Winter 2014: 13 – The Power within People

I’m going to take a hit on this one, but I’m putting it up anyway.

As time progresses, and as many, many people are becoming aware of the challenging winter weather as well as the challenging issues for the planet Earth, there are many that are praying and meditating for this Earth.   I’m seeing this very high light energy having an effect on the Earth.

This energy is like a Light bath that works to help somewhat with efforts to turn around the destructive direction  of many of our living patterns.  Slow and steady wins the race, but the race is long and will not end soon.  The Light bath affects lower vibration energies that contains lower energy acts – acts that are manifested with hatred, selfishness, self-centeredness, fear, etc. and all these bring into the world.  The Light bath affects the energies on the planet because the Light bath is also energy of a much higher vibration.  As such, it affects the lower vibrations like a high tone tuning fork affects a low tone tuning fork.

This Light bath dissolves or balances energy seeking avenues to manifest.  It succeeds in diminishing the manifestation of lower vibration caused physical events.   (Again, by lower vibration events, I’m meaning events manifested with hatred as their motivation, fear or selfishness as their motivation, or as their motivation self-centeredness, bitterness, etc.)

This is happening with some – not much – but some of the weather of the Winter of 2014.  I don’t yet see the temperatures being affected, but rather the duration of the temperatures.  I’m seeing a small reduction in the number of days and nights that these difficult winter events will last.

When I began posting (in 2012) what I was seeing about the Winter of 2014, (all of them have titles referring to winter of 2014) I was seeing events much worse than what I see now.  I was seeing temperatures and durations much worse than what I see today.

The future is changeable.  If we believe that we can change the future and we then go ahead, changing the present, and in fact bringing about a changed future, who is it that is witness to the before and after pictures of the future?  Who is witness to what the future would have been like without effort vs. what the future would be like with effort?

It all depends on one thing – belief.  If we believe we can change our lives, and we take steps to do that, we are our own witness to the changed direction.

Can anyone say that the future would have been that way anyway, even without effort and steps?  Sure, people can and do say anything and everything all the time.  But, only those that believe they can change their life, then put forth effort to change their life, and then take steps to manifest change in their life can be a witness to their own different paths.

As humans, we believe that we can accomplish many, many things.  This belief leads us to put forth the effort and take the steps to accomplish these many, many things.  And step one is always ‘believe’.

It is here for all of us to “Entertain the idea that we can change our future.”  Then see what you can do with that.

The Infinite Archive

There is an actual internet archive that exists and is being compiled that archives every webpage and every past version of webpages in existence.  The purpose is to create a database of everything ever created on the planet.  Awesome, isn’t it.  Huge, too.  Right?

There is another archive in existence that holds even more information.  The Akashic records hold every thought, every emotion, every belief, every action, every everything of an entire lifetime.  And then it also holds each soul’s lifetime after lifetime, after lifetimes.  And then it holds everything in between lives, and it holds a soul’s existence before it ever entered into the earth plane, and it holds all the previous existences in other planes and other planets, … and all those thoughts, and feelings, and beliefs, and learning and actions.  And it holds all the potentials, all the choices, and all the other dimensions.  Even more awesome, and even more huge.  Right?

Then, there is the archive in existence, that holds infinity.  It is the Consciousness of God… of which the Akashic records exists in, and if you’re wondering, which the Internet Archive exists in, also.

Infinity is the Consciousness of God.  The Consciousness of God is Infinity.  This Consciousness of God is aware of Everything within it, including everything in the Akashic Records and everything in the Internet Archive.  And everything in every superconscious and everything in every subconscious.

Infinite Consciousness is aware of Itself as Infinite Consciousness.  Therefore, all life and everything pertaining to it exists within this Infinite Consciousness, and therefore, Infinite Consciousness is aware of all life and everything pertaining to all life.

Within Infinite Consciousness lies Infinite Creativity and therefore Infinite Possibilities.  This is why Jesus said, “With God, all things are possible.”  Jesus just used 6 words to say it all.  (I used more.)

And remember in the Infinite Consciousness of God exists Infinite Understanding, Infinite Forgiveness, Infinite Patience, Infinite Mercy, Infinite Peace and, yes, Infinite Unending Love.

You knew that, right? :-)

Weather 2014: 12-Alabama, Georgia, Southern California

Hi, first I shall say thanks for what you do. I feel and am somewhat prepared for (lack of a better term) the unknown so my question to you is what you see for the area between Birmingham and Atlanta whether it is weather related or not. Thanks, M.

It’s going to be cold. For both Alabama and Georgia, expect below average temperatures. I don’t see a lot of snow for either state, but I do see January reaching down into the ‘teens for Alabama, but around 10 degrees warmer in Georgia than Alabama. I see the first half of February being difficult for Alabama because the temperatures – I see them reaching down into single digits if not at least close. When was the last time a place in Alabama had 10 degree weather? Georgia on the whole will be warmer than Alabama because of their proximity to the Atlantic waters. Georgia, too, though will have difficult times for the reason I’ve stated – because the south is not designed for cold – it’s designed for heat. Both states need to prepare for the disaster of roads impassable, loss of electricity in some places, mostly rural, but a little in the cities, and broken water pipes.

What do you see for Southern California This winter? Hoping for rain. R.

