The Value of Patience

Many people, with financial resources, think there’s only one way to get things done, and that’s by spending a lot of money on it.

Many people, with time resources, think there’s only one way to get things done, and that’s by spending a lot of time at it.

Many people, with mental resources, think there’s only one way to get things done, and that’s by doing a lot of thinking about it.

Take all those away and what do you have?

A few people without money, time or mental resources, know that there’s only one way to get things done and that’s with patience.

If you wanted to dig a river, and if all you could think up was that a drop of rain might help, and that it would be only for a second that drop would be effective, then you’d be without mental resources – no profound thoughts, without time resources – only an instant in time, and without physical resources – no great machines or great floods, to make that river.  But with patience, and applying a drop of rain over and over, it simply would only take x amount of drops of rain to eventually make what we know today as the Grand Canyon.

Without patience, the Grand Canyon would never, ever happen.   Oh, but look what can be accomplished with patience, though.

God has patience… and persistence with using that drop.

If you’ve never gone to see the Grand Canyon, go.  See it in person.  You won’t regret it.


“No one speaking judgement and condemnation, speaks for God.  No one speaking fear and retribution, speaks for God.  The one speaking love, forgiveness, kindness, brotherhood, patience and mercy – this one speaks for God.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Patience accomplishes everything worthwhile.  Impatience accomplishes everything worth less.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

Prejudice of Ages

How silly humanity in general has been with so many years of prejudice against people involved in interracial marriages, same sex marriages, cross-cultural marriages, mixed political marriages, this or that marriage, and on and on and on.

Unlearning prejudice found in any human experience or human arena is a slow process.  The prejudices come from learned fears, from desire to fit in, from the desire to be loved and approved from those who are supposed to love us, and from our own past life experiences with different races and subcultures – whether those past experiences are cooperative or combative.

Many, many, many, many times, the prejudice and hatred comes from past life connections where there are still grudges and resentments towards a particular group or people.  Acts like “raids on groups”, raiding, pillaging and killing in wars, make for many prejudices.  All races and groups have been targeted at some time in some way, and many different groups have been slaves or bought and sold. Sometimes, in human history all that was required to be enslaved was to be defeated in battle.

Many groups have been perceived as second class, lower class, or lower caste, and these experiences sometimes are hard to go through.  Still others use these experiences to justify their vendetas, grudges or resentments or even to build new ones.

So, it will take time for prejudice to heal.  Since it can come from very real damage and harm done to each other in the past.  And each person will have to resolve it in their own time within their own heart, mind and soul.  Do you think?  This is also a contributing factor in the Middle Eastern conflicts and in the attack of 9-11.

What is interesting is that there is no one on this planet that has NOT experienced being on the receiving end of prejudice.  Everyone has, whether based on race, religion, gender, financial situation, spiritual belief, disability, weight, physical features, ethnicity, sexual preference, sometimes their job, etc.  And I say this regardless of whether we may see how that possibly could be true “for that other person over there who looks way better off than I am.” (Having this thought is a symptom of prejudice.)

I can go into a room of any number of people and show you how each person has been singled out in at least 3 different ways, just by being who they are.  Women, men, black, white, brown, red, Hispanic, Asian, European, Native American, Christians, Jews, Muslims, tall, short, small, large – no group has been free from being on the receiving end of hatred, disrespect, fear, attack, ridicule, different types of abuse and the like because of their group – even psychics.  Yes, there are groups that have predominately received recent prejudice, but all groups of peoples and different subcultures have received it at some time in the past, and even now in the present.

Prejudice has been the source of much human pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering is something that no human ever escapes.  Jesus Christ didn’t escape pain and suffering then or now, and Robin Williams didn’t escape pain and suffering, either.  Pray for all who suffer – whether on this side of the veil or the other.  When we are in pain and suffering, we tend to strike out at whomever we think is the cause.  This is the birth of prejudice.  Pray for all who are in pain.


