Threat to Psychics?

My pastor has had a very strong vision, that one day, those of us known as psychics, although we are all in some form or potentially, might become in danger or threatened. That we might have to communicate telepathically. She said this is a strong possibility. Have you foreseen anything in this way? Also our church has a prayer energy group for world peace and love. Do you know of a group(s) that is doing this that I may connect with to do with? As in a regular schedule? Thank you.


The vision is not going to be a worldwide experience in our time or even in this century.  It is going to manifest as internal feelings of prejudice by some, but not by all.  But, remember, if you change the word “psychic” to any of today’s oppressed groups, you would easily have a true statement.  In this same way, prejudice and hatred has manifested towards women, blacks, immigrants, the poor, homosexuals, those with AIDS, Jews, this religion or that, this race or that, this lifestyle or that, and any number of other cultural groups.  In our world, we still have slavery, abuse, bigotry, hatred, genocide, wars and the like and all because one sub-culture or nationality doesn’t like another.  It is also now and has been in the past, towards those dealing with psychic ability, “occult”, the “New Age” and the like.  Remember Salem, Mass. in the early colonial times?

Currently, in the world, many forms of prejudice come forth, are known and are practiced.  As time continues, our current society slowwwwwwwly grows out of these prejudices.  But, it’s slow and sometimes change doesn’t happen until those that encourage the ways of past hatred pass on.

“We can be among the first to lead the new ways into the future, or we can be among the last to follow old ways of the past.”  The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2007

“What changes do we want within ourselves, that we want to take hold for all eternity?” The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2013.

PS.  As for prayer groups, if you’re church doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to start one.  You may be surprised who else is waiting for it to be started, so they can join.

9 thoughts on “Threat to Psychics?

  1. i wish you guys would be right for once. i had many sessions with so called psyhics over 4 years ago they told me a miracle of abundance would happen so i could re establish myself back in my beloved australia………still stuck in berlin…now broke.


  2. The abundance they were referring to is the inner energy, determination, intelligence, patience, and perseverance to create, imagine, work for and go after the life you want. God has infinitely more resources to give to us than ‘money’. If one is willing to put forth the effort to do anything, including go back to Australia, then it’s possible. Nothing can stop the person who is determined enough to succeed. NOTHING. Did you pray for the will to never give up? Did you tell God that you’ll never give up on your desire to get back to Australia? Did you try every idea that came to you?

    Have faith in yourself. Have faith in God. Have faith in others. Then use that faith to make step #1 happen. If you take that step, then make step #2 happen.

    It’s true for all of us – if any of us, at any time, are NOT WILLING to take any more steps – put forth any more effort to make something happen, then it absolutely, positively, most emphatically, will not happen in any form or fashion.

    “Much effort accomplishes much. A little effort accomplishes a little. No effort accomplishes nothing.” The Rainbow Cards.

    “Faith unused, does nothing.” The Rainbow Cards.

    “By ourselves, it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” The Bible


    • Frank, insults not withstanding, you also sound very disappointed in someone you believed might give helpful information – disappointed in someone you trusted.

      Did you go back to them to find out what the problem was?

      I’m wondering why you then decide to think of every person of this work in the same way? Do you personally know anyone who is Clairvoyant? or even sensitive or highly intuitive? What is your relationship to them? If so, have you approached them to find out what’s up with the previous people you went to see?

      Even Edgar Cayce gave readings about treasure and money. Some money did come forth but much did not. As it turns out, the money coming forth or not was based more on the character of the individuals related to the issues discussed, and whether the money would help or hinder their soul growth rather than their bank accounts.

      Are you wanting to discuss/inquire about any points or are you only wanting to vent on people?


      • hey jodie1 i have nothing personal against you and i appreciate your reply. do i know any so called psyhics or fortune tellers in the flesh that is…no i dont. im sure there are genuine ones SOMEWHERE… and i personally believe that some people have a gift of insight and foresight. when these so called psyhics tell you that an abundance will come and nearly 4 years later you ask them what happened and they invariably put the blame on you …something you did or did not do or its still coming when they said it was within 12 months of your request and then 3 years later it has not materialised….somethings WRONG. the apparent way to excuse their lack of ability is to use airy fairy language to somehow cover their lack of ability or honesty. if someone asks me a question i give a straight answer if im not capable of giving this then i pass them on to someone i trust will. the question i asked nearly 4 years ago was….will i ever have enough money to re establish myself in my homeland australia after explaining my situation clearly and precisely and i also indicated that i wanted the TRUTH. i did not get mumbo jumbo answers they all said independently that the situation would change financially so my hope would become a reality……that was not in 3 or 4 years but within the year i asked for their opinion…….TOTALLY BROKE AND STILL WAITING. frank cooper desperate australian.


  3. Hey Frank, I noticed you used words like “waiting” and “has not materialized” when talking about achieving your life goal. If you are familiar with The Law of Attraction, it’s generally agreed upon that faith alone can’t bring you what you need if your physical actions don’t match your thoughts. Your body and mind must be in sync, both working toward the same goal. Many people have to form new habits with the way they think, but you can’t forget the part you already had down before. You aren’t going to be able to sit there and wait for your manifestations to appear before you, not yet anyway. And I don’t mean try any idea that comes into your head either, but try any ideas you feel good about. Don’t miss out over silly things like fear of being judged, but if you’re on the right track you will feel good about the idea, so don’t go rob a bank either. In the Star Wars films, Yoda mentions that it’s difficult to predict the future because the future is always in motion. Not to make excuses, but it might be possible that the person you spoke with saw your most probable future had you not spoken to them. After being told that your life would be filled with enough abundance to return to Australia within a year, perhaps you took less responsibility for your own life path? Because you already “knew” what was going to happen maybe you felt like it would happen no matter what you did? Sometimes it’s the opposite for me; I’ll know something bad is going to happen, but the preventative action I take ends up being what causes the event. Learn to trust your “internal compass” or “gut instinct” or “higher self” or whatever you want to call it. If you practise, nobody will be able to tell you more about your journey than you. Good luck to you, love and light.


    • i really appreciate your replies. i have done many tasks on a material level to change my situation and i will endeavour in the future to do more given the opportunity. of course being in a foreign environment has helped me to reflect on my life and past decisions which bought me to this situation. as stated before i believe that there are people out there who have the ability to percieve the future but i believe there are many charlatans who mislead desperate people for profit. the suggestion that i sat on my arse waiting for this so called miracle of abundance to show is a lie. as stated before when someone asks me for an answer to a question i give an honest answer or direct them to someone who i trust will. your time,patience and consideration is appreciated but some of your comments are fluffy at best. frank.


  4. Yeah I was careful to use the word “need” instead of “want” because sometimes the two are very different. What you want might not be what you need and what you get could be better than you dreamed. You’ll make it home when it’s right for you, and if that’s all you want in life I imagine you’ll get there some day. Best of luck and take care =)


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