So are you seeing the demons coming out of hell? [From a comment in the “Tribulation…” article]

Be warned.  You’re not going to like my answer.  It’s not the answer you’re wanting.  But, it is the answer that will be presented here.

God calls no soul “demon”.  All beings/souls are equally seen and truly loved by God.  The “demons” you and so many of us are really afraid of are the demons within ourselves that we’ve done nothing to change or heal.  It is these inner demons that we’ve used as a channel to inflict pain and suffering onto others in the past and present – whether in this life and remembered, or in past lives and forgotten.

Change the demons within one’s self through effort, willingness, study, forgiveness and letting go of judgement and in time, you, too, could find yourself no longer calling God’s creations/children, “demons” – whether they are incarnated into a body or not incarnated into a body.

When we’ve faced our own demons, how we see others – including those we’ve labeled with insulting names – will change.

The Edgar Cayce Readings state, “There is good in the worst of us, and there is bad in the best of us.”

Have you ever been labeled with an insulting name by someone else who sees you as “bad” through their negative and hurtful lens?  They may see you as a demon.  If anyone has received insults, it then behooves us to ask ourselves if we’re sure we want to look at other souls, spirits, entities of any kind negatively as being demons, when, at the same time, we haven’t done anything to change the demons we have inside of ourselves.

There are many in the world that are willing to label other life forms or souls, both incarnate and discarnate, with insulting names, and they have been willing through all ages.  If any of us chooses to be one of these many that insults others, then remember, an unwillingness to change the demons within on anyone’s part, points to a continued willingness and desire within to inflict pain and suffering onto others.


“When we insult God’s creations, we’re insulting God.”

“All of us have lapses in our willingness to change ourselves.  It helps to remember that we can get up, dust ourselves off and get back into the ‘transformation through forgiveness’ game.”

13 thoughts on “Demons?

  1. When I was referring to Demons, I was saying during the darkness that Fatima was talking about. I was wanting to know what you mean by the darkness was spread out over years. Like is this darkness a day when the sun is dark, when the demons Fatima talks about comes out to kills you and the only people that live are the good people? Or what is the darkness exactly?


  2. I read that several people received this prophesy and they are Blesseds and Saints.. what it says is that there will be a chastisement for the world if we don’t all turn to God, and that is three days & nights of complete darkness and during that time the people who haven’t turned to God would die except a few that would be converted later on. Some believers will die too but they will be innocent and will be martyrs. During that time we must stay in the house and shut all the doors and windows and not look outside, not even look outside the window.. and if anyone does look, they will die instantly because God’s justice is holy and He doesn’t want us to see it. There will be a lot of demons everywhere too, hurricanes of fire, earthquakes and other frightening things, and apparently, some poisonous gas that will spread everywhere so the windows should be shut and sealed in properly. We must stay at home and pray and ask for forgiveness, seek Mary’s protection, and repent of sin… it’s important to be in a state of grace… then we won’t be as frightened. Also, only a blessed candle would give light, nothing else. Apparently this is a chastisement worse than the Flood, except it’s by fire, not by water, as there would never be another great flood. After the three days and nights, the stars will come out and then the sun, and it will be springtime and a time of peace for the world. Apparently after this peace, evil will gain hand once more and then the antichrist will come, and then the end of the world. But some have said that the Second Coming will be during or after those 3 days.


    • In the early days of television, there was a television show in the 1950’s – Superman. When the actor who played Superman would go out, the children would believe that he was really Superman. They wanted to see him do all the feats that Superman did in the television shows. They didn’t understand the difference between what was seen on TV, and what was real life. They believed the show was “literal”.

      When we dream at night. We experience many different experiences and see many different things. We do things that are not possible in waking life – like flying without any apparatus. During the dream, everything we’re experiencing is real to us. But, when we wake in the morning, we realize that the experiences and images were symbolic and not literal. The message was there, but we had to unravel the symbolism to understand the underlying message.

