New Energy Source

In the years 2051 to 2054, researchers will find or rather finish developing an energy source which will bring about a tremendous reduction in fossil fuel need. It will take about 30 years for it to spread throughout the societies, but it will bring the air pollution level in the Earth almost straight down, and all but eliminate the destructive levels of air pollution in the Earth right now. The air will be clean by 2075 to 2080. The energy will be widely in use by 2080. I see it as having a bluish-white glow to it. I don’t see it being hydrogen. (Added 8/10/05)
The foundation of research has not yet begun as of this date, but several factors will eventually lead to new ideas and new directions to take the subject and study of energy resources. Direct research will begin on this new energy source in the mid-2030′s, and will take about 15-16 years before results arrive. It will still then take 30 years for this energy source to become widespread enough to take the place of petroleum. (Added 11/2/05)

The start of this new energy source will be from a physics or engineering Doctoral student’s dissertation in or around 2015-2016. This student’s work will not really get noticed that much or take off until the early-to-mid 2020’s, when a few other researchers get involved. (Added 8/3/06)

2 thoughts on “New Energy Source

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  2. Hello,

    You said :
    “an energy source which will bring about a tremendous reduction in fossil fuel need.”

    Question 1 :
    Then you talk about a new energy source for only cars, trucks, airplanes, boats ?

    Question 2 :
    Do you have information for a new Energy Source for producing electricity and replacing fission nuclear reactor that use uranium or plutonium ( ?



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