“State” of the union?

As part of a challenge from someone, I psychically looked at the state of consciousness of the elected officials we have in office in Washington, DC. I “saw” information that I didn’t expect.

The information I saw focused on the attitudes of the elected officials – their heart/mind intentions.

60% of the elected officials had what I think of as the “Reptilian” mind. It is an attitude of “Let’s go after the bad guys with a vengeance”. It is an attitude that suggests that it’s okay to use force to get what we want. They held in their consciousnesses that the way to handle problems was to overcome them with shere power. This was the same attitude in consciousness that was present in Atlantis during their militaristic conquesting centuries. It was this same attitude that led to creating karmic destruction. It holds within it – impatience, acceptence of the idea that violence over “our” enemies is okay, vengeance, hatred, acting from fear, peace through war, & control through overpowering. So, these 60% are creating similar results from their ways that Atlantis helped to create that we’re dealing with now (as I outline on my website). They are duplicating the attitudes that were in the emperialistic government of the latter Atlantean days. They have not learned yet that our actions towards others are our own destiny. These are the ones that are comfortable with attacking others if we justify it first, including politically, as in mudslinging.

However, while their methods and mindset are “force”-related, their intentions and hope guide them to try to find good results. These are not seekers of death, but rather dealing with their own impatience and seek to have good intentions.

Another 20% of the elected officials had the state of consciousness that they were in elected office to get what they could materially for their own benefit and for however long it lasts. These are the stereotypical “politicians” – in office to get whatever monetary or material perks they could get, regardless of the public needs they’re meant to serve. (Discouraging to “read” this.) These are the ones that sell their votes to whomever buys them. These are the ones that use their positions to better their own lives, rather than help those that elected them. These do a lot of posturing to “look” the part.

10% of the remaining 20% were overwhelmed by the daunting task of thinking they had to fight a huge uphill battle against a bureaucratic monolithic machine. They easily are overwhelmed, and feel that they can’t or won’t be able to accomplish much if anything. A subsection of these 10% are the average “Joe” that gets elected from the neighborhood. They are not professional politicians. However, they can be good “foot soldiers” depending on who influences them. They need a guiding influence and this direction can come from one type of official, or another.

The remaining 10% are the ones that actually accomplish helpful work. These are the “public servants” rather than “politicians”. Regardless of their background or how they get elected, these 10% spend their energy, and effort, persistently keeping at the task at hand. They pursue helpful legislation and work to help. They are not necessarily the media darlings, and don’t always have their work recognized by the big media outlets, but rather by their constituents. These are the ones that are “fighting the good fight” – the fight to help people with the challenges that are in their lives. To repeat – public servants, and not politicians.

Yet, even with what I see as only 10% being true public servants, these also are aware that there are many that will follow their lead, when something worthwhile comes forth. 10% can still be leaders that get a lot done, when many of the others follow along. If 1 in 10 is a leader of character in the positions they hold, then another 6-7 can be followers and still have some worthwhile work/help happen.

While there are different elected officials having different states of mind and heart with regard to the elected position, each and every one is there also by God’s giving them the authority they have. As Jesus said to Pontius Pilate, “You have authority over me right now, because God gave you this authority.” I can imagine Him also challenging Pilate with, “Now, what are you going to do with this authority? – use your authority to act responsibly to serve God, or instead try to serve yourself, washing your hands of the matter and pushing the blame onto others? History knows what he did. Each elected official must face this question within themselves.

Each and every elected official needs our prayers. If we don’t do our work, putting forth no effort helping in whatever way we can, we have little foundation to criticize them in their efforts. It is for us to try to help them with the tasks we give to them.  Would we rather have a person representing us in office who is being prayed for or one who is not being prayed for? Which one do you think God’s presence may be helping more?  Remember, God’s Spirit and presence touches the lives of those prayed for more than those not prayed for.

If we don’t contribute our help in some form, then we are following Pilate’s example of washing our hands of the problems, pushing them onto and blaming others. We have been given the authority by God, as voters and citizens to contribute either spiritually, politically, or any other way we may feel we can.

2008 Election

Even though I’ve psychically seen that the next 6 presidents will be “white” “men”, I also see that there are scenarios that can happen to change this.  Freewill is real, but predictions come from “seeing” patterns of thinking and behavior.  I don’t see a lot of changes to how people currently think and behave, therefore predictions can be made.  The road being traveled is most likely the road we’ll be on come Nov, 2008.

I do see that if Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination and she picks Barak Obama as her running mate, together they can win the presidential race.  With this Sen. Obama could enter the white house in 2016.

But by themselves, they will come very close, but I don’t yet see a way one of them can win by him or herself.  If there is a way that I’m not seeing, then it will be an EXTREMELY close race, with a winner only having the slimmest of winning margins.

If Mitt Romney wins the presidential race, his presidency will be for 2 years.  I see a potential illness causing him to be bedridden.  If Mitt Romney and John McCain joined together, they would win by a large margin, but I don’t see that happening.

So, there are alternate paths, and this ability to have alternate paths comes from personal choices made by the candidates.

