Spiritual Vocations?

I sometimes hear people struggle with trying to find their “true life’s work”.  I offer this perspective around this topic.

Part 1:
Our soul job is to become one with God.  Our soul vocation is not related to the job we have or want or seek in our society.  We can choose any earth job we want or are inclined to pursue.  From musician, to priest to housewife, to garbage collector to assembly line worker, etc.  All vocations that contribute to mankind’s goodwill & needs are worthwhile.  The soul’s vocation is different.  Our soul vocation is to apply the spiritual principles that we learn, regardless of the earthly role we find have chosen for ourselves or find ourselves in and which helps to pay the bills and function within the world we live.

Our real job is that which we brought with us when we were born and will take with us when our time is finished.  Everything we do that we think is spiritual, based on an earth occupation, is only for one life.  If we have chosen an occupation based on our judgment that it is a spiritual occupation, then we have only gained one life’s benefit.  It will be lost when we die, because it will be left behind.

The question is what job will we take with us?  What is it that our work is about that we will take with us when we die?  This work is the work of becoming.  Becoming what?  When we work on becoming anything which demonstrates the spiritual fruit, we will take this work with us.  It is the only thing we will take with us into the next world and the next life.  If we think in our heads that an earthly vocation is a spiritual job, then we will lose this “gain” when we end this life and the earthly vocation ends.

But, if we take to heart the job of becoming loving, the job of becoming merciful, the work of becoming patient, the work of becoming understanding, the work of forgiving, the work of becoming kind, then this will go with us into the next world and the next life and the next and the next.  The issue is not what work we are doing.  The issue is whether our heart is a part of this work, and in so, are we applying our spiritual learning in our lives.

In the same way, if we become more hateful, if we become more condemning, if we become more judgmental, then we will take this into all our next lives, instead.

We cannot buy heaven with anything from the earth.  Not money donated, not church attendance, not a spiritual or service oriented vocation nor any other earth situation, action or circumstance.  We can only achieve heaven by creating heaven for others.

How do we create heaven on earth?  By bringing forth those qualities that we believe exist in heaven.  By becoming loving, by becoming merciful, by becoming patient, by becoming understanding, by becoming forgiving and kind, by expressing joy and even humor.  How is it that this is true?  Because we cannot be loving without God being present in that love while we love.  We cannot be merciful without God being present in that mercy when we show it.  We cannot be patient without God being present in that patience when we give it.  We cannot be understanding or forgiving or joyful without God being present in that understanding, forgiveness and joyfulness when we act on it.

We cannot love except when God loves through us as us.  We cannot show mercy except when God shows mercy through us as us.  We cannot be patient except when God is patient through us as us.  When we love, God is present in the love.  When we are merciful, God is present in the mercy.  When we are understanding and forgiving, God is present.

And with each expression or application of these fruits and others, God creates a little bit more of heaven in our midst even here on Earth through our own hearts, minds and souls – and in the lives of those we’ve bestowed these fruits upon – including when we extend these to ourselves, which is so very important to do also.

So we can go ahead and take whichever job we want to choose to have.  I encourage all of us to select one we think we’d like.  Why not.  Then allow this earthly vocation, which will change many times, to be the situation and circumstance where we apply the spiritual principles which will help us become more of those spiritual qualities that will stay with us lifetime after lifetime.  In essence, that which we become – loving, kind, forgiving, understanding, patient, will be what we take into the next world and the next life.

Part 2:
Now to get to an even deeper purpose – to our collective purpose which is also relevant to the above topic.  We, a third wave of souls, answered a call to help souls trapped in the earth – trapped in the belief/consciousness of a soul not being spirit but being a fleshly being – with identity being attached to the flesh body rather than the spiritual essence.  This earthly belief led to great turmoil, strife and suffering.  Why wouldn’t it, when we think we are something that we really are not, it leads to suffering – suffering from the denial of our true Self.  And the continuation of the consciousness of being physical earth beings is the entrapment of which we came to help release.

Amelius/Jesus has been the first to go through every human experience to transform the human evolutionary path in the earth into a soul transformation path.  And the end result of this transformation is for the purpose of releasing ourselves from the entrapment belief of being earthly flesh beings.  This is demonstrated by Jesus, who became the Christ, when He finalized the path of transformation and …

left the earth through dying.

Had he not left the Earth, through dying, He would not have finished the transformation of the human/soul evolutionary path into the spiritual growth path that the human experience now is.  The Earth is now, and will forever now be a place where souls can transcend into the awareness of our spiritual identity.  Now, make note that this is not a path of rejection of the human identity, it is an expansion centered in this human form and expanding outward beyond the confines of the human paradigm and experience.  In no way, does this negate being human, rather it transforms being human into now being able to become aware of our spiritual identity through every human experience by practicing and applying these principles and qualities.  And I mean “EVERY” human experience.

As a side note, in the end one could say that Jesus Christ’s final demonstration of the last step to how to leave the earth plane, was by leaving the earth plane.  When He said “It is done.” He was also conveying that His series of reincarnated lives, (33 according to Edgar Cayce) was then finished and culminated in the full transformation of the Earth into now being a spiritual path – in other words, being human can now be a spiritual path.

So, when we think there is one specific societal vocation that we’re meant to do this life, work at letting that idea go.  It’s too small a purpose for souls that hold within them the very essence of the Infinite Consciousness of God.  The soul’s purpose/vocation is to practice and apply the spiritual fruit and principles within what we consider all the normal human experiences.  This lets loose and brings forth the Infinite Consciousness to work within the life of the individual practicing.  If this may seem like a daunting task, then it’s because we are seeing things that the soul can accomplish.  And remember, all we need to do is be willing – willing to love, willing to forgive (even ourselves), willing to be merciful, willing to be patient, willing to understand – willing.  God does all the rest when willingness is chosen.  With God, infinity is real, and therefore all things are possible.