God, Sing to Me

Jodie Senkyrik, ©, 1999

God, sing to me your song right now
for I need healing of this sorrow.
Speak to me of the path of love I take
for I need your soothing words.

Lord, hold my hand and teach me
of the pain and suffering I feel.
Share with me your wisdom and your comfort
while I sit and listen and heal.

Lord, I do so feel the pain of love
and my soul does walk so patiently.
I have held my hopes and dreams up to you
and forgotten to forgive my own hurts.

But, you whisper to me from within my self
and you sing to me a song of peace.
I bend my ears to hear even more
and feel you sit and talk with me.

Lord, you say to me, ‘Keep going.’
And you speak to me of changes to be made.
Show me the way, Lord
That I may walk the greater path you have for me.

The path of greater understanding
The path of sorrow turned to wisdom.
Give me the fabric of what I am to know
That I may make it into a garment of learning.

Lord, take me to this place
which you have waiting for me
show me those
whom you have waiting to greet me.

That my own heart, mind, and soul
may answer to your call
and find those ways
that unite me with your life.

3 thoughts on “God, Sing to Me

  1. I love this. I will use it when I feel despair and I feel it will lift my spirit in prayer. Thank you for sharing your art. I cannot write poetry but I can draw and you reminded me to do so.


  2. Everyone who is willing can write poetry. It only requires breathing. If any of us consider “this” or “that” to be poetry and the rest “isn’t poetry” then that is only our own heart and mind being unwilling to write what “others” may criticize or not call “poetry”. Write for yourself and God.
    “God does not criticize or label the poetry of our living our own life.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013)


  3. I think, for me, art is my poetry. Art allows me an emotional outlet I get caught up in. I find I have blocked this for some time and a pull to release emotions again. I believe all forms of art, wether poetry, music, sculpture, painting are a spiritually involved process of creation.

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