As of this date, the Republican candidate is who I see winning.

Midwest rain, Dallas, New Orleans, Miss. river

2007-2009: So much rain will fall in the Midwest during this entire time, (including some in 2007, because of it contributing to the whole amount that contributes to the eventual flooding) that it can be considered Biblical in nature. The 3 years of 2007 through and including 2009 will bring rain almost continuously in the greater portion of central U.S. and so much so that it will be as if the great flood of the Bible is happening again, only spread out over 3 years. Flooding will be all through the midwest and south central U.S. The Mississippi River will become as if a sea. (Added 8/3/06)
In the Dallas, TX area: I’m seeing it get bad but not right away and not forever and ever a deluge. The drought is over as of September, 2006, because the heat will dissipate. Most of the drought was worse because of the heat. It will be a cool autumn starting now (9/19/06). The Dallas area is going to have a normal amount now, and in general in 2007, we will have what people think of as a normal amount, but it’s just the beginning, because 2008 and 2009 will be potentially twice what we get in 2007. The midwest (central US, along the Mississippi) will be so flooded that it will put New Orleans in danger again. For many, I’ve been seeing the rains return in October, 2006 steadily, as a normal amount, then in March, 2007, the rains start hanging around.

Expect a wet November and December, 2006 and all the lakes around Dallas, TX will be filling back up. In 2008, the lakes will be escaping their banks and flooding some lower lying areas. There will be a continuing through 2009, and in the Dallas area, near the end of summer of 2009, the seriousness will subside, with some waters receding back into their banks, but not back to normal again for the Dallas area until the end of 2009. 2010 will be considered a normal rainfall year, with 2011 being slightly less but still normal. 2012 I’m seeing other things taking priority over discussing the rain. Added 9/19/06

The Rainforest and hurricanes

I’m seeing another factor in addition to global warming affecting the weather in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico and it being “slightly” a natural cycle – the destruction of rainforest. The rainforest in South America is like an air conditioner for the northern half of South America – working to keep the temperatures regulated and even, but with the rainforest dwindling, there is greater temperature fluctuation, meaning that the hot temperatures are now getting hotter, and vice versa. Unfortunately when temperatures rise, and as heat builds up in this region, it affects the waters in the Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of S. America, namely where hurricane cells are created. With hot temperatures in the region, and in the Atlantic waters, more hurricanes will be the result.

Likewise, with the temperature fluctuation, when the temperature goes into the lower levels, this will affect the many species in the rainforest, causing some species to dwindle because of their inability to cope with colder temperatures. Most of the individual species will eventually adapt, but this will take many years.

Jesus, prayer, 2006

Added 12/12/2006 (revised 7/6/07): The weather (hurricane) predictions of 2006 in the Gulf of Mexico did not occur as I predicted. I looked back into this, and psychically looked for that which led to the contrast between my prediction and that which occurred. As I asked and looked psychically, a vision came. I saw the Spirit of Christ covering the entire southeast US including much of the Gulf of Mexico. The Spirit of Christ’s presence absorbed/dissolved the destructive energy that was coming and would have manifested through hurricanes in the Gulf. The presence of the Christ Spirit came as a direct result of so many prayers for the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, coming much from the churches and people of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and from the prayers from the other surrounding states and the entire U.S. The prayers that were offered up for this Gulf region after hurricane Katrina and Rita were so great in their numbers and so united in people’s efforts, in order to help this region to not have this again, that the presence of the Christ Spirit grew so great as to change the weather patterns that I had seen potentially happening. I saw prayers coming from churches along the Gulf Coast states, as well as people from all across the nation.I also saw during this time and subsequent readings, that the presence and energy of the Christ Spirit is so great that these prayers and this presence will also protect the Gulf on up to the middle of the 2007 season, and will greatly reduce the number of hurricanes which I saw entering into this Gulf Coast region in 2007 and some in 2008. I believe the Christ Spirit responded, and in turn, responds to the problems, as human beings respond to the problems – through our prayers and meditations. As we pray, so then answers Christ. If we don’t do our work and pray (call on God), neither then does the Spirit of Christ respond to the great degree that we would otherwise see.

Many wonder if our prayers are answered. I’ve seen it first hand that the answer is “Yes”, according to the sincerity, strength, in our hearts through our prayers.

One news report I watched on television near the end of Nov. 2006, stated that the 2006 season was uncharacteristically quiet – that more storms and hurricanes had been predicted for 2006 by meteorologists and the National Hurricane Center. (and by me, too, but the news report didn’t mention me. Nor did they mention the protective healing power of Jesus Christ coming from the prayers of so many.)


The next president will take 4 years to remove 70% of the troops we have in Iraq (up to 2012).  The remaining 30% will gradually be reduced in Iraq until 2017, with but a few stragglers at that point.  2012 will come with 30% remaining, 2013 will arrive with 24%, 2014, will see 20%, 2015 will see 16%, 2016 will see 5-6% left, and 2017 will see less than 1% of the current troop level remaining in Iraq.  If the next president has 2 terms, it will take this person all 8 years to remove all but the last of the troops.  99% of all the troops that are there now.