“God does not create barriers to love.  Not even death is a barrier to love.  Love can move back and forth through the veil of death.”  (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2020, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Whenever Love is present, God is present.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2020, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Even as we are reading this, God is completely aware of us (and aware that we are reading this) – observing with infinite love, kindness and patience.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1999-2020, Jodie Senkyrik)


So are you seeing the demons coming out of hell? [From a comment in the “Tribulation…” article]

Be warned.  You’re not going to like my answer.  It’s not the answer you’re wanting.  But, it is the answer that will be presented here.

God calls no soul “demon”.  All beings/souls are equally seen and truly loved by God.  The “demons” you and so many of us are really afraid of are the demons within ourselves that we’ve done nothing to change or heal.  It is these inner demons that we’ve used as a channel to inflict pain and suffering onto others in the past and present – whether in this life and remembered, or in past lives and forgotten.

Change the demons within one’s self through effort, willingness, study, forgiveness and letting go of judgement and in time, you, too, could find yourself no longer calling God’s creations/children, “demons” – whether they are incarnated into a body or not incarnated into a body.

When we’ve faced our own demons, how we see others – including those we’ve labeled with insulting names – will change.

The Edgar Cayce Readings state, “There is good in the worst of us, and there is bad in the best of us.”

Have you ever been labeled with an insulting name by someone else who sees you as “bad” through their negative and hurtful lens?  They may see you as a demon.  If anyone has received insults, it then behooves us to ask ourselves if we’re sure we want to look at other souls, spirits, entities of any kind negatively as being demons, when, at the same time, we haven’t done anything to change the demons we have inside of ourselves.

There are many in the world that are willing to label other life forms or souls, both incarnate and discarnate, with insulting names, and they have been willing through all ages.  If any of us chooses to be one of these many that insults others, then remember, an unwillingness to change the demons within on anyone’s part, points to a continued willingness and desire within to inflict pain and suffering onto others.


“When we insult God’s creations, we’re insulting God.”

“All of us have lapses in our willingness to change ourselves.  It helps to remember that we can get up, dust ourselves off and get back into the ‘transformation through forgiveness’ game.”


There are questions that come forth about “What will happen -when or if- this or that comes true as predicted or speculated?”

While these questions can be useful up to a point, it is best for them to be the last questions to ask.  The better question always to ask is a question for us to best ask ourselves, because we ourselves are the ones that know the answers.

“What are we doing TODAY to bring forth the Christ Spirit in our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with?”  As Jesus said, “Do not worry about tomorrow.  Let tomorrow worry about itself.  Deal with today.” Matthew 6:25-34.

The questions of today are way more important to ask. Whether we brought pain and suffering to someone or whether we helped lift someone up, the question is here to ask.

Who is in our life that needs understanding and compassion, TODAY?
or Who were we rude to, or mean to or hurtful to, TODAY?
Who needs a kind word, TODAY?
or Who were we judgmental towards, TODAY?
Who can we forgive TODAY?
or Who’s life did we add pain and suffering to, TODAY?
Who can we show mercy towards TODAY?
or Who did we insult or show disrespect – TODAY?
Who can we pray for, TODAY?
or Who did we hate, TODAY?
Who can we help, TODAY?
Who needs our patience, TODAY?
Who needs gentle kindness, TODAY?
Who did we give a demonstration of love to, TODAY?

If it’s the future or phenomenon, or drama, or amazing and strange earthly occurances that we seek, then these are here today and gone tomorrow.  We more often treat them only as entertainment – and not anything that sways beliefs or actions. But, the acts of understanding, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and love are the miracles that are capable of changing – lifting up – lives, forever.



The Tribulation and the Time of Jesus’ Return

Q:  You said that you see us in the times and half times. Isn’t that during the tribulation in Revelation? Could this mean that we are living in time of Jesus return?

A: Remember, the questions you have are questions many others are wondering about also.  There’s a great deal that is left unexplained in our world.  Now is the time in our lives that many things can be asked and answered.  So, I welcome any question that someone may have gnawing at them.

To answer your questions: I want to preface by saying that this whole topic can easily have (and has had) books written to explain this.  It would be worth it to read some of them.

Okay.  Here’s how I’ll start to answer this.  (Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand all of it.  It’s on the Internet and anyone who wants can return to it at will, reread it and understand a little more each time.)

