4-6 earthquakes that make the news in the Asia minor (2009-2011) : 4.0 to 5.0 which bring damage.

In the Northern California area, I see the potential for a 6.0 starting from the Monterey area to north of San Francisco. However, IF this one does NOT happen, there will be a much larger earthquake, possibly an 8.0, happening between 2015 and 2020– as early as 2015, and not later than 2020. IF the 6.0 does happen, it will relieve the pressure and N. Calif. will be able to avoid the bigger one slated for the latter half of the next decade.

There will be earthquake activity off the western coast of Europe. Most of the movement activity in the Atlantic will be along the European coast. This will continue to 2013. On the African coast, the scientific research will be prominent. I don’t see a lot of Earth change activity in Africa over the next 7 years. Africa is stable as a continent. Even the weather around Africa will be stable. Why? Because, it has and is already going through it’s suffering with AIDS, genocidal governments and the like.

The stress from the planetary alignments will not be the cause of any event manifesting at this time. But, these forces will contribute to the beginning of the affects on the magnetic field of the earth.

Around this time, I’m seeing a “presence” of “something” coming into this Solar System. I’m not seeing it as physical yet, it could be energy. I’m not able to identify it. It will have an effect in 2010 – it could be changes happening on another planet. It will be a “cause” – affecting us for several years, possibly on into 2017. (reading from 2005.)

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