The Tribulation and the Time of Jesus’ Return

Q:  You said that you see us in the times and half times. Isn’t that during the tribulation in Revelation? Could this mean that we are living in time of Jesus return?

A: Remember, the questions you have are questions many others are wondering about also.  There’s a great deal that is left unexplained in our world.  Now is the time in our lives that many things can be asked and answered.  So, I welcome any question that someone may have gnawing at them.

To answer your questions: I want to preface by saying that this whole topic can easily have (and has had) books written to explain this.  It would be worth it to read some of them.

Okay.  Here’s how I’ll start to answer this.  (Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand all of it.  It’s on the Internet and anyone who wants can return to it at will, reread it and understand a little more each time.)

Both the inner experience and the outer experience of that described in Revelations are possible in the same time frame.  The consciousness transformation described in Revelations must happen within individuals to prepare the way for Christ to return in the same body in which He ascended.  It is the opening within individuals to the Christ within, and the establishing of the Christ Spirit within the consciousness of individuals that sets in motion and brings forth the manifestation of Jesus Christ in the body.  One will not happen without the other.

The Christ Spirit within each individual is the Highest Self within the individual – that part of our consciousness that has never left the realm of the Father.  As Christ said, “I and the Father are One.”  and “I am in you, as the Father is in me.”  These statements can bring forth the awareness that within all of us, the Christ Spirit resides, and at the same time, is always One with the Father.

As we open to this very tangible aspect of who we are, and pour forth this aspect into the world, (as the pouring forth of the water at the wedding of Canaan)  our Higher Self – our Christ Self- we bring forth the Spirit of Christ into manifestation in the world we live in (the water turning into wine.)   As we continue to manifest the Christ Spirit through the different ways to manifest love, – the fruits of the Spirit, such as forgiveness, mercy, patience, humility, kindness, love, compassion, understanding, etc – we “lay down the palm fronds” that allow the Christ Spirit to enter into the manifested Earth – the manifested Earth being the body that was flesh and blood, made from the dust of the Earth, that ascended and will be reestablished at the designated time the Father determines.

So, in a vision, I saw that we are in the times and half times.  But, these “times and half times” are not designated by a calendar, but by the process of transformation within the hearts and minds of human beings.  Tribulations galore are happening in our world – not just to the world at large, but to individuals in this world.  The Earth itself does not experience our tribulations.  We as people experience them.

Yet, transformation is happening also.  It is each individual’s freewill choice to decide how and when to address the tribulations that each individual faces.  By facing these challenges in life, by transforming our response to life’s situations, our own transformation can occur.

Many souls now alive in the Earth work to continue to open to and manifest the Christ Spirit within through prayers, through meditation, through the study of dreams, through health efforts, through cooperation, through forgiveness, through courage, through loving kindness, through support of others, through service, and through any other way that any individual is inspired to manifest the Creative Spirit that guides our efforts – (meaning ‘creative ideas’.)

Metaphysically speaking:  the efforts to bring forth the Christ Spirit on this planet, have the effect of raising the vibration that exists in the world.  This raising of the vibration of the planet itself creates an environment which sets the stage for the Highest Vibration – the Christ Spirit vibration – the vibration of pure Love – the vibration of the Light of Love – the “God in Man” vibration to then enter into this physical realm.  It is as has been said before – “I stand at the door and knock.”  We need only prepare the way, and open the door.  And we are working towards that.

SIDE NOTE:  The calamities around the globe are NOT a demonstration of the vibration lowering in the planet.  If the vibration were not raising in the planet, we would not be having all these calamities.  This fact may not be easily understood, but it is much like turning up the heat under a pot of water to purify the water.  As the level of vibration raises – the temperature – the pot boils releasing the energy within the water.  If there were no raising of the temperature vibration – the pot would not boil – leaving all energy dormant within the water.  In this metaphor, the impurities of the water cannot be removed without the water boiling and turning to steam.  The transformation happens and the impurities are no longer part of the water. (Here, the impurities are hatred, prejudice, criticism, judging others, intolerance, selfishness, etc.)

To purify the water, the vibration must be raised.  Now, to continue with the water metaphor, the water – people – don’t always want to be purified.  The fact that the Earth is to become a place for Spirit to manifest in greater and greater ways means that those who do not choose transformation – the alignment with the Christ Spirit vibration – the alignment with brotherhood, loving kindness, patience, perseverance, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, understanding, etc, – may not be allowed to re-enter into another cycle of lives in the Earth, until such time that they have a closer matching vibrational environment allowing them to return to the Earth realm and work again on themselves, to face the impurities within themselves.

God is the God of Mercy and Patience – Infinite Mercy and Infinite Patience.  As such God will not allow any soul to be left behind but give opportunities for each soul to turn back to God until even the last soul is on the path back to God.  Christ is committed to this when He said, “He who would be first, must be last.” Mark 9:35.  “Whoever would be greatest among you must serve all the rest.”  Matthew 23:11.  He recognized this for Himself.


