2008-2009: Rain in the US, severe flooding in the middle of the country, flowing down the Mississippi River.

This rain will have the effect of causing massive infestations of mosquitoes. The mosquito population will be so great as to be a serious problem all it’s own. Some will die from the mosquitoes. (Added 6/11/07)

2008-2010: The Madrid Fault in Arkansas is heating up significantly starting in 2006. Expect activity somewhere between 2008 to 2010, with the highest probability or the highest quantity or magnitude activity in late 2008 to 2009, then 2010 before it finishes with negligible activity, very little in 2011 on. If there is an earthquake from this fault, it can be felt several states away west and as far east as Ohio. (Added 10/19/05)

Rain: Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas. In some places the water will go out of the banks of the Mississippi River. Flooding again. The earliest that the flooding can begin is late 2008. The latest it can begin is spring of 2009. With prayers from those who will pray, …. it can be minimized about 20% but also has the potential for being worse.

Some of the confusion over rain in the Midwest and “when” comes from different occurrences of rain in different areas. I sometimes see general visions of time when it will start that will differ when looking at specific areas. (Added 9/19/06)

Louisiana is going to get inundated again by the flooding from the Central/Midwestern states.

2008-2009, I see a destructive event off the west coast of south America, somewhere near Chile or Peru. (This also could be the one seen in 2007).

Earthquake directly west of Chile in the ocean. 60% chance of this happening. It will create a small Tsunami which will hit the west coast of S. America from the southern area of Peru (lower 1/3), down to about 1/3 upper part of Chile and it’s effect being seen over ½ to 2/3 of the northern area of Chile. It could be very devastating, but not as bad as the one in Indonesia, & Sri Lanka and Thailand. It can be reduced through prayer, meditation, and spiritual efforts. I see the two Islands off Chile being hit whether it’s full force or whether it’s minimized.

Another 5 hurricanes and tropical storms for Florida. Some of these will then turn northward into the southern states, again. At least 2 will hit the Texas coast – 1 near Corpus or southward will be a hurricane – level 1 maybe, and the 2nd will come in north of Palacious to Galveston as a tropical storm. (2005 reading.)

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