“Hatred is Not Justice”

(The title is a quote from the book, “Nosso Lar” by Francisco Cândido Xavier.  It is translated from Portuguese to English in the book, “Astral City”. )

There are many people in the world right now, who currently say that their hatred leads them to bring justice.  We see and hear many people all over the world saying that their hatred brings justice.  But, all sane people know that their saying this, doesn’t make it true.  Yet, frustratingly, like the others, all of us still have times when we grasp hold of the idea thinking that with our hatred, we can enact justice.

But, hatred is not justice.  When we catch ourselves and step back – stepping back from our own hatred, which we can do, albeit asking God’s help to do this – we can acknowledge that the words of the title statement are true words.

In the moments of hatred rising, why do we take hold of the idea that hatred might bring justice?  More often, it is because of our suffering.  We may believe that to be rid of the pain of hatred as well as the suffering of others or our own being attacked by our human brothers and sisters, we must act out of hatred in return, calling it justice.

But, hatred is not justice.  God’s gift to us is not hatred.  In that vein, we may wonder, ‘then what do we do with criminals and terrorist’s?’

There are many things we can do.  We start with God.  Our prayers, our meditations, our acts from the heart – all of these are where we start.  In addition, as the human race, throughout human history, we also have progressed on a path of developing laws designed to govern behavior.  This evolutionary path is not finished.  We are not at the end of evolving lawfully or socially.   Our efforts to walk a higher road has led humans to strive to design laws and create consequences to breaking those laws according to ever higher principles of honest justice.

For us as individuals, we can take a look at our self.  We can choose to let the statement live in our own behaviors and choices. This can help us as individuals to choose a different behavior towards the people in our lives and the people who we only know about on TV.  We can choose to hold onto the principle that hatred is not justice, and then look for ways to make it real in our day-to-day lives, activities and relationships.

When we choose to remember that hatred is not justice, we can also act from this awareness towards those who think that their hatred is their source of justice.  When we act from hatred, we don’t always realize that our hatred is the same as others’ hatred.  We may deny our hatred, and they do, too.  We may justify our hatred, but so do they.  In the end, where is the difference in hatreds?

There are too many examples in the news, every day, of when people act from the belief that their hatred is different – their hatred is righteous – their hatred is justified – their hatred is a gift from God.  No one religion holds the monopoly on these acts of hatred – every philosophy and religion has people who have acted believing hatred (whether in large ways or small ways) is their way to justice.

But, hatred is not justice.  We will evolve beyond hatred, learning this, if we remember one day at a time, that justice does exist, even though we may never, in our own minds and our own paradigms, understand fully how it could be.  We can evolve beyond hatred, with God’s help.  We can evolve beyond hatred through our prayers, our meditations, one day at a time, through our efforts on each day that we remember God and God’s Infinite and unending Love for each of us.

God will never give up on teaching us – “hatred is not justice” – that God is the Justice we seek, in addition to God being Infinite Understanding, Infinite Patience, Infinite Kindness, Infinite Love, Infinite Forgiveness, Infinite Peace, Infinite Mercy and more.

These are God’s true gifts to us.


“What would you want heaven to be like?  Are you creating that in your heart and mind, right now?  Are you helping to create that for others in the world?” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2006-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

“It is best that we don’t believe everything we hear about someone.  It is also best that we don’t believe everything we say about someone.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2006-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

“For us to release ourselves from prison, we must release everyone else, as well. For us to release ourselves from karma, we must release everyone else from the karma we assign to them and expect them to go through, as well. Mercy and Forgiveness are the keys.  We cannot move on, when our hands are holding on to the chains we place on others.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2006-2017, Jodie Senkyrik)

‘The Horrible News’ or ‘How to Save a Planet’

A friend asks, “What do we do with all the horrible news?”  I’m going to consider this a question about the news we hear around the world on the television, the news we read about in newspapers and on the Internet – news about wars, governments, disasters, pain, suffering, suicides, etc., and etc, and etc.

First, I will absolutely agree with anyone who says it can be and is overwhelming.  It is frustrating to hear all this news.  It is discouraging, sometimes bringing us to grief and despair even wondering how this world can be so full of insanity and horrors.  It can and does move us to feel sorrow for human beings, including ourselves.  It brings forth our pain, and can bring us to feel depressed, afraid, ever doubtful, and wondering if we should give up at even trying to offer some help.   After all, how can one person even make a dent in the insanity and horrors that is reported in the news every day.

If you feel anything like these feelings, just know you’re not alone.  Being on a planet where all these things happen, generating all these feelings is a most truly difficult and challenging thing.  Many of us succumb to the shear weight of the sorrow, pain, suffering, insanity and daily news.