Both the inner experience and the outer experience of that described in Revelations are possible in the same time frame.  The consciousness transformation described in Revelations must happen within individuals to prepare the way for Christ to return in the same body in which He ascended.  It is the opening within individuals to the Christ within, and the establishing of the Christ Spirit within the consciousness of individuals that sets in motion and brings forth the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the body.  One will not happen without the other.

The Christ Spirit within each individual is the Highest Self within the individual – that part of our consciousness that has never left the realm of the Father.  As Christ said, “I and the Father are One.”  and “I am in you, as the Father is in me.”  These statements can bring forth the awareness that within all of us, the Christ Spirit resides, and at the same time, is always One with the Father.

As we open to this very tangible aspect of who we are, and pour forth this aspect into the world, (as the pouring forth of the water at the wedding of Canaan)  our Higher Self – our Christ Self- we bring forth the Spirit of Christ into manifestation in the world we live in (the water turning into wine.)   As we continue to manifest the Christ Spirit through the different ways to manifest love, – the fruits of the Spirit, such as forgiveness, mercy, patience, humility, kindness, love, compassion, understanding, etc – we “lay down the palm fronds” that allow the Christ Spirit to enter into the manifested Earth – the manifested Earth being the body that was flesh and blood, made from the dust of the Earth, that ascended and will be reestablished at the designated time the Father determines.

So, in a vision, I saw that we are in the times and half times.  But, these “times and half times” are not designated by a calendar, but by the process of transformation within the hearts and minds of human beings.  Tribulations galore are happening in our world – not just to the world at large, but to individuals in this world.  The Earth itself does not experience our tribulations.  We as people experience them.

Yet, transformation is happening also.  It is each individual’s freewill choice to decide how and when to address the tribulations that each individual faces.  By facing these challenges in life, by transforming our response to life’s situations, our own transformation can occur.

Many souls now alive in the Earth work to continue to open to and manifest the Christ Spirit within through prayers, through meditation, through the study of dreams, through health efforts, through cooperation, through forgiveness, through courage, through loving kindness, through support of others, through service, and through any other way that any individual is inspired to manifest the Creative Spirit that guides our efforts – (meaning ‘creative ideas’.)

Metaphysically speaking:  the efforts to bring forth the Christ Spirit on this planet, have the effect of raising the vibration that exists in the world.  This raising of the vibration of the planet itself creates an environment which sets the stage for the Highest Vibration – the Christ Spirit vibration – the vibration of pure Love – the vibration of the Light of Love – the “God in Man” vibration to then enter into this physical realm.  It is as has been said before – “I stand at the door and knock.”  We need only prepare the way, and open the door.  And we are working towards that.

SIDE NOTE:  The calamities around the globe are NOT a demonstration of the vibration lowering in the planet.  If the vibration were not raising in the planet, we would not be having all these calamities.  This fact may not be easily understood, but it is much like turning up the heat under a pot of water to purify the water.  As the level of vibration raises – the temperature – the pot boils releasing the energy within the water.  If there were no raising of the temperature vibration – the pot would not boil – leaving all energy dormant within the water.  In this metaphor, the impurities of the water cannot be removed without the water boiling and turning to steam.  The transformation happens and the impurities are no longer part of the water. (Here, the impurities are hatred, prejudice, criticism, judging others, intolerance, selfishness, etc.)

To purify the water, the vibration must be raised.  Now, to continue with the water metaphor, the water – people – don’t always want to be purified.  The fact that the Earth is to become a place for Spirit to manifest in greater and greater ways means that those who do not choose transformation – the alignment with the Christ Spirit vibration – the alignment with brotherhood, loving kindness, patience, perseverance, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, understanding, etc, – may not be allowed to re-enter into another cycle of lives in the Earth, until such time that they have a closer matching vibrational environment allowing them to return to the Earth realm and work again on themselves, to face the impurities within themselves.

God is the God of Mercy and Patience – Infinite Mercy and Infinite Patience.  As such God will not allow any soul to be left behind but give opportunities for each soul to turn back to God until even the last soul is on the path back to God.  Christ is committed to this when He said, “He who would be first, must be last.” Mark 9:35.  “Whoever would be greatest among you must serve all the rest.”  Matthew 23:11.  He recognized this for Himself.


