The Virginia Killing

This is an article about the Virginia killing of two people by another person.

When this happens, and it has happened a lot – too much, it is about people and people’s lives – like yours and mine. It is about those that are killed, and it is about the person who does the killing.

Many of us are on a spiritual path. As strange as it seems, we’re on this spiritual path for ourselves, but we can only move along on our journey by giving of our spiritual path to everyone and this is done by helping others. It is by opening our hearts and minds to give out our spirit to others which moves us along our path. It is by praying for others, meditating with and for others, being kind and forgiving to others, supporting others – and more, that we are opened to greater understanding, a greater Oneness and greater awareness.

The helping of others is why we are in this Earth. As spirits, we are here to walk our path and in so doing, be a light for others to see clearly. This Light comes forth from within us when we open ourselves to that which other people need, (not necessarily what people want, though.)

With the killing of two people in Virginia by another person, and so many other times similar things have happened, our path can call us to pray for these two people. But, our greater spiritual destiny calls for us to pray for the person who killed them, as well. This is the more important reason why we’re here in this planet – to help those who are in so much darkness and turmoil, despair and madness that they believe murder and suicide is their answer. It is these people that are in a monumentally great need for prayers.  It is these who are wrapped in the greatest sickness of the soul.

Yes, we don’t forget the trauma of souls that are killed by another. They are in need of our prayers and they will have many praying for them – family, friends, the people who watch the video, the people who knew them. But, the person that did the killing, it is this soul that God also seeks to bring into the light – even after he and others have done all these things that they’ve done.  To God, there is no difference between one child and another – one healthy child and one sick child.

It is these souls that God asks us to pray for also, because these are the souls who are the sickest in their souls and most in the darkness of their spirit. They are the ones who suffer without knowing it from being in a state of madness which they, by themselves, would never be able to come out of.

It is also these souls in the darkness that we do the work that we do in this Earth. It is to these souls also who Christ has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you, even unto the end of the world.” If it takes that long, Christ will never leave us, or them – the souls who are in the blackest darkness, who are in the most twisted madness – the souls who are in the most unrelenting black hole. It is these souls who we are referring to when we say, “God, please send your Healing Light and Love to those who have no one to pray for them. Send your Healing Light to those who are in the deepest darkness, lost to everyone and everything except you. Let your Light and Life help them in the way that only You may know. God, be with them, help them, according to all things within Your will. Please, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

And Father, remember all of us, when we act in any way to harm another person or another life. Amen.”


“If one life experiences something, God experiences this something.  If God experiences something, all of infinite existence experiences this something.  There is no separation between one life and all life and God.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2015, Jodie Senkyrik)

“If we could fully realize the truth that every experience we create for ourselves and others is experienced not just by those who directly experience it, but by all life in this universe and by all life in all the infinite universes, as well, would it affect what we decided to create for all life to experience?”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

8 thoughts on “The Virginia Killing

  1. Your post reminds me of what the Buddha said in the Eight Discernments of Eminent Men Sutra:

    “The Sixth Discernment is this: Poverty and deprivation leads to countless grievances and unrest. When Bodhisattvas practice almsgiving, they consider foes to be equal to their dearest kinsmen. They neither harbor grudges nor ostracize criminals.”

    Thus, thank you for this post. It is very easy to only sympathize with the victim and hate the evildoer, however, we should sympathize with both. More importantly, as you point out, the evildoer often has no idea of the severe karmic retributions that follow their actions (i.e. rebirths in the lower realms). Thus, as the Buddha as said that human rebirth is rare, it is important to try and help them repent and turn to good while they still have the chance to turn the ship around.

    Namo Amitabha

    Recommended Reading: Liao Fan’s Four Lessons


  2. Please share your thoughts on what to expect in September. There are so many dooms day claims for this month; from various natural disasters to year of jubilee, the surface of the antichrist, Obama and the pope’s visit, the UN take over, jade helm, military and marshal law……the list goes on and on. It’s really hard to focus on normal life. What do you see happening and what should we all be doing right now? Thanks


    • There are no days of doom for the world during this month of September. It will be a news month like all the rest. Everyone who wants to get their sound bites in on TV will do so. On October 1st, those anxious of September will look back and say, “Gee, I could’a had a normal life!”
      For those who are concerned, now is a good time to put that concern to use and pray that God keep everyone safe, and for God to help all in whichever way we all may need help.
      Of our own free will, we choose to live fearfully or live facing and resolving our fears. Give, today, the effort today deserves.


  3. Jodie do you think the agenda 21 well now agenda 2030 is a bad thing people are going around saying that its an evil plan to take away our rights and will eventually lead to killing off over 90% of the population thoughts please


    • That which you’re referring to is at
      The people who are saying what you’re repeating are also giving out the message that ‘people are bad’, and that ‘we should believe the worst about people.’ This is the message these people are giving out. If you believe the same way they do, then believe what they say.
      But, for me and mine, we will believe in and follow the Living God. God created us from the substance which God, Him/Herself, is made of. We are parts of God. What they say about people, they must believe about God, also.
      You can decide what you believe. I believe the opposite of what they believe. Remember, there were people who spoke the worst about Christ, also – a person who loved and demonstrated love to such a degree that people’s lives have been changed just by touching the hem of his clothing. Still, they said horrible things about Him, because their message was “People are bad.” and “believe the worst about people.”
      Now, you can decide what you want to believe.


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