      When Jesus spoke to the people, He would use stories and “parables”. These stories were symbolic and meant to help bridge His words to the true meaning of what He was trying to convey and teach. The stories/parables symbolically demonstrated the meaning, rather than spoke the meaning which might not have been understood. He gave symbolic examples that the people understood from their life already. (An example: “Dark days” meaning days of sadness and sorrow. Another example: “Demons” – the parts of us humans that come forth when we act out our hatred, bitterness, and vengeance onto other people, as in ‘the demons inside of us’.”)

      The symbolism in what you relayed – if studied and translated into our own lives and ways of living, would be much clearer and understandable. The symbols are like dream symbols, in that if we take them literally, would be like literally climbing onto a building, jumping off, thinking we can fly because we did in a night time dream. There have been many deaths from people who have actually attempted this, but so far, no one has flown by literally jumping off a building without the help of some apparatus.

      Read the symbolism, study the symbolism, meditate on the symbolism and go deeper than what you see on the surface. Remember, when we look at a lake, we see the surface. The surface of a lake may look flat, but flatness is not what a lake is in any way at all. Not even when it’s frozen. And those who believe that the surface that they see is the only truth, without looking deeper will sink. (I mean that symbolically and literally.)


      • The darkness is supposed to happen when either volcanoes erupt and the ash flies up and covers the sky or when an asteroid hits the Atlantic ocean


        • Forget the words, “supposed to happen”. As I’ve offered, the darkness inside one’s own mind and heart can be thousands of times darker than what a volcano can cause. Compare what Robin Williams struggled with against a volcano. Billions of people around the whole world had a dark day when Robin died. A volcano can make some frightened but not all the way around the world. Billions go about their business as if nothing happened. And, no, Robin’s death is not the “event”.

          In another way, though, the question is valid. So, if you’re like me, you’ll keep an open mind. The paradox is that events that manifest in the Earth, are a reflection on what is happening in the collective unconscious at the soul level. Keep an open mind. Set aside the fear. Let God reveal what He will reveal in His time. God is far wiser about these things than we give Him credit for. He knows things in far greater depth than we do and as such follows His own timetable and His own advice.

          And being psychic is not being omniscient. I’m psychic, God is omniscient. The difference is measured in Infinity. So, practice being patient for your soul’s benefit. Pray for all life. Pray for wisdom.


  3. 25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

    26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. Luke 21


    • And there have been signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars, and very few believe that method of understanding and insight called Astrology. And there are now and have been many distresses of nations, and much perplexity in those nations on what to do with borders, conflicts, missles, armies, terrorists, sinking economies and more. And we’ve see the seas and waves roaring – much due to global warming.

      And Men’s hearts have been afraid all across the globe because we hear of conflict and disasters immediately over the internet and on TV and wonder if they will happen to us, and because the economy is having so much trouble, and because governments are struggling to take from others. And the things coming on the Earth are Tsunamis, and Earthquakes, and Nuclear Meltdowns and Hurricanes, and a bad economy and struggles in the halls of governments, and global warming, and unhealthy food, and greed, and corporate actions based only on the pursuit of more money, and sanctioned violence throughout societies all over the globe, and the use of religions of all kinds to try to control people.

      Are you wanting to say these are supernatural events that are different than what is happening now? I say that God uses natural events and they are happening now, also. Are these the ones spoken about in the Bible? Yes, and each generation’s events are the ones spoken about in the Bible, because each generation is given a chance to awake to the awareness and reality of there being One God and that God is Infinite Consciousness and Infinite Love and Mercy.


    • That is for you to discern about, not me. As you continue to grow up, you’ll find that it is always better for all of us to determine for ourselves what we believe and who we believe in. This is everyone’s task, even when we don’t want to – and we want someone else to do our work for us. I won’t be visiting the other website. But, you can, and learn the process that all of us have had to learn – making our own decisions.

      A word to the wise: Learn to trust people when they are being trustworthy. Learn to not trust them when they’re not being trustworthy. Learn to trust yourself, so that you can learn to tell the difference.


    • To your question, No. To your statement, No, thank you. If what I say is different than what the other site has, it’s up to you to decide. Perhaps we’re both right or perhaps we’re both wrong.


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