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Different audio files are made available here – some for a fee and some for downloading at no cost.  These audio files are only in .mp3 format.

They are of presentations and workshops I’ve given covering various subjects.  The no-cost workshops were given free for the Association for Research and Enlightenment – Southwest Region’s Fall and Spring retreats, and hence why I want to continue to offer them here at no cost.  Right click on the link to save to your computer.  If you would like them recorded to CD and sent to you, they would be on 2 CD’s and the cost is $20 – check or mail order.   Email me to get my mailing address.

The presentations of my 1-day retreats do have a fee.  Instructions are listed with each retreat.

++ “2018 – Looking Ahead and Going Within” Audio Recordings:

The Audio portions of the 1-day retreat, 2018 – Looking Ahead and Going Within, are available for purchase.  These audio recordings are not part of the free workshops that I sometimes offer, therefore there is a fee to obtain them.

The audio files have myself as the main speaker, but with group contribution and dialogue throughout the entire time.  This group discussion format is my design, since I know that everyone brings something to the event which can benefit others.  It was my intention for others’ sharing in the group discussions to add to the information which I presented.

There are 4 files in the complete set, and they are only available as the complete set.  The cost is $18 for the complete set of 4.  The total length of time is 6 hours and 18 minutes.

1: (FYI – the recording did not record the opening remarks and starts with a discussion in progress.) Begins with Q&A on karmic topics, group discussions, perspectives on God, how experiences impact all of consciousness, impacting the Infinite Consciousness of God, Infinite creation infinitely occurring, all things existing inside the Consciousness/Mind of God, expanding our paradigms, the existing 12 chakras, spirituality and politics, discussion of Infinite possibilities inside the Mind of God, and discussion of “Here and Now”.

2: (Only the speaker is miked.) Begins with a 19 minute “Connection to others in the Earth” meditation, group discussions, then covers struggles with meditating, how we feel about meditation, attitudes, personal sharing of difficulties, fears of meditation, the energy in meditation, and experiences within meditation.

Then moving into how meditation can help our lives, what we get from meditation, connecting with guidance within from Spirit whether in meditation or not, and guidance from our Spirit Guides/Helpers.

Then topics related but expanding out from this, developing intuition, discussion of divination tools, sharing of personal experiences, Q&A covering psychic topics and processes, the aspect of “imagination”, finding our own path through understanding all this, the role of beliefs and what we do with our beliefs, and different types of meditation.

3: Q&A covering psychic experiences, meditation, prayer of protection, personal experiences related to darker experiences. We cover the interactions with discarnate entities, and which are attracted to spiritual efforts.

Then more open group discussion and sharing of personal experiences and practical steps which can help. Including a little bit of joking (not to be taken seriously). Then, new ideas about praying, how to hold our mind, chakras and praying, aspects of human life to consider praying for.

4: (This section covers a lot of topics but not any one topic in a deep way.) Continuation of “dark energy” souls discussion, some personal discussion about carrying over injuries from past lives, foreseeing the transformation continuation, processes involved with past changes of potential futures, the spiritual efforts changing the energy set to manifest destructively in the physical realm, changing the remaining energy to manifest socially rather than physically, some political manifestation – the anger of voters in the US, this lower, discordant energy to be manifested coming forth in individual lives’ ways and some things to learn, predictions of some healing of the lower vibration energy, an event happening in May-2018 difficult for the President, Puerto Rico, the economy, stock investments, the Papalcy, the price of medicines, the medical field, health insurance, the government’s gridlock, the next president, and opposition Congress. Then discussion of being able to change what is slated to manifest. Then mentioning the next age of man, DACA, Millenials, foreign conflict potential in Asia, the banking industry, a few of the lessons we’re here to learn, energy development, a short guided closing silent meditation and prayer, and ending with the 23rd Psalm.

To purchase the audio files,

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  2. Type in the $18.00 fee amount when prompted and follow directions for payments.
  3. After I’m notified of the payment by Paypal, I will use the email address you used with the purchase process and send you the password for the Protected: “2018- Looking Ahead and Going Within” Audio Recordings article.  If you’re not prompted to give an email address, email me or post a comment, and I’ll send you a return email with the  password to download the audio files.

Thank you to all the attendees and to all of you who have been interested.

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++  Presentation at the Association for Research and Enlightenment’s Spring, 2015 Retreat, March 13th, in Palestine, Texas.

The 2nd of 3 events – The 2nd of the 3 days of darkness

In this presentation, I am presenting psychic information concerning the year 2015, plus events to be aware about in the “sooner than we realize” coming years.  I include a Question and Answer session.  I present information about the 2nd of 3 events which I’ve been seeing for a decade now.  I discuss the “3 days of darkness,” the economy, weather patterns, politics, the Ukraine, ISIS, and other issues.

++  2012 and Beyond: Building the City of Light

From the October 4-7, 2012 Southwest Region of the A.R.E. Retreat and Conference held at Mo Ranch, near Hunt, TX.

“Those who are open to this, those who are looking for this will see signs.”

