End of the World, Blood Moons, Eclipses, etc.

I’m going to answer questions about the End of the World, and signs portending to the “End of the World” in this way.

First, the world has ended and begun again differently so many times that no one can keep count.  Sometimes, it is easy to see, like for those who remember September 11, 2001.  The “World as we knew it” ended and a different world began.  The world has ended many times and begun again differently many times.  There are many areas around the globe where the people can say, “The world as we knew it ended.”  So, if anyone is telling you that the world is ending, they could be right.  The world they know could be ending, but there will be another one to begin, just like it always happens.

Second, the issue then becomes “what kind of God do any of us believe it?  Do we believe in a God that will call it quits? and destroy a whole planet?”  To those that suggest this, I answer this way.

Imagine if you will, a God that is infinite.  There are some that try to imagine this or even believe it, but yet, they don’t take it further in meaning.  This means infinite in everything – with no end.  To believe in a God that is infinite means believing in a God that is infinite in patience, infinite in mercy, infinite in understanding, infinite in kindness, infinite in forgiveness, infinite in love and infinite in wisdom.  Now imagine He sends Christ to help us to know Our Father, in a greater way.  Now, imagine Christ says, “If you see me, you see the Father.”  And Christ shows us friendship, kindness, love, mercy, forgiveness, goodwill and a peace that passes our own understanding.

Yet, if we believe God is not like Jesus, then we can only believe that Christ lied to us, when He said, “If you see me, you see the Father.”

However, if we believe Jesus told us the truth when He said the previous words, as well as “Love one another, as I have loved you.”, then we must allow for it then to be possible, that when we see Christ’s forgiveness, we are seeing the Father’s forgiveness.  When we see Christ’s kindness, we are seeing the Father’s kindness.  When we see Jesus’ mercy and understanding, we are seeing God’s mercy and understanding.  And when we see Christ’s love, we are seeing the Father’s love.  All with no end.

There is no end to God’s patience and understanding.  There is no end to God’s mercy and forgiveness.  It is the nature of being infinite.  There is no end to love.

Is this the God anyone believes in?  Or do any of us believe in a God that would hurt people and subject them to horrors, be impatient and take away His children’s chance to learn and grow by destroying the planet.

What kind of God do you believe in?  You have freewill to believe as you choose.


“Whenever Love is present, God is present.  Put another way, whenever Love is in the room, God is in the room.  Put another way, still, there is more of God/Love in the air that we breathe, than there is air that we breathe.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995, 2014)

The Return of Christ

When you see the future, when do you see Christ physically returning, around what time period? C.

It is for the Father to decide when Jesus will return in physical form to walk the Earth.

The process of predicting involves many factors, and one of those factors is the will of God.  Likewise, there are many factors involved with the return of Christ.  One of those factors, too, is the will of God.  Likewise, another factor in both of these is the willingness of human beings to attune to the will of God.  Human beings have freewill and freewill will never be taken away.  Put this altogether and it means what Jesus, Himself, said, “Only the Father knows.”

Predicting is only called predicting, because events have not yet happened.  Yet, many events have already been laid out, planned and set in motion.  These events are present to be foreseen and shared.  We call this predicting.  However, not all events are set in motion.  Many events are determined by choices human beings make – whether we turn right or turn left – whether we go forward or backwards.  The return of Christ will happen when humankind is ready, and right now there are 7, going on 8 billion people who are using their freewill to decide their lives, and this determines readiness.

If this confuses you, then live as if Christ were in your life already.  Imagine giving Jesus a big hug, and Him hugging you right back.