Asteroid in this Century

While many are concerned and speak of an asteroid on a collision course with the Earth, I don’t see an “Extinction Level Event” coming as a result of an asteroid during this century.  I do see one coming though – approximately 16,000 years from now.  However…… I do see a larger than normal asteroid happening in this century.   One in or around 2043 or 2045-2046? about the size of a large football.  I think it will land on solid ground (not the ocean’s).  And one in 2064-2065 about the size of a medium-sized to large beach ball – perhaps up to 2 ft in diameter.  I see it landing in the water.  (Added 12/12/2006)

The asteroid predicted to arrive around 2036 will pass the Earth and not hit.  However, it will be close enough to affect weather patterns and the oceans.

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