Q & A: Weather #7

The following Q&A is in response to the comments of the previous blog.

Disclaimer:  Just to let everyone know.  While I give the best information I can with what I see, I’m not thinking I’m going to be 100% accurate in all these predictions.  Nor do I think the meaning I put out may be exactly what you think I mean.  I’m seeing both general and very specific weather patterns in general areas, which means that I may be accurate in the state as a whole, but the block you live on in your city may be completely different than what I offer for the state.
P.S. Don’t ask about specific city blocks.  I’m giving what I see in general areas to inform as many people as are interested for the general area.

How much snow do you see the DFW metroplex? IngyBall 8/4/13
While DFW  will mostly have a dry winter, I can see at least 6 inches of snow during one period.  Right now, 4-6 inches in different areas.  I see mostly ice staying on the ground, rather than large amounts of snow.

The traffic will be affected for a few days.  For the most part, though, DFW will have a dry winter just be ready for a difficult times during February.  This is also true for much of NE Texas.  Expect power outages and some ice on the roads.   The snow and ice won’t melt quickly.  The length of coldness and the strain on the people is what will cause most problems.  Prepare for staying at home more because the roads will be almost impossible to drive.

I don’t see a lot of tornadoes for the DFW area this next winter.

Western North Carolina? Cold? Dry? Windy? Dave 8/10/13
You’ve pretty much answered your own question, didn’t you?  I don’t see it that dry, though.  Western NC isn’t always cold, but it will be this coming winter.  Western NC isn’t always windy, but some of the winter storms will bring winds. On the whole, the arctic winter storms for NC will be dissipated by the time they reach the NC area.  I do see one strong winter storm at the 2nd half of January. Feb will have NC experiencing the the same front the rest of the nation experiences. But, better able to handle some of it, so the impact won’t be as severe.

In the mountains?  expect skiing conditions to be good…. and cold.  The weather wont be too far out of the norm for NC weather.  Colder than the averages and of longer duration, but not disastrous. NC is protected some by distance away from the western Rockies where most of the devastating storms will be going through.

NC is also protected “some” by the “warmer” waters of the Atlantic.

A stock Market crash? Lisa, 8/17/13
Expect the housing market to have several wave valleys – a mild one in the winter/spring because of the harder winter.  I am not seeing a major market crash that will cripple the economy.   I do see it going through tough times and good times, but not stopping the nation.  I leave this question open though, for more exploration in the future.  Remember, the economy is not the author of our own individual lives.   We are our own authors.

“Control of one’s life is not given, it is taken.”  The Rainbow Cards, ©,1997

Threat to Psychics?

My pastor has had a very strong vision, that one day, those of us known as psychics, although we are all in some form or potentially, might become in danger or threatened. That we might have to communicate telepathically. She said this is a strong possibility. Have you foreseen anything in this way? Also our church has a prayer energy group for world peace and love. Do you know of a group(s) that is doing this that I may connect with to do with? As in a regular schedule? Thank you.


The vision is not going to be a worldwide experience in our time or even in this century.  It is going to manifest as internal feelings of prejudice by some, but not by all.  But, remember, if you change the word “psychic” to any of today’s oppressed groups, you would easily have a true statement.  In this same way, prejudice and hatred has manifested towards women, blacks, immigrants, the poor, homosexuals, those with AIDS, Jews, this religion or that, this race or that, this lifestyle or that, and any number of other cultural groups.  In our world, we still have slavery, abuse, bigotry, hatred, genocide, wars and the like and all because one sub-culture or nationality doesn’t like another.  It is also now and has been in the past, towards those dealing with psychic ability, “occult”, the “New Age” and the like.  Remember Salem, Mass. in the early colonial times?

Currently, in the world, many forms of prejudice come forth, are known and are practiced.  As time continues, our current society slowwwwwwwly grows out of these prejudices.  But, it’s slow and sometimes change doesn’t happen until those that encourage the ways of past hatred pass on.

“We can be among the first to lead the new ways into the future, or we can be among the last to follow old ways of the past.”  The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2007

“What changes do we want within ourselves, that we want to take hold for all eternity?” The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013.

PS.  As for prayer groups, if you’re church doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to start one.  You may be surprised who else is waiting for it to be started, so they can join.