We’re going to go through a magnetic experience. Politically, it will be one more of many other things that are up for being dealt with in some way. By Jan, 2012, we’ll be deep in the process. Everything that’s going to happen will be happening.

This physical (?) event will be a “magnetic stretching” – pulling on everything that can be pulled upon. It will affect things in dozens and dozens of ways, – electronically, the sun, etc. – in effect – a magnetic stretching storm.

There will be regular electrical problems during 2012. Sometimes we’ll have electricity and sometimes we won’t. (reading of 2005)

The shift occurring in 2012 will not be noticed by all people. It will be noticed by those who know what to look for, in other words, “by those who have eyes to see”. As the bible says, “Those who have eyes to see, let them see.” (or something like that.) This event, though real, will be invisible to those who believe little. There are many who couldn’t care less and will not see anything at all to convince them other than that they were right to not believe in it. (Added 8/3/06)

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