Southern California: expect colder weather in January, but in February, So. Cal. will not get hit with the same freezing temperatures that the rest of the country will get. The Pacific Ocean has a big effect on Southern California’s weather. This will help keep the region warmer than the rest of the nation. I think the lowest it will get will be in the 40′s.

I’m not seeing much rain for the L.A. area and most of S. Cal., during January or February. Cloudy, yes, sprinkling, yes at some times, but rain, downpours? I don’t see much, yet. I’ll keep watching.

“Every time we stumble and fall, God accepts, understands, has no judgement and is ready to help us back up.  That’s the nature and truth of love.  Every time we stand back up again, God rejoices.  That’s the nature and truth of Love.”  (From The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2010)

Winter 2014: #11 – Repairs During and After

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I am now.  During the winter of 2014, there will be damage done to structures, including roads, electricity, water lines, both inside and outside and possibly even some heating systems.   If you have any feeling or hunch that you may have to make repairs, get the materials and supplies early.

The reason: after the arctic weather goes through, and damage happens, there will be a huge run on plumbing and heating repair materials and supplies at the hardware stores.  The shelves will be emptied.  I’ve seen this happen personally and was absolutely amazed.  Hardware stores will NOT be able to replenish their shelves fast enough.   There will be a variety of problems and the hardware stores won’t be able to supply everything to everyone who has damage in whatever form.

I’m putting this here to give you a “head’s up”.   Have the most “vulnerable” materials before you need them.  If you end up not using them, you’ll know loved ones – friends, family and neighbors who were not so lucky and your foresight may be able to help them.

I’m also now advising people to avoid airline travel in the US, if at all possible – at least from around January 20 to February 17, 2014.  I’m seeing this being a time of high cancellations of flights because of weather.

“Faith unused does nothing.” (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2011)

“What we don’t believe in – only limits ourselves.  It doesn’t limit others, the truth or God.” (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003)

Predictions for 2014: Winter #10

We’re already experiencing some of what the Winter of 2014 has in store.  There are colder than normal temperatures in many areas of the nation.  The purpose of this can help to give warning to what is yet to come.  Like a Tsunami that shows signs of an impending tidal wave, the cold weather we’re having can help to give us a “heads up” and be ready.

I see severe weather still hitting Central United States so hard that many will wonder if Nebraska still exists.   And again, preparation will be like those people who build houses along the coastlines – up on stilts.  Preparations save people from destruction and damage.  Sometimes, d&d cannot be avoided, but still if I’m going to have a house where it floods, I want my house up on stilts.  If I’m going to live where very severe winter weather hits, I want to have an environment/home/whatever is needed that will help me face the severity and come out the other end.

“God is here, all around us, within us, in this day, today, looking in and looking out at the world through our eyes.” (from The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2010)

Weather 2014: 9 – California question

Another question from readers:

Can you please update your comments on California? You wrote a nice long entry in 2009. Can you revisit this topic? Also can you comment on the weather for the Central Valley including rain for 2014 in particular?

For 2014, the winter of 2014 will hit the southeastern quadrant of the state the hardest.  While there will be colder than normal temperatures for California, there seems to be some weather related severe problems in the eastern half of the lower half of California.  This is from snow in the mountains.  I see more snow than normal in the mountains of this region.   This will be finished by the 4th week of February – with things starting to be back to normal by about that time.  Roads closed, very little travel through the mountain areas – especially severe during the 1st weeks of February.

The rain in the Central Valley for 2014 in particular. . . I see less rain than normal.  The farms in the Central Valley will have intermittent sparse rain.  This will mostly be during the spring months.  Some rain mostly during the 2nd half of April and the 1st half of May but outside this time, it will be sparse.  What may help is that I don’t see scorching heat, either.  I see cooler temperatures – not cold, but cooler than normal during the “sparse rain” times.

With earthquakes, I don’t see anything higher than a 5.5 and that being in southern California.  I’m only seeing 4’s and less in Northern California.

There will be a big storm in the 1st 3 months of 2014 in Sacramento.  Not weather, but political.  Things will be “settled” for the most  part at the end of March.  There will be lots of “hot, dry wind”, torrential speeches and turbulent emotions.  The storm will spill over into Los Angeles and San Francisco with mostly the same arguments in both places.  The slow news days won’t come until mid-April.

For the actual weather in northern California, I see colder than normal temperatures during the winter of 2014, but nothing dangerously low that would cause problems for longer than 1 day.  Right now, in looking at the nation, I’m looking for the severest effects on the populace that are creating the most severe hardships.  That severity won’t really be happening in California except for what I mentioned above, which again is still milder than what is going to hit the rest of the nation.

I’m ready for questions.

“The paradigm we hold in our own thoughts and beliefs is always going to be smaller than reality.” (from the Rainbow Cards, ©, 2012)

Winter of 2014: Preparation

So, a friend asks me what should we do about our living situations in relation to to the weather turning bad.

First and foremost: preparation is always a good idea for any kind of potential hard times ahead.  Those that plan ahead, are like soldiers who train – they’re in a better position to face the challenges that can come forth.  God does not give us challenges without first giving us what is needed to face the challenges.  We are  here to grow our spiritual muscles, gain in understanding, learn to cooperate and build, strive to enrich our hearts and souls, and develop our relationships to God, to ourselves and to each other.

Let us strive to have faith in God, have faith in ourselves, and have faith in others.

Address several things:

The Internet is a wealth of information for preparation for problems.  I won’t even try to duplicate it here.