2030’s Prediction for the growing population

Twenty years from now,  in the 2030’s….

If you think about this, 20 years ago was 1990’s, which we all remember, so this is the time frame I’m talking about here.

The world population and each national population is going up.  We’re estimated to be at 7 billion people on the planet now.  Starting from this perception, I can see us at 8 billion in the 2030’s.

In looking at this time period, I’m seeing the need for food to be so great that governments and corporations will use chemistry to make a “greenish” food made from tree leaves and other non-human foods.  It’s possible that it will be made from plant life that is more than just from trees and eventually made from grass.

It isn’t unthinkable that some chemical company would seek and find a way to make plant-life that animals eat readily into a food that humans can digest.  It will be sold in any nation that has a shortage of regular human food or vegetables.  With each country’s population growing, this could mean that it will be sold worldwide.  And purchased by those who are hungry – which could be everywhere, also.

Only 20 years away.

Added September 5, 2013:

This just in – Turning Wood Chips into Nutritious Food

5 thoughts on “2030’s Prediction for the growing population

  1. Yes, it’s high in vitamins, but it’s not the product I’m talking about. Everything in existence has it’s own vibration. Each vibration is different. If what you suggest is what I see, they would have the same vibration. They don’t. What I see is yet to come into existence but will when the time comes. It has it’s own vibrations and within these are it’s origin, manufacturing process, what it’s made out of, who will make it, why, who it’s meant for and more. In the same vein, within the vibration of what you mention, is the information of where it grows, what it’s made of, who it’s for, what it’s for, it’s nutritional value and more. The information is available for all who are willing to seek it.


  2. Aqua ponics is addressing a need for food growing in difficult regions without good soils. It creates a lot of protein as well (fish). Will this have any effect on what you are predicting?


  3. Aquaponics is a useful process of growing and will be incorporated by more growers, both large and small. But, for the home gardener, the extent that this is utilized will be low. Aquaponics has it’s own niche among growers, but will not spread as a way to grow food by home gardeners because of its perceived labor/cost hurdle to get the process going. It is and will be viewed as requiring a noticeable investment of time, money, labor and commitment. It also has a low esthetic appeal. Because the results are not guaranteed, it will slightly increase as a system of growing, but not that much. It will be perceived as best for those that have space, mechanical ability, time to invest in the operation, and some financial base as to negate any financial loss if it should not succeed according to the needs of the grower. Small commercial producers are an ideal candidate for developing Aquaponics. But, for the individual home gardeners, this will not be appealing.
    However, for anyone who can streamline the process, this will increase it’s attractiveness to home gardeners. There are attempts at doing this, but they’re not fulfilling the streamlining enough.
    With the Internet and even Youtube videos of individual’s efforts along this way, this will help support the niche movement for those that do pursue it. With help from other participants, more will succeed in this direction.
    What we will see is those that succeed with Aquaponics will increase their own operations to grow even more. Aquaponics farms exist now, and others will come into existence, just not by the masses – yet. The current Aquaponics enthusiasts will grow their operations – this is where the growth will come.

    Finally, this is a good source of healthy food and will contribute to local markets in their own way – just not in a large way. This is a niche that will continue and strengthen throughout this century. Aquaponics is worth pursuing, because it produces food sustainably.


  4. At one time on this planet, there were creatures much larger than us who probably ate a lot more (of course I mean the dinosaurs). So why won’t the earth have enough food to feed everybody? Will the GMO foods that Monsanto is pushing have anything to do with it? Will organic food prevail?


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