My Own Psychic Background and Journey

For me, the psychic connection started as a child.  Growing up, I had experiences of “knowing things”.  As an example, one day I was playing in the yard, looked up at the house we lived in at the time, and I knew that we were going to be moving.  I went in to ask my father when we were going to be moving, and remember him looking at me strangely and saying, “We’re not moving.”  A few years later, we moved.

As a child, I couldn’t get enough of reading about anything psychic, or watching TV on anything related to the psychic. I never once thought of the word “psychic” being related to me.  I remember even today many of the TV shows that caught my attention, which I watched and impressed me as fascinating.  As I grew up and my life progressed, I would have different “knowing” experiences – most of them I considered just intuition or a sensing of something.  And of course, I thought of it as normal and figured everyone experiences things like this.

In the weeks after I finished my B.B.A. at Texas A&M University, I didn’t really know what direction to take with my life, but found myself “devouring” newspapers – reading them from front to back.  It didn’t seem odd to me, but I later realized I was looking for something and very intent on finding “it”.

During this small time frame, I came into contact with books by Ruth Montgomery and about Edgar Cayce.  Soon after that, I joined an Association for Research and Enlightenment Search for God Study Group.  The very first night in the study group, I had a very memorable psychic experience while in meditation.  It felt as the most easy and natural thing to me.  I experienced and became aware of my Energy Body – as myself.

The psychic experiences or “knowing” experiences increased continuously from then on.  I understood them more and recognized the term ‘psychic’ fit very well.  In addition, I had family members who had a psychic adviser that they would talk to from time to time.  The whole thing seemed very natural and matter-of-fact to me.  I had no trepidation or fears associated with psychic ability and accepted it as a part of life.  After all, it had been a part of me growing up and during my young adult years, too.

As time passed, and I read more on “every spiritually related subject” I could get my hands on, I found I increased my prayer life and my meditation life.  I had many dreams which were precognitive and regular flashes of information every day.

Around this time, I had an experience of learning which I don’t think happens a lot.  I went into meditation and found myself on an open plain (not airplane) with a person cloaked in a robe.  “He” took me to a place which had no walls, floor or roof.  He showed me a large book which had a beginning page, but went on so far that I saw no ending to the book.  He opened the book to the first page and said, “This is the letter ‘A’.”  I took this as my introduction and lessons on learning to read the Akashic Records.

I began by doing readings only with the help of Palmistry.  I saw how the lines of the hands, formed by nerve action on the muscles and skin, connected to both the spiritual consciousness and the DNA of the physical body, reflect the psyche and consciousness of the individual at different moments in time.  I became able to see the energy and patterns through the hand and interpret this into useful information.

As time progressed, so did my skills in doing readings.  Eventually, I saw that within my own life, I had come into this life, with having past lives where I had developed psychic abilities.  In addition, I saw that I was born with this ability being dormant.

I consider prayer, meditation, dedication, practice, persistent, working on one’s self, practicing the fruits of the Spirit – all to have their place in helping a person develop their own innate psychic ability.  I consider this as being as natural to all humans as breathing is.   I consider only one’s own willingness to open up to what God would have for us, being the only hindrance.  I also consider an open mind being a necessary catalyst.

At the same time, I know that one does not need to be psychic to Love God above all else, and to Love your neighbor as yourself.  One does not need to believe as I believe or aspire to be psychic to practice the fruits of the Spirit in relationships.

Finally, I consider the most important of all purposes to psychic ability being to help us learn about ourselves, and to heal or develop our relationship to God, to each other and to our own self – in other words, to serve God.


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