There are predictions from thousands of years ago describing this time period and the potential that this time period can offer.  These are predictions that so many people have no idea even exist.  Each person has the right to choose whether they will participate and “wake up” to all that is possible, or “stay asleep” and see nothing out of the ordinary.  And this fact means that for some who are awake to this, they see that it is the times and half times, and for preparing the way of the Lord.  And for others, who are asleep to this, the see nothing and therefore, it isn’t.  Remember, 2000 years ago, to many, it was just another day as usual, with nothing special happening “according to them.”  But, to some, it was the Day of the Lord that came upon them.

This Jesus knows and hence why He said, “Many will say, ‘Here is Christ or there is Christ.”  pointing to external events and people coming forth fostering the belief that it is only an “external” event.  But, those who have opened to the Christ within, will know when that which is within them manifests in the world.  Those who work to continuously bring forth the Spirit of Love towards others, will recognize this Spirit of Love in the Earth from already having known it and shared it from within their own heart, mind and soul.

Finally, I add that Jesus is already at work in the Earth and has never stopped.  Many people have had personal direct encounters of Jesus and Mary.  We know of personal stories from Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, and others.  One book I recommend is “I Am With You Always”, by G. Scott Sparrow.


“Feeling at peace is not experiencing God.  Helping someone else feel at peace is experiencing God.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 1997, 2014)

“Prayer can change things. The more prayer, the more change.” (Rainbow Cards, ©, 2003, 2014)

39 thoughts on “The Tribulation and the Time of Jesus’ Return

  1. Jesus said that people would began having visions and dreams of him returning. We see this happening now. Jesus also said that he world return the way he left, doesn’t that mean he’d fall from the sky?


    • He didn’t ascend into clouds. He ascended into higher consciousness. Higher Consciousness vibrates at a higher level. This Higher Consciousness is the Consciousness of Love. God Consciousness is Love Consciousness. They cannot be separate. The two are one. Human existence and physicality (all physical forms) vibrate at a lower vibration held in place at this level by the Consciousness of God. This is done for the purpose of facing challenges to help the soul to grow and develop.

      As Higher Consciousness/Love Consciousness/God Consciousness activates in the physical plane, the higher level of vibration blends in with the lower vibrations of physicality. This is like activating two tuning forks at the same time. The vibrations of both tuning forks affect each other. This is why the Earth’s vibrations are speeding up. This, in turn, will facilitate and receive souls born of a higher vibration into the Earth. This is a natural process of evolution. Bringing in higher vibrations/God vibrations/Love vibrations into the Earth affects the Earth, thus calling forth souls of a higher vibration to be born. See?


        • Just a word to the wise – none of us will really understand much about this unless we’ve gone through spiritual experiences ourselves. We can intellectually conceptualize the ideas, but only when we’ve awakened to spiritual processes, do we truly understand this process that, in truth, is so far beyond what anyone can verbally describe.


  2. Would you please explain the antichrist? It says he would make a new peace treaty with Israel and perform signs and miracles, if this were not a person, what else could it be? With all of this stuff happening I can’t help but to think of Matt 24. What is the meaning of Matt 24 if it doesn’t refer to the end of the world and Jesus coming back to judge us all?


    • The Anti-Christ is described by many in different ways, but remember, Christ never spoke of an “Anti-Christ”. Matthew 24 describes the internal challenges within the soul that is on a path of Spiritual Self-exploration and Spiritual Awakening. Within the individual’s own consciousness are all the challenges that we face- one of the biggest being selfishness in all its many forms.

      When we consider our own needs, agendas and desires to be more important than others’, the Anti-Christ is active. When we consider all life to be equal in importance and consideration, then the Christ is active. When we seek to follow the words, “Love God above all else and Love your neighbor as yourself.” the Christ is active.

      Jesus told Peter, when Peter asked about the paths of others, “You don’t worry about them. I’ll worry about them. You follow me.” It is our task to work on ourselves so we can hear the still, small voice within helping us to find our way back to God. It is Christ’s path to bring all to God.

      In effect, He is also saying to us, for us to be vigilant on our path of study, effort, and sincere desire to grow in awareness of our relationship to God. But, we are off our path if we’re pointing the finger at others for their shortcomings.

      The question for us to ask is this, “Do we require someone else to take their next step closer to God – the step of change – before we agree to be willing to take a step closer to God?” Is our own reuniting with God based on what someone else does? And if they don’t take that step towards God for eternity, are we going to choose to not be willing for eternity, simply because we wanted them to change first?


  3. I keep reading this over and over. According to Fatima there will be three days of darkness, I’ve been reading this for a while. Also, Edgar Cayce also has a map of what the world would eventually look like. What do you see in all of this?


    • This has been changed because of the prayers and meditations of many millions. Now, the 3 days of darkness are spread out with years in between them. The 1st day of darkness was the day the Tsunami hit Japan and activated their nuclear power plant disaster. This truly was a true day of darkness-the day it happened- for the people of Japan and the surrounding nations.

      The warning sign for Japan’s disaster was the previous Tsunami that had hit Indonesia. I currently believe that I see the 2nd day of darkness happening in 2015.