“This is the times and the half times.”

“Whatever we’re creating for others, we’re creating for our self.”

“We have eternity, so I guess there’s plenty of time.”

This presentation covers explaining many different aspects of the energy related to the year 2012 and the significance of the galactic shift that the solar system is going through.  We cover many changes in the spiritual evolutionary process and present some new paradigm understandings of the soul evolution process.  Included is more information of the role and service of Jesus Christ, the process needed to unify our own political experiences and perspectives and an explanation of what it means to build “The City of Light” as well as a new definition of karma.  Also within this presentation is a guided meditation bringing in the awareness of all 12 chakras of consciousness.  This presentation lasts 93 minutes and is 10.8 MB in size.

++ Q & A with Jodie Senkyrik – October 6, 2012

“If we still think that one person in office is going to change our life – then if we still want to believe that, then entertain the idea that one person in spiritual power can change our life as well.”

“This next 4 years will be food related difficulties.  They’ve already started and it’s going to trigger the food prices to go up.  For the next 4 years, we’ll see a significant increase that we’ve not seen in a while.  The saving grace in this is that people will start providing for themselves, and start producing food locally, which will create a stronger local base for providing food, which will be needed as time progresses.”

This audio file is a 67 minutes of a public psychic reading with questions coming from the audience.   The questions are of general public interest.  The file is 7.8 MB in size.

++  I have several audio files available from the October 6-9, 2011 Southwest Region of the A.R.E. retreat and conference held at Mo Ranch, near Hunt, TX.

“Welcome to the New Paradigm” covers explanations for many different concepts in common spiritual understanding.  We explore death, the other side, vibrations, human physicality, and many more aspects of existence.   We then explore the process of applying what we learn to the life we live.

“Why did Edgar Cayce’s Predictions not happen as stated?” brings forth an understanding of how his predictions can be correct but yet not happen as predicted.  We explore the effect that spiritual growth, meditation, and prayer have on how humanity proceeds into the future and how that is relevant in the relationship with the Earth and the Earth’s own evolution.

++  Brochure and Form for April 11, May 16, 2010 event entitled: 2012 and Beyond: Building a New Paradigm.  If you’d like to see what it was about.   Brochure in a .pdf format.

++  Psychic Q & A session at the A.R.E. Fall 2009 Retreat – Oct. 9, 2009

This is the late evening public psychic question and answer session held at the A.R.E. Fall 2009 Retreat at Mo Ranch.  Various group members have questions which they pose that we get into after hours.  We cover much about the economy, politics, current events, and many other topics.  This audio presentation lasts about 1 and 3/4 hours.

++  Evolution of the Soul: Paradigm, Shmaradigm – Oct. 10, 2009

This presentation was given during the A.R.E. conference/retreat in the Fall of 2009 at Mo Ranch, and covers the topics described as follows:
When we think of this being a time of change, we must let go of old ways of perceiving in order for new ways and changes to come up within us.  We must let go of our old paradigm boundaries, our old limits of thinking and believing, and open up to ever new ways of thinking, so another evolved new paradigm may begin forming.  This workshop re-examined our paradigms – paradigms that are inadequate for this time of transformation and evolution.  This evolutionary letting go includes the belief that it will be others that change their paradigms into the way we think today.

Metaphorically speaking, when Christ turned the water into wine, the water did not know what it would become.  It knew itself only to be water.  It knew only the world of “Existence as Water”.  In the pouring forth, it became wine, entering into a new paradigm that the water did not create from its own understanding and ability.  As we pour forth into the willingness to let God live in this world through us, we find we live with an always changing paradigm – one we can only evolve into, but only if we keep ever-opening up our mind and continue to let go of how we think and of what we believe.

We cannot design our own evolution, because it doesn’t come from the paradigm that we hold in our minds today.  Who among us wants only what they believe today, and not to gain any more greater understanding and consciousness ever again?  This transformation comes from the Infinite God.  As the Course in Miracles says, all we need is to be willing – to be willing to let go of current ways of perceiving, let go of current beliefs, be willing to learn new understandings, and practice new ways of being in this world.  (Due to electronic problems, only the last 30 minutes of the 90 minute presentation, the Q & A time, is available.)

++  Atlantean Hall of  Records – March 21, 2009

This presentation was given during the A.R.E. conference/retreat in Spring of 2009 at Palestine, Texas.  It covers the time-lines of the Hall of Records and it’s creation, the Sphinx and the history of Atlantis related to these two monuments.  It also covers the tablets inside the Hall of Records and the information on them, the purpose and people of the Hall of Records, it’s relevance today, the predicted discovery of the Hall of Records, the Hall of Records near Bimini and also in/near the Yucatan (Guatemala).  In addition, the recording contains a guided journey into the Hall of Records under the paw of the Sphinx and the relics and information about the Hall of Records which the participants brought back with them.  This recording is 90 minutes long and 11 MB in size.  (Because of technical difficulties during the time of recording, the quality of the sound of this presentations is poor.)

