In General, there has been coming and going of ET’s already. But, it’s been done privately, individually, secretly, etc. and not meant to be made public. Currently, we have so many problems on this planet, that it will be a while before a public, en masse contact will be made, because it is a fact that this public kind of event would have the effect of turning up the heat on the burners of the problems in our world and only add fuel to the problems. HOWEVER, when the new energy source comes into manifestation around 2050, they will let themselves be publicly acknowledged as being present.  At that time, there will be much which can be exchanged between humans and those that make contact public.
One of the reasons that public contact is not made, is because there would be a clamoring of the people of earth for them to share their technologies.  There would be both support and opposition to this in our social structure and if it were to happen at this time in our lives, it could have devastating effects on our economy and our social structures.  The upheaval is not what they seek to create, so they will wait until we are advanced enough to be able to integrate their presence into our world in a more peaceful and non-chaotic way.  (Added 6/11/07)

2032-2034 there will be a high amount of ET activity. (Added 8/10/05)

6 thoughts on “Extraterrestrials

  1. I am seeing preparations happening in the late 2040’s that are the preliminary steps to open and public announcements being made in the late 2050 or early 2051. I see it coinciding with the announcements related to the new energy source development.

    In the late 2040’s, I’m seeing many people becoming involved with the “First Contact” (public-wise, that is) event. I see the preparations being similar in the government to how preparations must be made for putting on an Olympics or preparations for a superbowl, or other large event. There are many logistics to bring this about and prepare not just the media, but society in general, as well as all the government representatives around the world. Sort of like, how it was portrayed in the “Close Encounter’s” movie except bigger, and longer prep time, and without the deception.

    Even after it’s made public, it doesn’t mean there will be widespread acceptance or it will be all hunky-dory. There will be emotions and fears to deal with, and there will be lots of government related work that must be done. This part of it can be compared more to Columbus’s experience in the new world – slow and small scale at first. In time, the connection and relationship with the extraterrestrials will grow and strengthen.


  2. I’d love to be able to see such open contact in my lifetime, but certainly will not live that long (unless astounding medical breakthroughs are forthcoming in time). Perhaps in another lifetime, if that way of seeing things proves to be valid. Meanwhile I’m certain that aliens are visiting Earth, studying us, and making individual contacts, and have been for decades. I’m sure that at least some (of numerous kinds) are nonthreatening and would like to relate to us more openly. However, it’s true that open contact now would be disruptive and “add fuel to the fires,” and that their technology, if shared with us now, would be dangerous. The timing suggested, of around the mid-21st century, has long seemed about right to me, though my own prescience becomes foggy that far ahead.


  3. Yes, I believe your comments are accurate. I would add that there will be some discrepency in social development, when the multiple species begin to interact. The technological issues will be some of the more imbalancing – in the same way as third world countries are affected by technology from the more technologically developed countries today.
    It is still important for us, as a species, to learn that technology won’t save us from ourselves. It never has before. For example, on the Earth, we had regular contact with extraterrestrials during the technologically advanced Atlantean times. We humans still managed to cause so much destruction that the Earth itself as much as swallowed Atlantis up. Even today, there is great amounts of denial that we went through that time period and caused that level of destruction. Who wouldn’t want to deny that we messed up that badly?


  4. When you say ‘technologically advanced’ in regard to Atlantis what do you mean? Can you elaborate about their technologies and what those technologies did?


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