Couple-hood and Nation-hood

In the creation of a couple, it takes two people to make the decision.  Not separately, but together they both decide to create a couple (i.e. be a couple.)

While we have many examples of an effort made by one person towards couplehood, by it’s very nature, these won’t work because two people were not participating in the singular decision to become a couple.

Everything about couplehood requires both parties to cooperate in the decision.  When there is no agreement or cooperation in the creation or continuance of couplehood, there is no couple – just two people deciding to be single together.

As obvious as this is, it is forgotten very often.  And surprisingly, this is the very first of all decisions that are made in the creation of a couple – that both decide to become a couple.  After this, to continue to build couplehood, cooperation and togetherness in making choices and decisions is required.  I repeat – required, not optional.

When cooperation and togetherness in deciding doesn’t happen, single-hood develops more.  And it then behooves the individual to decide, do they really want to be a part of a couple or do they want to be single.  The act of bringing in the other person for their two cents, or not – demonstrates their answer.  There are “couples” in the world who are just two single people being single together, because they don’t bring in the other person with whom they mean to be a couple when making decisions.

This same principle is at work in making an organization, a community, and a nation.  Cooperation is required for every type of union.  Without the willingness to cooperate in decision making, the couple will end, as well as the union will end.  No willingness, no cooperation – no nation.

On a national level, we saw this in the 1860’s.  With every nation in existence, if there is no cooperation at the national level, the end will follow.   There is nothing special about the United States with this as the issue.  It is 237 years old in 2013.  With the level of “cooperation” diminishing that we see today, it isn’t a question of if, but when.  A house divided cannot stand.   How long then will the United States exist?

Psychically, I see the United States celebrating its 300th and 400th anniversaries.   If things continue as they are now, if cooperation does not happen, if compromise doesn’t happen, if some middle ground doesn’t happen, if everything stays the same as it is now, if everyone expects the other side to be the one to change, psychically, I see the possibility that the U.S. will not celebrate a 500th anniversary because it will no longer be “These United States.”  If we choose to be unwilling to cooperate in couple-hood or nation-hood, then couple-hood and nation-hood will  end.


“We succeed through cooperation.  We fail through not.  Success comes to those who cooperate; failure to those who don’t.” The Rainbow Cards, (©, 2006)

“Life is too flexible to be lived rigidly.” The Rainbow Cards, (©, 2012)

“God is not going to hate the people we hate, & be bitter towards the people we’re bitter towards.  If we choose hatred and bitterness, we do so without God.” The Rainbow Cards, (©, 2012)

Love and Psychic Ability

So many believe that psychic ability is fake.  Many want to believe that psychic ability is fake, and for many hundreds of reasons.

Countless times people have said, “Prove it.”  and they’ve said this when they know deep down inside themselves that there is no physical proof that exists that would convince them that a non-physical event is real.

Psychic ability isn’t an exercise in logically deciding if it is a real experience based on this world’s evidence.  Logic never decides if something is a real experience.  Logic doesn’t determine whether any experience is real or not, understood or not, felt or not, or whether it happened or not.

Love is the same way.  Psychic ability happens within the mental realm but doesn’t get it’s birth in the mental realm (mind.)  Love is like that.  When we feel love, we use our mind to recognize the feeling experience.  But, the mind does not give birth to love.  As the Edgar Cayce readings say, “Mind is the builder” using that which it is given.

But, this is okay.  This is as it should be.  Psychic ability isn’t just of the soul and isn’t just of the mind.  It’s also of the heart.  So providing mental or physical proof is a useless experience to any of us who want to believe psychic ability isn’t real.  Only until we experience it ourselves, do we begin to understand.

And only if we’re open minded, would we have a chance to experience it ourselves.

And only if we choose to become more open-hearted, would we develop more of an open mind.

And only if we want to experience and know love, might we choose to become more openhearted.    (After all, we won’t love or experience love by closing our hearts.)

Love has that way of opening us to many, many, many, many, many things, doesn’t it?  The heart is very much part of the psychic experience.  Loving takes us beyond our self connecting us to others, which is exactly what psychic ability is.  It takes us beyond our self connecting us to others in ways that are left to experience but not necessarily logically.


“Blessed are the open-minded for an infinitely creative God fills it.” The Rainbow Cards (©, Jodie Senkyrik, 2013)

“There’s nothing wrong with choosing to love more. The problems are when we choose to love less.”  The Rainbow Cards (©, 2012)

“It’s impossible for a closed mind and an open heart to exist in the same person both at the same time.  One will eventually overcome the other.  Either the closed mind will close the heart, or the open heart will open the mind.” The Rainbow Cards (©, 2006)