I know of no soul that came into this planet that did not come with a purpose – the purpose of moving forward in their soul’s growth.   Yet, it is not difficult to lose being on the path of one’s soul’s growth.  All we have to do is think of our own benefit and well-being as being more important than anyone else’s.  All we have to do to get off our path is be selfish and putting our self first.  See?  That’s how easy it is.

And we’ve all done it.  We’ve all acted selfishly in small ways and sometimes in great huge ways.  If you doubt that you’ve ever done anything on the same level that you see on the news, then just look at your past lives.  Don’t remember them?  Guess why.

How do we get back on the path?  This is the challenge of any of the souls that want to move ourselves, our species, and our planet forward.

We start with prayer and meditation.  Or we can start with prayer by itself.  Or we can start with meditation by itself.  In both of these, we send out our call to God to help the life/lives on this planet.  Why start this way?  Because, to save a planet, we need unity and purpose.  We need guidance and love.  We need fortitude and persistence.  We get all of this and more when God is involved with us, and the One called on to help us.

When we hear the news stories, not that many people use it as a call to prayer, but that’s what it is.  We are being told of who needs our prayers and who needs Light sent to them.

Sure, everyone around the globe needs prayers and everyone around the globe needs Light and energy sent to them.   But, I caution anyone to think that they and they alone are the ones to save those poor souls.

Remember, souls are here to work on ourselves, and we have many lifetimes to grow, learn and work on ourselves.  We have been given freewill and we use it many times to decide to not grow, not learn and not work on ourselves.  These are decisions that humans make.  And we see the result of these decisions impacts in the world.  However, at the same time, we can and do also see the results of when we, (of our own freewill) choose to learn, to grow, to work on ourselves – to be kind to someone, to forgive someone, to be patient with someone, to be more understanding of someone, to show mercy to someone.

It is unfortunate that we don’t yet have news casts that report on where our prayers have helped.  No newscaster reports, “The prayers of last week helped the country of …. when they had to face ….”  Maybe one day.

For anyone who is willing, we are here to strive, to dig in, to bring forth that Light that helps to change whole planets.  We are here to do that which we are doing – bring forth change.  And we do that by changing ourselves, first.   We do this by leaning on each other.  We do this by needing each other.  We do this by helping each other.  We are not here to coast or tread water, or to sleep away the life we live.  We – a certain number of us – have chosen to go forward – to wake up – and not go back to sleep.

We do this all within the context of cooperating with God, because in truth, it is the Spirit of Infinite Love that we have inside our hearts – sometimes without remember this.  It is the Spirit of Infinite Forgiveness that helps us to see beyond anyone’s actions to them still being a soul that needs help in some way.  It is in the Spirit of Infinite Patience that helps us to wake up in the morning and start thinking, “What can I do on this one day that may help one person?”  Maybe, we’ll say the prayer, “God, help me remember you, today.  Help me remember Love, today.  Help me remember kindness, today.  Help me remember who I am, today.  Today, God, help me remember that I love.”

Through this, we move forward one day at a time.  It has always been thus, and it will always be thus.  And it won’t all happen in one lifetime.

So, to answer the question, “What do we do with all the horrible news?” – perhaps it is a call for prayers – prayers like, “God, what can I do to help You with Your work of Loving?”


“If God is involved, EVERYTHING is possible.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Disappointment in others occurs when there is a low level of our assistance for them to reach a high level of our expectation.” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 1995-2014, Jodie Senkyrik)

“Pray for those that are judged by any person to be unworthy of prayers.  This prayer usually comes out, ‘God, help us all.’ ” (The Rainbow Cards, ©, 2014, Jodie Senkyrik)


Animal Spiritual Paths

Animal spirits do not have a specific animal spirit path for eternity.  Cats or dogs or any other animal don’t have only a cat or dog path that is for eternity their cat or dog spirit evolutionary path.  Animal spirits are no different than any other spirits with regards to evolving.  All spirits everywhere are spirits growing and evolving.  The association and incarnation into a particular animal species is only until that spirit learns what they can learn from that particular physical animal form and the associated path.  They can continue to incarnate as that species until finished with learning from being that physical form.  Then they move onto a higher level physical form and keep the spirit growth happening.

This is because each physical form – each animal, plant, reptile, etc, life form has it’s own capacity for holding a certain level of spirit consciousness.  The physical form is available for the learning and growth of any spirit at that level of consciousness.

All spirits are able to move to other physical forms if the physical form is evolved enough to hold that particular consciousness.  All spirits do not go backwards in the evolution of physical forms.  What I’m saying is that a human consciousness level spirit cannot go backwards into a less evolved physical form if they fail to learn or make mistakes.  Animal spirits are the same.  This would not allow them to learn and master that which they failed before, because those mistakes would no longer be available for them to work on.

