Jan- Feb 2013, we’ll be through the experience and we’ll be recovering in March of 2013. We’ll have turned a corner. It will still be the world we live in, but we’ll feel like “something is different”. We’ll wake up and feel “Hey, it’s a nice day.” Something will be different. In some ways, there will be a feeling of things being lighter. And “the sun is coming out.” There will be some tangibility to it. Many won’t notice it. And to some degree, some ways of living life that people prescribe to that are negative or destructive to themselves or their relating to others, they will find that these ways of living won’t work anymore. There will be confusion and frustration regarding the use of force to try to get through their problems, but force won’t work in the way it did in the past, yet that doesn’t mean they won’t try. To repeat, in essence, using force to “break down the wall” to get through problems – won’t work in the same way anymore. The “wall” will be ignoring the destructive, negative force, and will be stronger than the negative force.After 2012 there will be a higher level of energy to solve problems, to support us in solving problems, to draw upon when we seek to solve problems. But not everyone will want to draw upon or rely upon that higher level. We also have the potential to be more destructive. And there will be some that take each side.The potential was present for Cayce’s predictions to be true as he said, “all things remaining the same.” All karmic life energy has to be released or manifested – to find a way to express or fulfill itself, and these natural Earth change potentials can yet be the expression of that energy becoming manifested. See “Karma and the WTC Attack” reading.

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