatures.  Just don’t forget that when cold does come in, it’s going to be very cold.  The extremes are lining up for your areas, also.

This winter is going to see a lot of fluctuation – and a lot of “back and forth” quite often as if Winter can’t make up its mind.



Self-sufficiency and Cooperation

(This article responds to comments from the previous article.)

Self-sufficiency is a worthwhile tool, but not exactly what we  think it is. In some things, it is helpful and can move us forward, but in others, it can be harmful and move us backward. While it is an ideal that can provide some benefits, the axiom is true – no man (person) is an island. In the same way, no family can be an island. We live in a world where we strive to join together and cooperate with each other. Almost everything we have in our lives is a result of both family member and non-family member cooperation to build our society, our community, our nation, or our world. To say that the opposite is good – self-sufficiency – the more the better – and reliance on others is a bad thing that we need to get away from is to not acknowledge that all things in life have come from cooperation between one person and another. Cooperation is the working with and relying on others to contribute what they can to a task.

If we thought we were islands unto ourselves, even on farms, first we would have to acknowledge that our tractors, vehicles and tools were made by other people who joined together to make them, our fuel was refined by other people cooperating, our seeds and animals may have come from cooperating individuals, our education is provided by other cooperating people, our understanding of math, science, the world, how things work, how things can be fixed have been provided by cooperation with other people, our medical needs are provided by other people who joined together, law enforcement, the task of fire response, and our religious and spiritual understanding came from people who have been cooperating to develop them. Books, machines, our dwellings, our learning, our …. everything comes from cooperation amongst family or non-family people. Show me anything that has progressed humankind further and I’ll show you where cooperation among people coming together to form groups to accomplish tasks was a part of that. So, self-sufficiency is only one “tool” and not a “savior” of sorts.

Even to send a message that the people in government are not trustworthy – which is why many say self-sufficiency is necessary – is to deny the fact that many, many people go into public service with the belief in their hearts that they can help or they can try to make a difference. In general, these are not shallow people, but people like you and I who see a need, see a potential avenue to help, and then want to try to help. How many times have any of us thought, “I know I could do a better job than that if I was in that job”?  Well, they are the ones who try to do that ‘better job’.  This belief in our hearts doesn’t just disappear the 1st day in office. In general, they try hard to hold onto that belief and ideal as they maneuver through the mine fields of all the people pulling on them. Psychically, I can see cooperation among many people who are elected, in order to try to do some good. I can see decent people, like us, that try to do what they believe can help. Not everyone succeeds, but enough people, hold onto their hope to help – with their efforts sometimes hidden to public scrutiny – in order to say that it is not true that “government is not to be trusted”, because “government” is just people – trying. Psychically, I don’t see a lot of prayers being said for them to maneuver through their mine fields full of challenges and temptations. If any group of people needs our supportive prayers, these people could certainly benefit from our prayers to help support their resolve to serve and to strengthen the courage of their convictions. But, how many people pray for those they look down upon and disdain – elected officials?  There are very few prayers coming from the people who criticize and condemn them.

I won’t discuss whether there are good or bad people involved in government service, because there are good and bad people involved in every aspect of life. There is even good and bad – both – in every single individual on this planet. In addition, the beneficial things in life that have helped further societies’ helpful development and evolution have come with ever greater cooperation among people as part of the tools bringing forth that development and evolution.

No “blanket” view or “stereotypical” view or “black and white” view or “condemning” view is going to offer the truth of the situation or with people. These views are going to be very easy and popular to take on, though. Yet, seeing both sides, or a deeper and balanced view takes willingness to do just that, and then effort and change. We tend to not want to see the truth of other people – the humanness within all people – because we sometimes want to vent our frustration and find easy targets of blame – like political figures. But, the truth is nowhere around when we base our beliefs on seeing people of one group or one position or one anything as being who is to blame, and therefore not worthy of prayers that help them. Nor is the truth around when we decide that only one way of living is worthwhile.

Life is cooperation, as much as anything else. The whole world is at our level of development and evolution because of cooperation throughout the ages, and the whole human race knows that better things can happen and more people can be helped when cooperation happens. If you’re wondering if you’ve ever been helped, because you couldn’t do something by yourself, I would ask anyone who reads this, were you helped to be born? Were you helped by others to grow up as a baby, adolescent, child, teenager and as an adult? Were you only helped by your family? or child care personnel? or teachers? or friends? Police? shopkeepers? barbers? elected officials? service people? Ministers? Priests? Doctors? Firemen?  Bus drivers?  Engineers?  Mechanics?  Architects?  Can you count how many people have helped you in some way, large or small, directly and indirectly, throughout your entire life? With all that help, can we really say ‘Self-sufficiency” is what we think it is?  or isolate any effort or group to condemn?

Right now, there are 7 billion people cooperating on this planet in the task of being alive together trying to live a life while still trying to support the freewill of every soul. Even with the pain and suffering being inflicted by some – very few, now, want to ever again cooperate to bring the taking away of freewill based on who a person is or was born being. We’re working to find ways to cooperate with accepting living on this planet while building lives we believe are better. 7 billion souls believe it’s worth the effort to try to be on the planet right now.  Some of that effort finds that relying only on ourselves – self-sufficiency – does indeed help in some areas of our lives – but that self-sufficiency alone – could never be the only answer.  The paradox is we can only have self-sufficiency within the paradigm of cooperation and joining with others.

We have been designed by God to need one another and for a purpose.  All of this is designed to be part of the path back to the awareness and cooperation within our relationship with God.

For those of us who seek to contribute something to the human race, or “to help make this world of people a better place when we leave it than when we came in,” we also try to find ways to cooperate with our spiritual essence in order to find ways to add something worthwhile to this world.

Ultimately, when we learn how important it is to cooperate in all our relationships, because we are not islands at any level, we may then learn how important it is to cooperate with God inside the relationship we have with God, Him/Herself directly. In learning how to do this, we can find that cooperating with humankind is, in fact, cooperating with God. Cooperating with God is, in fact, cooperating with humankind – whether it’s done with one person, a hundred, or 7 billion.


“Go deeper.  Look deeper.  Examine deeper.  The deeper we pursue, the more truth we discover.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Do you think the agenda 21, well,now agenda 2030, is a bad thing? people are going around saying that its an evil plan to take away our rights and will eventually lead to killing off over 90% of the population. thoughts please.  T.

That which you’re referring to is at
The people who are saying what you’re repeating have as their basic premise and belief that ‘people are bad’, and that ‘we should believe the worst about people.’ This is the message these people are giving out. If you believe the same way they do, then believe what they say.
But, for me and mine, we will believe in and follow the Living God. God created us from the substance which God, Him/Herself, is made of. We are parts of God. What they say about people, they must believe about God, also.
You can decide what you believe. I believe the opposite of what they believe. Remember, there were people who spoke the worst about Christ, also – a person who loved and demonstrated love to such a degree that people’s lives have been changed just by touching the hem of his clothing. Still, they said horrible things about Him, because their message was “People are bad.” and “believe the worst about people.”
Now, it’s up to you to decide what you want to believe, but I would suggest that you look around at the people in your life.  Do they reflect the worst things in life or do they have hope for the future, and strive to do their best as much as possible to add to a better future?  And you, what do you reflect?  There is your answer.