In the Dark Night

by Jodie Senkyrik, ©, 2003

In the dark night,
the silence so strong,
it buries the sounds.
The depth of this shadow of all shadows
is everywhere,
Nowhere is it not.

Not even the moon awakens
a darkness this deep, this vast.

And no slumber does it have,
alive, the darkness seems
breathing and hearing.

In the distance is a light.
It is awake, far and seemingly alone.
In the darkness, the light flickers
saying, ‘I am here.  I’m alive.’

I see the darkness and feel myself alone
breathing and hear
no breath beside me.
I see the light in the distance
and believing it to be another life,
I long to be alive with it.

And in the night,
seeing the light
a single light
and in the distance,
I know there are two of us
and I turn my light on
as if to let the other know
that I am here, I am alive, too,
and you are not alone like once thought.

You are not alone, either.
Please, know that I am here, too.

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