++  Atlantis and the WTC Attack-March 20, 2009

This presentation given at the A.R.E. Conference in the Spring of 2009 at Palestine, Texas is the third presentation of this information.  It covers information gained from a psychic reading 3 weeks after the World Trade Center Attack.  The original was presented in the Fall of 2001.  This covers a shifted understanding of Karma and its principles, how the karmic energy of the destruction was affected by prayers and meditations and spiritual efforts of the last many decades.  We also present the link between the WTC attack and Edgar Cayce’s prediction for New York City.  Finally, we also cover many of the people involved, both then and now, and how the soul development of those connected to this event brought them to this point.  This recording is 90 minutes long and 12 MB in size.

++  Cleaning up the Fear:  Sept. 29-30, 2006

This presentation, given at the Fall 2006 A.R.E. Southwest Region’s conference/retreat, addresses ways to resolve fears that keep showing up in our lives.  As individuals and human beings, we tend to be so stuck in how we respond when we experience fear, and therefore, we keep repeating our response over and over again and again – never learning how to respond differently and never growing beyond the particular fear experience.  We are eternal beings, and sure, we can let the fear stay and have it be a part of our consciousness for eternity.  Or we can practice a better way than the “repeating ourselves over and over again and again” technique.

Everyone of us lives with fear, but do we really want to have it as part of ourselves for eternity?  When we begin the process of cleaning up the fear, resolving the fear, and becoming less fearful, we begin to see what’s then left – the truth of who we are as eternal beings, and what we’re really made of, and in turn, what we can give to this world – God’s Spirit filled with God’s Love.

There is nothing to fear, *not even* fear itself.  While we may enjoy scary movies, no one enjoys constant fear.  In this workshop, we  explored different levels of fear, different types of fear and different responses available to move through and beyond it.  We took apart some of the fears to see where they came from and learned ways that may help us to accept fear as an experience to clean up – like dishes sitting in the sink – no consciousness themselves – just waiting to be scrubbed clean and put away.

In this presentation, we explored different perspectives at the soul level which may help us to understand fear and in turn, transform and transmute it, so that we can become less and less fearful of all our different fears – reacting less and less.  We explored how we may respond to life from a higher place/consciousness within ourselves, allowing our evolution to proceed.  We also explored the inner experience of Peace and Joy that emanates from within us when the fear has be scrubbed clean. (First 10 minutes didn’t record.  11+ MB in size)

++  The Cross: the Finishing – March 24, 2006

In this presentation, we explored Jesus, the foundation of human/soul evolution that His lives form, the cross, our lives and soul evolution, the 2nd foundation of human evolution which we contribute to, and how to proceed with the task of demonstrating how to return to our spiritual awareness of our true existence beyond this world. We discussed death as a part of soul evolution, the impossibilities of man’s efforts without God’s presence in each experience, and the possibilities for man with God’s presence in each experience to fulfill the soul evolutionary process.  We moved on to the paradoxes related to Love, and the challenge of experiencing Love as an experience of God.  In addition, we covered how this relates to free will, to the role Judas played, Oneness with God, our spiritual paths, the models we use to try to help us understand our spiritual existence, and a view of a new understanding towards the nature and substance of Love.  We also ventured into the processes related to the releasing of the chains of guilt and shame that we hold or place on others.  I include several  predictions which did not occur as predicted.  (The understanding and learning which I gained later telling me why I was incorrect is explained in later presentations and articles as the prayers and meditations for the Gulf Coast and for the United States.  These prayers changed the future for the Gulf Coast and the political scene.)  10+ MB in size

++  Psychic Ability in Human Beings – April 2, 2005

This presentation took place at the Southwest Region of the A.R.E. conference/retreat in the Spring of 2005.  In this presentation, I cover the nature of psychic ability, the principles of developing psychic ability and the work and practice related to it.  I also cover the presence of psychic ability already in our individual lives, and how we are a species that already uses our innate awareness.  Finally, I cover the difficulties and problems related to developing psychic ability, and why it is so important to work on “Self” as part of the disciplinary path of development.   This recording is 90 minutes long and about 11 MB in size.

++  All of the Above – Oct, 2000

This presentation is the recording of an invitation to speak at the Unity of the Spirit Church in Orinda, California in the Fall of 2000.  It is 45 minutes long and 21 MB in size.


3 thoughts on “Download Podcasts & Presentations

  1. I accidently came up across your web site or did I? It’s so refreshing when I read the perspectives of Healers and Clairevoyants. I came up in a Catholic upbringing but have experienced many other things since my childhood that lead me to look outside the Dogmatic box. There are too many spiritual experiences revealling themselves in my life of Serendipitous Nature to ignore. As a family man who comes from many skins of sins (military backgrounds), I finally feel released just as I do reading your website!


  2. This is odd – I clicked on the link supposed to contain free audio files and found a page written in what i believe is Chinese with Chinese letters.


    • The A.R.E. Southwest link was a bad link with their no longer having that webpage. The link has been removed and hopefully you won’t get Chinese characters again.


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