For example, a person who fails a course in college is not sent back to High School.  A person in 4th grade that fails 4th grade is not sent back to 3rd grade, but stays in the level they’re at until they’re able to master that level.  Even if they make gross mistakes.

In addition, anyone who transfers schools before finished, and moves to a different school (or species) doesn’t have to be put back to another grade.  The “powers” in charge look for an equivalent level of placement to put the individual.  This means that if moving from one species to another offers equivalent levels of form capacity and equivalent opportunities for learning, then it can happen.

This is the same with all spirits including spirits that currently manifest as animals.  There is no such thing as a spirit that can only be a cat during it’s spiritual evolution, or a dog that can only manifest as a dog during it’s spirit evolution.  There is only different consciousness levels within evolution and different forms for those different spiritual, consciousness levels within the evolution process.  Spirits are not created to serve the needs of a particular physical form. Physical forms are created to serve the learning needs of spirits at particular levels of consciousness.

This is not transmigration of souls.  Transmigration is more often considered reincarnating from a higher form to a lower form.  If this were to happen, the spirit would not be given the  opportunity to learn from it’s mistakes, since each physical form has it’s own capacity for consciousness.

Were a higher life form to incarnate into a lower form, the lower form would not provide the capacity for the higher consciousness to address the mistakes.  A human spirit incarnating as a worm would not have the capacity as a worm to understand and learn from their mistakes.

In addition, the full human consciousness could not enter into the worm because if it tried to, it would immediately burn out the holding capacity of the physical body.  Higher levels of consciousness, or put another way, larger consciousnesses insert greater energy into the bodies than lower levels of consciousness (smaller consciousnesses).

The original view of transmigration of spirits into lower physical life forms was believed to be a way to punish an individual who purposefully caused harm to others.  But, punishment is not the purpose of life – learning and growing is the purpose of life.  What is better than punishing someone?  Helping them reach a level of understanding and learning that they no longer make the same mistakes towards others.  Punishment keeps things in the same place.  The helping process contributes to all of existence by moving all of life forward.

2030’s Prediction for the growing population

Twenty years from now,  in the 2030’s….

If you think about this, 20 years ago was 1990’s, which we all remember, so this is the time frame I’m talking about here.

The world population and each national population is going up.  We’re estimated to be at 7 billion people on the planet now.  Starting from this perception, I can see us at 8 billion in the 2030’s.

In looking at this time period, I’m seeing the need for food to be so great that governments and corporations will use chemistry to make a “greenish” food made from tree leaves and other non-human foods.  It’s possible that it will be made from plant life that is more than just from trees and eventually made from grass.

It isn’t unthinkable that some chemical company would seek and find a way to make plant-life that animals eat readily into a food that humans can digest.  It will be sold in any nation that has a shortage of regular human food or vegetables.  With each country’s population growing, this could mean that it will be sold worldwide.  And purchased by those who are hungry – which could be everywhere, also.

Only 20 years away.

Added September 5, 2013:

This just in – Turning Wood Chips into Nutritious Food

Visitors from other Realms

What can  you tell me about the visitors from other realms – planets, dimensions, planes?

They are here also to learn and evolve.  They are on their own evolutionary paths, and visiting here observing us is part of their learning and evolutionary path.  They have things they can learn while here.

While many have higher understandings of technology, they don’t necessarily all have a greater understanding of the nature of the heart as the seat of God and Love.  They don’t necessarily all have an understanding of patience, forgiveness, love, kindness.  They’re very much like humans in this respect, aren’t they?

They also want to grow and learn.  In the same way that different human cultures have different things to learn from and teach each other, different cultures/species from other planes have something to learn and teach one another, also.

They have different paradigms than ours.  They have different backgrounds, beliefs, understandings, knowledge, and considerations.  While some may think that one group has greater consciousness than the other, this isn’t necessarily true.  All groups have members at all different levels of consciousness in the process of learning and evolving at these different levels.

So, for us and “them”, we have much to learn and teach.  They have much to learn and teach.  As it says in the movie, “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” – ‘Allah loves variety’.  And for me, this includes the variety of species and cultures in the universe and what we each have to share with each other – both teaching and learning.


Birds will suffer most during this 7-year cycle, especially around 2011-2012. They are the beings in the air. Birds navigate through magnetism. It will take 7-8 years afterwards for the species to recover. Anything we can do to help – feeding, caring, providing for them, etc. will help. Their species consciousness is what will help them survive, because as a consciousness they are able to tune into that which will help them survive. It is this consciousness which also reaches out to mankind.  (reading of May, 2005)
A few species of whales could become extinct in the 21st century. One around 2045 and another around 2063. (Added 8/10/05)