Health Care

In the years to come, in the medical field, health care will become an even bigger mess for people into the end of this decade. It will get worse before it gets better. It will be 2012-2015 before any real changes come or any real reform comes and then only slightly. Change will come from Doctors themselves, forming smaller groups to offer medical help as small organizations, rather than be a part of larger health programs such as HMO’s now. (Added 8/10/05)

Alternative medical or health practitioners will continue to gain ground and will organize more. (Added 8/10/05)
HMO’s will be a part of the health field for many decades yet, and their philosophy will not change much at all, for at least 40 years. Insurance companies don’t know what to do. High costs of medical malpractice insurance will continue at least for 30 years before they begin to bring the prices down due to regulation or govt. intervention. (Added 8/10/05)


The research and development of hydrogen will increase with companies trying to find a viable role for hydrogen to serve in society, and this effort will come to a pinnacle in 2030 and then will be set aside and for the most part will be relegated to play a minor role, returning to today’s level of use – minor. It will not be developed as a widespread commercial energy source. The energy source developed in 2051-4 will not be based on hydrogen. (Added 8/10/05)

Global Warming and related topics

The Global Warming phenomenon will continue to increase steadily until the process of a changeover to reliance upon this new energy source beginning around 2050. As this new energy source enters into our world and is integrated into our societies, the Global Warming phenomenon will slow it’s increase, and then start diminishing to the point that the temperatures will cool, and there will be what could easily be considered a normalizing of temperatures. Those global “symptoms” of the warming process will slowly reverse and it will take from 50-70 years for the different symptoms to return to what could be considered normal, (2120-2150) (Added 11/2/05)

The drive to obtain alternative energy sources has been only a gradual pursuit in our lifetime. The dependence on oil has been “held onto” by the general populace. Here in the U.S., there will be a growing determination in a subsection of the population to look for and find alternative energy sources. This group’s efforts will become noticed as a growing economic market in the next decade (2010-2020) . This growing group will help stimulate the demand for alternative energy sources and help create a market which manufacturers will respond to. Around 2015 is when we will see a “stepped-up” level of availability of alternatives energy sources as compared to today’s availability. Although not on a mass scale, but rather on an individual fringe scale, we’ll see the beginnings with respect to alternative energy sources for the home (2013-2014), and a few workplaces (2012-2013). Some pursue this now, but we’ll see the demand step-up a level and both demand and supply will follow this stepped-up level on into the next decades. Hybrid cars will take their place in U.S. society and by 2012, will be about 10% of all the new cars sold. By 2015-2018, hybrid cars will be about 15-20% of all the cars on the road. A smaller “real” hybrid truck will emerge (testing the market demand) by 2008-2009. (Added 11/16/05)

Some Professional Sports Arenas will switch over to alternative energy sources, in the mid 2030‘s from the traditional supplied electricity to self-generated or smaller community/area generated sources taking themselves off the grid out of economic necessity. (Added 11/16/2005)

New Energy Source

In the years 2051 to 2054, researchers will find or rather finish developing an energy source which will bring about a tremendous reduction in fossil fuel need. It will take about 30 years for it to spread throughout the societies, but it will bring the air pollution level in the Earth almost straight down, and all but eliminate the destructive levels of air pollution in the Earth right now. The air will be clean by 2075 to 2080. The energy will be widely in use by 2080. I see it as having a bluish-white glow to it. I don’t see it being hydrogen. (Added 8/10/05)
The foundation of research has not yet begun as of this date, but several factors will eventually lead to new ideas and new directions to take the subject and study of energy resources. Direct research will begin on this new energy source in the mid-2030′s, and will take about 15-16 years before results arrive. It will still then take 30 years for this energy source to become widespread enough to take the place of petroleum. (Added 11/2/05)

The start of this new energy source will be from a physics or engineering Doctoral student’s dissertation in or around 2015-2016. This student’s work will not really get noticed that much or take off until the early-to-mid 2020’s, when a few other researchers get involved. (Added 8/3/06)


In General, there has been coming and going of ET’s already. But, it’s been done privately, individually, secretly, etc. and not meant to be made public. Currently, we have so many problems on this planet, that it will be a while before a public, en masse contact will be made, because it is a fact that this public kind of event would have the effect of turning up the heat on the burners of the problems in our world and only add fuel to the problems. HOWEVER, when the new energy source comes into manifestation around 2050, they will let themselves be publicly acknowledged as being present.  At that time, there will be much which can be exchanged between humans and those that make contact public.
One of the reasons that public contact is not made, is because there would be a clamoring of the people of earth for them to share their technologies.  There would be both support and opposition to this in our social structure and if it were to happen at this time in our lives, it could have devastating effects on our economy and our social structures.  The upheaval is not what they seek to create, so they will wait until we are advanced enough to be able to integrate their presence into our world in a more peaceful and non-chaotic way.  (Added 6/11/07)

2032-2034 there will be a high amount of ET activity. (Added 8/10/05)


Birds will suffer most during this 7-year cycle, especially around 2011-2012. They are the beings in the air. Birds navigate through magnetism. It will take 7-8 years afterwards for the species to recover. Anything we can do to help – feeding, caring, providing for them, etc. will help. Their species consciousness is what will help them survive, because as a consciousness they are able to tune into that which will help them survive. It is this consciousness which also reaches out to mankind.  (reading of May, 2005)
A few species of whales could become extinct in the 21st century. One around 2045 and another around 2063. (Added 8/10/05)


China’s government will eventually “rust” away. By 2050, the remnants of communism will have been replaced by a “pseudo-capitalism”. There can be no stopping it. Even with the govt. trying to prop up communism or stave off the change, a transformation will occur during the years of 2050 to 2070, (2065 most likely) whereby China will be involved in a process which will lead to becoming democratic by 2090 possibly by 2085. The “propping up” will last until 2065 when the communist government will abruptly be removed. (Added 8/10/05)

<>A revolution will not occur as such, but demonstrations will happen again about 2014-2015. These will be put down, also. But, the structure of the Communist government will eventually become old and diminish. (Added 8/10/05)

An upheaval of sorts will happen in China in 2045 which will bring about something like a 2-party governmental system. There will be shared power, because there will not be enough strength in the communist party to hold onto power. Use of the military will be considered and attempted, or tried, but will not be that successful. (Added 8/10/05)

<>China will again be the starting point for a super virus in the northwest area of China somewhere around 2007 to 2010 – maybe as late as 2016, or rather again in 2016. The virus will move outside the borders of China within 3.5 to 4 years via a carrier. It will break out but the information about it will be relatively contained within China for about 6-7 years. When a virus breakout occurs via a woman flying to another country, (and it will,) it will be 4 years old already. I’m not seeing which country or countries a breakout will happen in. (Added 8/10/05)

China will increase it’s efforts to reintegrate Taiwan in the late 2010’s – as early as 2016 or as late as 2018, but most likely around 2018-2019. China will be unsuccessful due to the resistance in Taiwan, but it will be around 2045 before Taiwan is finally free from China’s efforts. (Added 8/3/06)