Spiritual leader’s death

In 2225-2230, a great spiritual leader will die for the lives of many. He will take upon himself the karma of many, and allow a great amount of karmic destructive energy to be manifested and spent through him – through his being killed. In the years that he will be in this earth, many will learn and grow from what he offers. (Added 10/11/05)

Russian and Chinese weather up to 2012

In General, there will be a lot of Earth movement activity west of China, south of Russia in the next 7 years (2005-2012). There will also be a general temperature drop in Siberia also, but won’t be noticed much. There will be more rainfall in south east Russia, not the European side. Not flooding, but higher than normal and becoming a more fertile area. Northwest China, west China, south Russia – that region. That region will become more fertile agriculturally at the same time that there will be flooding in the Midwest US.

Saudia Arabia

Tensions will rise in Saudi Arabia with it’s neighbors to the east. It will start in 2007, but will be extremely volatile for 3 years after then – up to 2010. Whatever is happening in 2005, it will double and triple in 2007. It will stay at that level until issues are resolved in 2010.

I don’t see it escalating to the break out of war.


An event in northwestern Canada – I don’t think its an earthquake, but more like NOT a natural disaster. A disaster, possibly industrial or manmade that will affect 1000’s of people. Possibly oil or energy disaster affecting 10’s of thousands of acres in some way, like the Valdez did. Possibly an outside cause, but triggering a larger disaster. I don’t know if there is a nuclear power plant in that area, but this could contribute to it. There will be an attempt to keep the causes or the event hidden. It will all come out 4 years afterwards – 2011.


Yellowstone volcanic activities heighten but only to the extent that it is a buildup of pressure underground, in 2007-2009 . There will be an underground release in pressure beginning in 2008. There will not be any kind of large scale explosion that would cause any great damage or destruction. Another 100 years before it has another great buildup of underground pressure.

7 and 8 billion people

We reached 6 billion people on the planet in the 1960’s. The 7 billion people mark, will happen in the early 2020’s, around 2022-2023 – about 60 years later. The 8 billion people mark will happen 2 decades after that – 2043-2045.

The strain this will put on available resources, both renewable resources and non-renewable, will be HUGE! Food, and water will be rationed. Prices will be high. With the earth holding approximately 8.8 billion people by the midpoint of the century, life will not be like it is at the beginning of the century. Every time I look at this issue, I see the same thing, I don’t see any wavering from 8.8 billion people on the planet by 2050. Resources can be nothing, but scarce.

I’ve always been a recycler and gardener. This is why.

Population rise

By 2045, the world population will surpass 8 billion, and will eventually reach and level off at around 8.7 to 8.9 billion, staying at between 8.7 & 8.8 billion through the end of the century. I don’t see it ever going over 9 billion in this century. (Added 8/10/05)

Some governments around the world will set in place severe restrictions on reproduction.