There are predictions from thousands of years ago describing this time period and the potential that this time period can offer.  These are predictions that so many people have no idea even exist.  Each person has the right to choose whether they will participate and “wake up” to all that is possible, or “stay asleep” and see nothing out of the ordinary.  And this fact means that for some who are awake to this, they see that it is the times and half times, and for preparing the way of the Lord.  And for others, who are asleep to this, the see nothing and therefore, it isn’t.  Remember, 2000 years ago, to many, it was just another day as usual, with nothing special happening “according to them.”  But, to some, it was the Day of the Lord that came upon them.

This Jesus knows and hence why He said, “Many will say, ‘Here is Christ or there is Christ.”  pointing to external events and people coming forth fostering the belief that it is only an “external” event.  But, those who have opened to the Christ within, will know when that which is within them manifests in the world.  Those who work to continuously bring forth the Spirit of Love towards others, will recognize this Spirit of Love in the Earth from already having known it and shared it from within their own heart, mind and soul.

Finally, I add that Jesus is already at work in the Earth and has never stopped.  Many people have had personal direct encounters of Jesus and Mary.  We know of personal stories from Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, and others.  One book I recommend is “I Am With You Always”, by G. Scott Sparrow.


“Feeling at peace is not experiencing God.  Helping someone else feel at peace is experiencing God.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997, 2014)

“Prayer can change things. The more prayer, the more change.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003, 2014)

End of the World, Blood Moons, Eclipses, etc.

I’m going to answer questions about the End of the World, and signs portending to the “End of the World” in this way.

First, the world has ended and begun again differently so many times that no one can keep count.  Sometimes, it is easy to see, like for those who remember September 11, 2001.  The “World as we knew it” ended and a different world began.  The world has ended many times and begun again differently many times.  There are many areas around the globe where the people can say, “The world as we knew it ended.”  So, if anyone is telling you that the world is ending, they could be right.  The world they know could be ending, but there will be another one to begin, just like it always happens.

Second, the issue then becomes “what kind of God do any of us believe it?  Do we believe in a God that will call it quits? and destroy a whole planet?”  To those that suggest this, I answer this way.

Imagine if you will, a God that is infinite.  There are some that try to imagine this or even believe it, but yet, they don’t take it further in meaning.  This means infinite in everything – with no end.  To believe in a God that is infinite means believing in a God that is infinite in patience, infinite in mercy, infinite in understanding, infinite in kindness, infinite in forgiveness, infinite in love and infinite in wisdom.  Now imagine He sends Christ to help us to know Our Father, in a greater way.  Now, imagine Christ says, “If you see me, you see the Father.”  And Christ shows us friendship, kindness, love, mercy, forgiveness, goodwill and a peace that passes our own understanding.

Yet, if we believe God is not like Jesus, then we can only believe that Christ lied to us, when He said, “If you see me, you see the Father.”

However, if we believe Jesus told us the truth when He said the previous words, as well as “Love one another, as I have loved you.”, then we must allow for it then to be possible, that when we see Christ’s forgiveness, we are seeing the Father’s forgiveness.  When we see Christ’s kindness, we are seeing the Father’s kindness.  When we see Jesus’ mercy and understanding, we are seeing God’s mercy and understanding.  And when we see Christ’s love, we are seeing the Father’s love.  All with no end.

There is no end to God’s patience and understanding.  There is no end to God’s mercy and forgiveness.  It is the nature of being infinite.  There is no end to love.

Is this the God anyone believes in?  Or do any of us believe in a God that would hurt people and subject them to horrors, be impatient and take away His children’s chance to learn and grow by destroying the planet.

What kind of God do you believe in?  You have freewill to believe as you choose.


“Whenever Love is present, God is present.  Put another way, whenever Love is in the room, God is in the room.  Put another way, still, there is more of God/Love in the air that we breathe, than there is air that we breathe.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995, 2014)

The Return of Christ

When you see the future, when do you see Christ physically returning, around what time period? C.

It is for the Father to decide when Jesus will return in physical form to walk the Earth.

