For a Personal Psychic Reading

I have been giving personal Psychic Readings since 1984.  I offer personal Readings for the fee of $125 for 90 minutes.

I do offer some flexibility in time length, because the information isn’t always cut and dried to the point of finishing at the exact minute.  This means that I don’t charge more if the Psychic Reading goes a few minutes long.  As long as it’s around this time frame.

The Readings are done over the phone in a question and answer format.  I digitally record the Reading phone conversation and then email the digital file in .mp3 format to the client.

You must be 18 years of age to request a Reading on your own.  If you’re younger than that, you must bring your parents in on the contact and request.  I require this, because the session is equal to a session with a doctor or therapist.   The issues I touch on are personal and life significant.  I don’t take this lightly.   I choose to show respect to the guardianship of children invested to the parents by God.

if you have a general public, philosophical, or non-personal question, consider sending it via my blog instead, because there’s no charge and the general public could read the answer.  The answer won’t be a long answer, though.


“Psychic ability is not a power.  It is a tool.  However, when used in service for others, it can become a power tool.” (The Rainbow Cards, 1995, 2015, ©, Jodie Senkyrik)


16 thoughts on “For a Personal Psychic Reading

  1. I really want a reading, but I can’t afford it. I just want to know if the guy I’m interested in now is the guy I’m going to be with for the rest of my life and if I’m going to have kids.


  2. I cant afford a reading as well, but I would like to know your thoughts on sacred geometry and what it means to us as people and our future…???


    • Sacred Geometry is like the skeletal system in the body. It provides a structural understanding to life. There are good books on the subject, and it is a worthy study, but at the same time, remember to study how one can add more kindness to others in one’s day. Study also how to forgive. Also study how to bring forth understanding and mercy for those in one’s life. Study one’s own self.
      The study of one’s own heart will bring wisdom and understanding, which can help in understanding Sacred Geometry.


  3. Would I need to have an mp3 player to access the (reading) recording sent by email? I am possibly one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t have/want a player and is clueless about using one. Thanks!


        • Thank you for your response Jodie. I have one last question, I am trying to make changes in my life to live through Love and have an experiential relationship with my Source. I suspect my 3rd chakra is blocked, is this something that you may be able to see in readings as well?


        • I wouldn’t say “blocked”, but rather like a closet that is filled up with stuff, the chakras can get filled with unresolved issues related to those chakras. So, sometimes moving things out of the closet, cleaning issues up, facing issues, and letting go of “stuff that’s just been thrown into the closet for later” – this simply means that there’s stuff “clogging the closet”. But, not “blocked”. As we heal the unresolved issues in our lives, our chakras come to have a better flow of its energy.
          The 3rd chakra deals with the rush of adrenalin, fear, and anxiety, and much more. However, transforming this chakra and its issues, can give us a very deep understanding of what it is like and what it means to be a human being, and what human beings go through as human beings. It can help us to understand the human experience.
          In other words, your experience of being “blocked” is exactly what it’s like for all the other human beings who walk in similar shoes and experience their 3rd chakra being blocked. As strange as that sentence sounds, now you know what it’s like for a human being to have a “blocked” [your word, not mine] chakra. Remember this experience, because in the future, someone will describe this to you as their experience, out of the blue, and you’ll understand what she’s talking about.


  4. I feel as though this is a common question for a lot of people right now. We are hearing so much of climate change and it all sounds so horrifying. I am scared of the future, I used to be a very optimistic fun loving person. Now my days are filled with worry and depression. I get excited about things and then feel as though there is no point to getting excited because everything is just going to be taken away.i am a young mother and I feel guilty for bringing my very young children into this world , and wonder why we are here at this time to experience such uncertainty. I know I should not live in fear as this is not healthy for myself, my family or the earth, but I’ve almost become obsessed with being consumed by dread. I have days where I know in my heart that there is hope, and that we could also be living in a very exciting time where the human race will come together and respect our mother and go good. But that feeling is always fleeting. Is there anything that we can hold onto or do to get things on a positive level? I daily bless the beautiful things I see, the tress, the ocean, the rain, the sun. I am blessed to be alive but right now I am not enjoying it in a world of such turmoil. I feel even more overwhelmed as I have just read about the post on your blog about events in 2017/18 that will be catastrophic. How can we stay positive when there is so much fear and negativity?


  5. Noone ever mentions Poland in their readings and it seems we r in a great danger with Nato troops and other strange things happening in my country. With our history u can imagine how converned i am…. could you pls look into it?


  6. What are the limits to the questions i can ask and how to you obtain the information? Is it through images? Through complete conversations you hear? Emotions and feelings or a mixture of all of the above and then some?


    • I won’t place any limits on what you can ask. I obtain information much like a librarian obtains a book requested. When asked, I seek it out. I am able to identify the vibrations of thoughts and feelings of the ages and “written” in the Akashic Records. I “tune-in” to the vibrations of the person asking, the question asked, and that which I understand to be the answer to the question, then translate these vibrations into images, feelings and thoughts. I don’t “hear” voices when I do readings.
      For me, it’s more like reading a book of vibrations, images, thoughts and feelings. And it’s even more than this that I describe. For me to reach up to connect with the vibrations of the Akashic Records, I must “reach up” – like reaching up to grab an electrical powerline and holding on. Finally, I do have help in raising up to that vibration level and I do have help in identifying certain vibrations. I’ve been giving readings for 36 years now, and I’m still learning more on how to get better.


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