Downloadable Presentations

Different audio files are made available here – some for a fee and some for downloading at no cost.  These audio files are only in .mp3 format.

They are of presentations and workshops I’ve given covering various subjects.  The no-cost workshops were given as a courtesy free for the Association for Research and Enlightenment – Southwest Region’s Fall and Spring retreats, and hence why I want to continue to offer them here at no cost.  Right click on the link to save to your computer.  If you would like them recorded to CD and sent to you, they would be on 2 CD’s and the cost is $20 – check or mail order.   Email me to get my mailing address.

The presentations of my 1-day retreats and some blog articles do have a fee.  Instructions are listed with each retreat or article.

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3 thoughts on “Downloadable Presentations

  1. I accidently came up across your web site or did I? It’s so refreshing when I read the perspectives of Healers and Clairevoyants. I came up in a Catholic upbringing but have experienced many other things since my childhood that lead me to look outside the Dogmatic box. There are too many spiritual experiences revealling themselves in my life of Serendipitous Nature to ignore. As a family man who comes from many skins of sins (military backgrounds), I finally feel released just as I do reading your website!


  2. This is odd – I clicked on the link supposed to contain free audio files and found a page written in what i believe is Chinese with Chinese letters.


    • The A.R.E. Southwest link was a bad link with their no longer having that webpage. The link has been removed and hopefully you won’t get Chinese characters again.


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