7 and 8 billion people

We reached 6 billion people on the planet in the 1960’s. The 7 billion people mark, will happen in the early 2020’s, around 2022-2023 – about 60 years later. The 8 billion people mark will happen 2 decades after that – 2043-2045.

The strain this will put on available resources, both renewable resources and non-renewable, will be HUGE! Food, and water will be rationed. Prices will be high. With the earth holding approximately 8.8 billion people by the midpoint of the century, life will not be like it is at the beginning of the century. Every time I look at this issue, I see the same thing, I don’t see any wavering from 8.8 billion people on the planet by 2050. Resources can be nothing, but scarce.

I’ve always been a recycler and gardener. This is why.

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