Another 3 hurricanes and 1 tropical storm for Florida. 1 will then go southwest into the gulf and I think will enter land somewhere from Mexico to Corpus Christi. The other 3 will go into the southern states – MS, AL, LA. I will look at this and give an update when the year arrives. (reading of 2005)

Florida’s east coast map will begin to change. There will be a surge of rising land off the coast of Florida – from the natural tectonic plates – not affecting the state of Florida that’s above sea level now. This could begin as early as the end of 2007, but most likely will begin at end of 2008. The rising land off the coast will not necessarily be rising above sea level. (reading of 2005)
I believe I see more than normal Earth activity in the Mountains of Chile/Bolivia/Paraguay. I am not seeing whether it will cause a volcano. But, I do see earthquakes and/or major rockslides in the mountain regions. (reading of 2005)

In 2009, there will be tremendous flooding in central US, along the Mississippi – Iowa, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana. Each of these states will experience flooding to a tremendous level, especially Louisiana causing a serious mosquito control problem, with mosquitoes spreading an illness.

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