2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Do you think the agenda 21, well,now agenda 2030, is a bad thing? people are going around saying that its an evil plan to take away our rights and will eventually lead to killing off over 90% of the population. thoughts please.  T.

That which you’re referring to is at https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld
The people who are saying what you’re repeating have as their basic premise and belief that ‘people are bad’, and that ‘we should believe the worst about people.’ This is the message these people are giving out. If you believe the same way they do, then believe what they say.
But, for me and mine, we will believe in and follow the Living God. God created us from the substance which God, Him/Herself, is made of. We are parts of God. What they say about people, they must believe about God, also.
You can decide what you believe. I believe the opposite of what they believe. Remember, there were people who spoke the worst about Christ, also – a person who loved and demonstrated love to such a degree that people’s lives have been changed just by touching the hem of his clothing. Still, they said horrible things about Him, because their message was “People are bad.” and “believe the worst about people.”
Now, it’s up to you to decide what you want to believe, but I would suggest that you look around at the people in your life.  Do they reflect the worst things in life or do they have hope for the future, and strive to do their best as much as possible to add to a better future?  And you, what do you reflect?  There is your answer.

9 thoughts on “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  1. I own a farm and live in a farming/ranching community and YES I believe, as do all the folks around me, that this is another ugly land grab which will involve us losing our rights as US citizens, all under the progressive’s BS agenda of sustainability…while they are slopping down monsanto’s GMO seeds/foods and saying it’s all for the benefit of the world. If people were not breeding uncontrollably, we wouldn’t have the crisis we do have. Stealing our land away from the very people who grow your food for you is not going to solve anything except cram more people into ‘sustainable’ concentration camps. WAKE UP AMERICA! Grow a garden, use less water, recycle and keep your wits about you. Sustainability sucks energy from you by playing on your guilt…if you live like I do, drive one day a week, grow food, keep animals, use their waste to rebuild the soil, you will be at peace, you will determine your own destiny, and you won’t be a puppet for this government’s ultimate goal: total ownership of the land and you. He who controls the food controls the world, never forget it. If you can’t grow a garden support those of us who work so hard to provide it for you.


  2. I agree with Lisa , that sustainability is each an every person’s responsibility and it begins in our own home. Documents like this are big picture goal setting . There is always an equilibrium that is achieved per previous like documents. Some goals are partially met and some aren’t. I would not be scared by such documents, and wouldn’t the goal of no one living in poverty be just awesome ? What I am concerned about are the power that multinational companies have globally and how they seem to ignore governments, legislatons and concepts of individual sovereignty to suit there own agendas. I feel the power is in the individual, with asking help from spirit, bringing in good energy into the world, doing our own bit for sustainability and not purchasing products from these companies is the way to go. Hit them in their hip pocket. Oh and I also believe that many hands make light work. I think I believe that greed is the real “evil”.


  3. Caz, you are so right. When you see that monsanto corn can actually be labeled ‘pest control’…they’ve screwed around with the genome of certain seeds/crops to ‘resist’ insects…ever thought about what that food is doing to YOU? And all the people in Africa they say they’re ‘helping’? Too many people, so much me me me thinking, wasting our most precious water. We can regain our balance as a species, as a nation, as Spiritual beings, we start with us. As the Navajo Blessing Way says :Walk in Balance With All Creation. Keep trying ~ we CAN get there!


  4. All of our indigenous folk were so wise and such role models as traditional owners , stewards and custodians of the land. We have so much to learn about living in balance with the land and Mother Nature.


    • Caz, we have incredible resources walking with us in these times. Go read my web site: http://www.coloradomoongarden.net. when you have time. My dearest friend John Harris is the last of the organic moon gardeners in England, apprenticed from the Druid teachings, not anything like our Old Farmer’s Almanac moon gardening. When we turn off our electronics, listen to the birds and the wind, see the clouds so we know what the weather will be, and really look at the soil, we start really hearing our Mama Gaia. In a humble little garden you can begin, even a container of tomatoes…we begin by touching the Earth. The soil will save us (also the name of a book) is so true, and so many of us are completely deaf to her. My web site is a comparison to John’s estate walled kitchen garden at a foot above sea level, and my farm at 6500 feet elevation, high arid desert. There is a treasure trove of companion planting, and all activities in the garden according to the moon’s cycles. Agenda 21 wants to make people feel so guilty that they have ANYTHING, IT’s a very dangerous totalitarian plan that, when you really think about it, will surrender our land ownership/stewardship, rights and freedom “for the good of the whole”….straight out of Marx’s manifesto…all should work for the state. We need out from under the government’s control, not more of it. Stand up and throw the ‘white guilt’ or ‘American Guilt’ on the ground and live your life in balance with the Earth…my web site can teach you quite a lot about how to do that.


  5. I just found this blog and what a powerful message.This the food and thoughts that all Americans from all back grounds need for there souls. We get caught up in all the BS in the media blind to what affects us most. I am glad there is so many people that have awakened.
    Please keep in touch.

    God Bless

    Joe NYC


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