Marijuana and the Soul

The controversy continues and I’m going to add what I see psychically.  I don’t read all the research or comments about marijuana use.  But, I do look at it psychically.  This is the work I do, so this is what I present.

***      The use of drugs to expand the mind:  Many may support this, because it can bring about an experience for the person something beyond the current day-to-day consciousness.  However, there is an imbalance that occurs within the psyche from the experiencing of altered states without true spiritual growth while not in altered states.  Opening the mind can be truly fraught with serious minefields that were put there by the person, them-self.   The subconscious is full of behaviors, thoughts and memories, etc. which are still unresolved and unbalanced. Entering into altered states without also being willing to resolve and balance what is within the psyche while not in altered states leads to potentially serious mental problems and even death, as so many of us have witnessed.

The balanced growth into altered states can only move forward or grow greater with a foundation of character changes towards others and happening within the heart.  Balanced changes are the increased reliance in relationships on forgiveness, understanding, faith, cooperation, loving kindness, mercy unselfishness and the like.  These changes are also the facing of one’s own subconscious patterns in a way that brings insight into one’s own motivating reasons for these behavioral and psychological patterns.  The use of drugs to have an altered state experience does nothing for developing the foundation for better relationships with the people in one’s own life, or expanding the heart or strengthening the personal will towards fulfilling our soul purpose or soul evolution.   Likewise, they do not give one the will to explore the inner person’s own personal issues.  The use of these drugs for the expansion experience will create a greater imbalance and eventually this greater imbalance is witnessed as the drugs begin to damage the person and their psyche.

*      Each person is a spirit inhabiting a physical body using the brain and nervous systems to activate the body and thus live in this physical world.  Marijuana blocks the individual spirit’s ability to use the brain as its channel for being actively engaged through the body.  Yes, it can be used as a medicine to relieve pain.  But, its pain relief ability happens because of the spirit consciousness no longer consciously being in touch with the pain in the damaged body – which is the normal function of pain killers.

Some report they experience heightened physical sensations.  The sometimes heightened physical sensations that are perceived to happen, come from a now concentrated focus on that remaining physical stimulus, but without the previous total physical stimulus being part of the conscious awareness anymore.  Anyone who is psychic, and happens to be in the company of someone who is smoking marijuana will find that there is a very marked and noticeable difference inside the body of the person who has smoked, during the time of marijuana’s influence.  The spirit of the person is blocked by the chemicals from being fully in the body.  So, in essence, there is almost no one there, and the psychic is seemingly alone even though there is another physical  “body” in the room.

*      The principle of marijuana’s effects can be compared to the use of alcohol to warm the body when cold.  Alcohol doesn’t warm the body; it brings the body’s temperature down closer to the cold outer temperature.  Because the difference in temperatures between the body and the air surrounding them becomes less, this “feels” like the body just got warmer, when in fact, the body’s actual temperature got colder.

Drugs inhibit the “volume” of spirit consciousness able to access this physical world through the physical brain.  The normal expansive consciousness capable of addressing many aspects of the physical world at one time (via the consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious,) is no longer able to access and assimilate these many aspects of the physical world through the brain at the previous level it had been assimilating.  The remaining spirit consciousness awareness that is able to get through the brain, is noticed more strongly as being “the conscious mind”.  However, there is actual less “whole consciousness” coming through the brain.  This contributes to the perception and labeling of the “noticed consciousness” as being heightened in the senses.  But, in reality, there is less consciousness of all parts of consciousness manifesting in the physical realm, rather than “more” consciousness of the daily conscious.

To try to understand this better, consider this metaphor.  If we had 10 water sources coming into our city (our normal full multi-level conscious intake of activity in the world, including the daily consciousness, the subconscious and the superconscious), but then shut off 9 of them, we would then experience a more focused attention and heightened awareness of the 1 left available.

Another metaphor – if we had 10 highways to serve rush hour traffic throughout the city, but then closed 9 of them, all focus and attention by drivers would go to the 1 left open – thus “a heightened sense of awareness” of the one that is left available.


While many consider the marijuana disconnect to the world we live in to be harmless, it does not bring with it greater understanding of our own self, our own subconscious, or our own psyche.  Nor does it enhance the spirit individual being fully in their physical body – a normally recognized grounded state.  The Marijuana state of mind – not being fully in the body- is definitely not the same as the “grounded state” – being fully in the body.

Nor does it open the heart chakra to have any greater care, concern, love or compassion for the other people in one’s life in order to help develop our relationships with others, our self and with God.   Many times it’s exactly the opposite.  The sometimes perceived expansion of consciousness which seems to be gained is imbalanced.  The soul cannot move forward when in an unbalanced state otherwise even greater damage/imbalance occurs.  Therefore, the soul must at some point, eventually return to begin again at the same starting place in order to find a balanced path to walk.

Still, I am a supporter of medical uses of drugs for helping the sick, including marijuana as medicine, and will continue to support the medical use of drugs.


“Try as we might, sometimes, we still judge others, sometimes, we still condemn others, and sometimes, we still harden our hearts.  Sometimes, we all have a rock instead of a heart.  Not some of us, but all of us. But, God can make this rock into good soil.  He wears down rocks with many, many drops of water.  These drops of water – some call them rain, some call them tears.”
(The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003-2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

“The next time you wonder how to deal with certain people, don’t ask, ‘How would Jesus deal with them?’.  Ask, ‘How does Jesus deal with me, when I’m like that?’.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003-2013, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Our differences only mean that we must build our own relationship with God – through our own thoughts, our own feelings, & our own beliefs. We cannot build our own relationship with God, through someone else’s beliefs, someone else’s mind, & someone else’s heart.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003-2013, Jodie Senkyrik)