    • You don’t need a psychic for this. See Wikepedia. It’s spelled Nibiru. See Nibiru cataclysm. Everyone will choose for themselves what they want to believe. I’ll bet Barnum and Bailey are wishing they had thought of this.


        • No event ever will destroy humankind on the planet Earth. The human destiny is for transcendence of the Earth – not destruction. The exit strategy and plan has begun and will merely take time so that no soul is left behind.

          However, symbolically speaking, many things can destroy us, if we let them – failed marriages, relationships breaking up, bad grades in school, death of a loved one, problems in relationships, chemical addictions, our favorite teams losing, being bullied in school, and many other things. Human life is full of events that, while they may not seem that bad to some, they could seem capable of destroying oneself, to others. In the same way, one event can destroy one person, and challenge another.


        • What is the exit strategy? I’m scared to open Christ Conscious because I’m scared of God and Angles and receiving visions and messages and seeing angles.


  4. There are some that said during a literal darkness Jesus will come back. Fatima also says this and that all of the demons in hell will be let out and we must pray the Rosary.


  5. There are many ways to answer this, but I’ll go this way – the real issue isn’t “what will happen then”. The real issue and question and factor to look at today – is “What are we doing – today?” If we’re doing nothing TODAY to bring God forth from our hearts into our lives and the lives of those around us, then it doesn’t matter what happens. We’re already gone. If we’re doing everything we can TODAY to bring God forth from our hearts into our lives and the lives of those around us, then it doesn’t matter what happens, we’re already in the hands of God.


  6. Conley, you are a Son of God. There is no reason to be terrified by that which does not exist unless YOU choose to do so. Be proud of your heritage. Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative. Jodie’s “TODAY” post of a few days ago would be a really good start.


  7. Did you mean to type “…. so is it weird that I am terrified of God and Angels?” If so, that’s more Like normal ever since Adam & Eve purloined an apple, and a pissed-off God banished the pair and their descendents from the Garden. Kind of an over reaction don’t you think? The God I know does not work that way and is clearly not terrifying.

    Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the snake, and we have been blaming someone else ever since, including God.


      • There is more here than meets the eye. To understand the flood, one must take in a context far, far wider than what is accounted for in the Bible. Far wider than is possible in this blog.
        However, a short answer can be that God gave warnings to all that would listen. Very few chose to believe those warnings and very few chose to believe beyond their own understanding of reality. God doesn’t hold back the truth from anyone. It is us, humans who decide to either open our minds and hearts or close our minds and hearts. I suggest that the flood was not a punishment, but rather an event for which warnings were given.
        Think of it like the coyote who stood in front of a steam roller and got run over by the steam roller. The coyote, having coyote thinking, then thought to himself, “Was that a steam roller that just ran over me? I’d better stand in front of it again and make sure.” And it happens, again. With the coyote not opening his mind even then, he goes back saying, “Wait! Was that a steam roller that rolled over me a 2nd time? I’d better go stand in front of it again just to really find out for sure.” Some of us humans, don’t know when to open our minds.
        (If you haven’t guessed, this is the same coyote that keeps buying stuff from the ACME company.)


        • The only reason I’m confused is Jesus said there would be signs of his second coming too. I don’t understand how Jesus is supposed to come back in his same body without coming from the sky.


        • The image of Jesus going into (ascending into) the sky comes from centuries of painters painting it that way. There is no other way to paint a symbol for the real “ascension” when the real ascension is a transformation beyond earthly vision. He didn’t ascend into the sky. He ascended into the higher vibrations and existence dimensions of the Consciousness of God.

          In the same way that all things are made of vibration and that the vibrational spectrum continues higher past many, many levels beyond hearing vibrations and light vibrations, He ascended into vibrational levels beyond those known on Earth. This event has somewhat been represented by a symbol in a 3-dimensional world painted on a 2 dimensional canvas – that symbol being “going into the sky”.


  8. And just how did He do that? Or, is He to blame because he did not stop it from happening. Stuff happens. Get over it. Every single person living on this planet, past, present, or in the future is a Child of God. While they are here in the finite, there will be plenty of opportunities to assign blame to others, and occasionally to them selves. We seldom know the truth of why things happen and therefore judge wrongly.

    The Last Judgement is not when God sorts out the sheep from the goats, but is when each individual ceases to make judgements that separates him/her self from God, from other Children of God. Seek the highest good in all things. Choose what you will and will not do to realize that intent.


  9. It’s best not to try to GET ALL the answers all at once, and I’ve learned and tell others it’s best not to try to GIVE ALL the answers all at once. And I won’t. When we do that, we rarely ever get an understanding of it. Sometimes, we just get more confused, and the information more often helps us in no way whatsoever. A true understanding of God, Christ, the world, the Bible and everything else comes not all at once, but one drop at a time. Don’t get discouraged, but God works via patience to help us get real and true answers that are meant to help us grow in being better human beings, not just to satisfy curiosity. Besides, what we learn comes from our life experiences, and not just from Q&A sessions. What we learn from life becomes part of us in ways that Q&A sessions never will.

    One step at a time. That’s one reason of many why I don’t always answer every question.


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