The process of predicting involves many factors, and one of those factors is the will of God.  Likewise, there are many factors involved with the return of Christ.  One of those factors, too, is the will of God.  Likewise, another factor in both of these is the willingness of human beings to attune to the will of God.  Human beings have freewill and freewill will never be taken away.  Put this altogether and it means what Jesus, Himself, said, “Only the Father knows.”

Predicting is only called predicting, because events have not yet happened.  Yet, many events have already been laid out, planned and set in motion.  These events are present to be foreseen and shared.  We call this predicting.  However, not all events are set in motion.  Many events are determined by choices human beings make – whether we turn right or turn left – whether we go forward or backwards.  The return of Christ will happen when humankind is ready, and right now there are 7, going on 8 billion people who are using their freewill to decide their lives, and this determines readiness.

If this confuses you, then live as if Christ were in your life already.  Imagine giving Jesus a big hug, and Him hugging you right back.



Question of 8-2-2014: The Rapture

What do you mean by this? “I do not see it as a literal event on the planet Earth. But, I do see it as a personal experience awaiting those who seek to open to greater awareness of one’s relationship to God, oneself and others.” C. (See the comments of “Prayer, Meditation, Edgar Cayce and Hurricanes” for the subject matter topic.)

Everyone on Earth has different beliefs.  This is because everyone is different.  No two lives are the same and no experience means the same thing to any two people.  You’re beliefs are yours, which you’ve developed throughout your life.  In addition to that, you don’t have the same beliefs that you had when you were 6 years old or any other age, and you will adjust or change beliefs as you continue to live your life.  You have already and you will continue.  This is the way life is for everyone.

So…I mean that when I look psychically, I do not see this event, as believed and defined by people holding this set of beliefs, to occur on the planet Earth in the form that is readily believed and defined by those people holding to these beliefs.  I see a continuation of life on Earth for generations and generations with the normal human need for learning and growth carrying on.

I see the continuation of life on Earth for generations so as to allow even greater opportunities to open both minds and hearts to an ever expanding awareness of the “world in which we live.”  I see a continuation of the social, spiritual, community, and mental and emotional evolutions in the same way that mankind has been growing and evolving for centuries and centuries.  I also see a God with Infinite Patience for all of us.  I see God’s Infinite Patience being a foundation for His helping us to grow in our awareness of the true relationship we have with each other and Him.

Finally, I see what many term “The Rapture” as being a decidedly inner experience and not a physical experience.  I see this being a consciousness experience happening on one’s own road to greater awareness of one’s self and one’s relationship to God and all life.  It is an experience that happens at the “individual” level, because every individual is different and in a different place on their path to greater awareness.  And in this definition, I reiterate that there are no shortcuts to greater awareness of our relationship to God, to one another and all life.  The “Rapture” does not release anyone from the inner work of healing all these relationships.  This must be done.  This inner work is the work of forgiveness, mercy, loving kindness, patience, tolerance, understanding, etc. and etc.

This is what I mean.   I hope this helps.


“God doesn’t help us according to our own instructions to Him.  God does not come to human beings for advice.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000, Jodie Senkyrik)

“We cannot evolve ourselves.  Our growth comes from the next greater level of awareness.  This comes from God.  To hold to the status quo of our awareness is to struggle against the growth of awareness that God has waiting for us.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2000, Jodie Senkyrik)

The Holes in Siberia

What I see is this:  There is a focused level of great heat coming up from deep below the holes deep in the Earth – more like “mini-volcanoes”.  Because it is so cold where these are, the surrounding area remains frozen, hence why the holes look weird.  Had they happened in temperate areas, the holes would have formed differently.

The heat comes from fissures below ground.  This warms the iced areas, creating both pressure and an opportunity from that which is frozen to melt.

It makes the news now because we humans love stories of magic and wonder.  Do you think it will make the “front pages” or “6-oclock news” when the natural understanding of their formation happens?

I expect a few more to show.

For more on this phenomenon, I suggest this website address:

“The miracle isn’t in the phenomenon or the amazing happenings.  The miracle is in showing forgiveness, understanding and mercy to another person.  The miracle isn’t in lifting others’ eyebrows in amazement, but rather helping lift another back up when they’ve been beaten down by life.”  (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“An act of forgiveness is an act of freedom and joy.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)