2011 – 2015 Presentations

Different audio files are made available here – some for a fee and some for downloading at no cost.  These audio files are only in .mp3 format.

They are of presentations and workshops I’ve given covering various subjects.  The no-cost workshops were given free for the Association for Research and Enlightenment – Southwest Region’s Fall and Spring retreats, and hence why I want to continue to offer them here at no cost.  Right click on the link to save to your computer.  If you would like them recorded to CD and sent to you, they would be on 2 CD’s and the cost is $20 – check or mail order.   Email me to get my mailing address.

The presentations of my 1-day retreats do have a fee.  Instructions are listed with each retreat.


++  Presentation at the Association for Research and Enlightenment’s Spring, 2015 Retreat, March 13th, in Palestine, Texas.

The 2nd of 3 events – The 2nd of the 3 days of darkness

In this presentation, I am presenting psychic information concerning the year 2015, plus events to be aware about in the “sooner than we realize” coming years.  I include a Question and Answer session.  I present information about the 2nd of 3 events which I’ve been seeing for a decade now.  I discuss the “3 days of darkness,” the economy, weather patterns, politics, the Ukraine, ISIS, and other issues.

++  2012 and Beyond: Building the City of Light

From the October 4-7, 2012 Southwest Region of the A.R.E. Retreat and Conference held at Mo Ranch, near Hunt, TX.

“Those who are open to this, those who are looking for this will see signs.”

“This is the times and the half times.”

“Whatever we’re creating for others, we’re creating for our self.”

“We have eternity, so I guess there’s plenty of time.”

This presentation covers explaining many different aspects of the energy related to the year 2012 and the significance of the galactic shift that the solar system is going through.  We cover many changes in the spiritual evolutionary process and present some new paradigm understandings of the soul evolution process.  Included is more information of the role and service of Jesus Christ, the process needed to unify our own political experiences and perspectives and an explanation of what it means to build “The City of Light” as well as a new definition of karma.  Also within this presentation is a guided meditation bringing in the awareness of all 12 chakras of consciousness.  This presentation lasts 93 minutes and is 10.8 MB in size.

++ Q & A with Jodie Senkyrik – October 6, 2012

“If we still think that one person in office is going to change our life – then if we still want to believe that, then entertain the idea that one person in spiritual power can change our life as well.”

“This next 4 years will be food related difficulties.  They’ve already started and it’s going to trigger the food prices to go up.  For the next 4 years, we’ll see a significant increase that we’ve not seen in a while.  The saving grace in this is that people will start providing for themselves, and start producing food locally, which will create a stronger local base for providing food, which will be needed as time progresses.”

This audio file is a 67 minutes of a public psychic reading with questions coming from the audience.   The questions are of general public interest.  The file is 7.8 MB in size.

++  I have several audio files available from the October 6-9, 2011 Southwest Region of the A.R.E. retreat and conference held at Mo Ranch, near Hunt, TX.

“Welcome to the New Paradigm” covers explanations for many different concepts in common spiritual understanding.  We explore death, the other side, vibrations, human physicality, and many more aspects of existence.   We then explore the process of applying what we learn to the life we live.

“Why did Edgar Cayce’s Predictions not happen as stated?” brings forth an understanding of how his predictions can be correct but yet not happen as predicted.  We explore the effect that spiritual growth, meditation, and prayer have on how humanity proceeds into the future and how that is relevant in the relationship with the Earth and the Earth’s own evolution.

++  Brochure and Form for April 11, May 16, 2010 event entitled: 2012 and Beyond: Building a New Paradigm.  If you’d like to see what it was about.   Brochure in a .pdf format.